MetallicAcid's ROG Gene V TJ08-E

August 13th 2013
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Key Features:
High Rated Intel CPU NVIDIA Graphics Small Form Factor Water-cooled Exotic-cooled
System Specs:
  • Intel Core i5 2500k
  • Asus Maximus V Gene Z77
  • Asus GTX780
  • Samsung 840 Pro 512GB
  • Corsair Vengeance 16GB @1866mhz
  • Corsair AX850
  • Lamptron FC9
  • EK Supreme HF Acetel+Nickle
  • EK DDC x-res 100ml
  • Phobya 200mm radiator
Performed Mods:
Sleeved cables Custom LED lighting Aluminium panels with replica LED trace Custom motherboard plate Cable routing Custom GPU backplate Acrylic tubing for watercooling
My PC has been a labour of love since late January. Everything started with wanting a glowing floor, kind of like the light midplate that can be bought from ColdZero for the Silverstone TJ07. Since then, I have created a design, borrowed from the Asus Z77 series which has the special LED trace, which separates and shields the SupremeFX III sound chip from the rest of the motherboard. This design is found on various aluminium panel which all have been hand cut and detailed by me. No CNC machine here! I was also inspired by a build log which used acrylic hard tubing to plump their water cooled loop. So in natural inspired fashion, I went about and created my own WC loop using hard tubing, and tied in the tubing with the theme of my build. All in all, I am extremely happy with my computer and consider this mod finished. But I am already itching to start on another project! So, thanks for reading, and hopefully see you at the next build! MetallicAcid
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11 Comments on MetallicAcid's ROG Gene V TJ08-E

All that time & work really paid off, beautiful job! 10/10, very original.
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The Terrible Puddle
9/10. Why having the 2+ PCI-E power connector zip tied on there? Also I love everything. Especially the backplate for the 780 and all the light.
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best build
i love that led effect
and its clean too
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MT Alex
Very nice job, now get that GPU under water!!
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Thanks for the votes and comments everyone :)

I just noticed, as the voting stands right now, the graph looks like a hand with the middle finger up! HAHA!

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Absolutely beautiful job. Good work man!
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nice cable management and shifting led... hmmm I can only see it dumbfounded, creative modifications
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FreakazoidAbsolutely beautiful job. Good work man!
inszanisuryanice cable management and shifting led... hmmm I can only see it dumbfounded, creative modifications
Thanks guys :) I am happy you like it! Be sure to check out my build log on OCN called MetallicAcids TJ07 (working title) if you liked this :D

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Hey everybody!

I have shamelessly entered my TJ08 ROG V rig into another competition at Minimalistic PC's, and hope for your support :) After you have checked out all the great PC's there, and still think that my work is worthy of your vote, then you will know what to do ;)

Either way, thank you for your support, and see you at the next project!

Best regards,
Justin / MetallicAcid
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