Tt Armor

September 2nd 2005
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Key Features:
System Specs:
  • A64 3200 Winnie Custom Watercooling @2.5Ghz, 31c idle
  • DFI lanparty ultrad modded to SLi
  • 1GB(2X512) ocz platinum (running 400MHZ)
  • PNY 6800GT X2 Stock cooling (
  • X2 WD Raptor 10,000 sata raid 0
  • Audigy2ZS
  • Vantec Stealth 520w 26A @3.3v,42a @5v, 18a @12v
  • Modified thermaltake armour case
Performed Mods:
Custom 2*120 rad in front, removed acrylic window and added a mesh panel, added a10mm blue fan on side.
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13 Comments on Tt Armor

Nice and neat, The way you did you water piping, very simular to an idea I had, using hard pipe and going around the case. Nice job. :)

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TY, I got the elbow joints and pipe from my work, they use it there for high pressure lifters, so water sjould be no prob lol.

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Dainty Moderator
sweet box dude
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Awesome, I love black interiors. Actually, I love black. Period.
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wtf8269I love black. Period.
Yeah so do I, I'm even painting the inside of my case black. :)

Looks great btw gerry!

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case looks great...

It looks like you wither modded or swapped out the screws around the clear panels in the door. It could just be the lighting or my onboard "extreme" graphics (laugh). If you did change them, how did you get the effect? If you didn't it still looks good. Great work!
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It's just a few nuts 'n' bolts I had. I plan to paint them black too.
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attention to detail...

always improves upon work well done.
I think i'm gonna go Armor for my new case. I've been living with this inwin tower case for so long it feels like a second home but its time to move on to the next level. I believe my plan to be good and will start putting parts list items aside until I have them all and some extra time to dedicate to case prep. Thanks for the advice.
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Just added new pics, with the upgraded internals.

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Sick resevoir! I love how your dual rad. is set up also, nice hd's ;)
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Just another update (front page pics)with new internals, new pump/ tubing and graphics.

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