The X

March 2nd 2012
5,750 times
Superb (8.4)
Voting Graph 35 votes total
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Key Features:
High Rated AMD CPU AMD Graphics Custom Paint Job
System Specs:
  • AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE, Saphire Radeon 5870, MSI 790fx GD 70, 4x2gb RAM, CM 612PWM, Corsair HX750,HAF X
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8 Comments on The X

I voted 5/10 because:

What are the mods? I don't get why people are voting so high
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Either you're a incredibly bad troll or your blind. Either way, nice mod 10/10 from me.
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Excelsis 88
I voted 10 because i love it :) It's like star trek to me :)
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Dont mind the troll, i have not signed in to tech-powerup in so long but when i seen the assholes post i had to give you a 10/10 to make up for his retardation... trolls must die!! anyway good mod! 10/10 for you!! :)
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Thanks all for the vote and comments
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so beast brO...
i vote you to be a winer for ROTM IV...:)
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