August 22nd 2006
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Key Features:
High Rated AMD CPU Scratch Build
System Specs:
  • 10.4 inch Touch-screen, 2 x 15 W T-Amp amplifier, Build-in speakers, PCCHIPS MB/AMD Athlon Mobile 2800, 512 MB, Pioneer slot-in DVD-rom, 120 Gb Western Digital Harddrive, Wifi
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4 Comments on MMSC

not a suicide-bomber
very nice mod, i will give it a 10 if it had a bigger monitor
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Yeah very nice, but the monitor is MINISCULE! but still, nice looking there :)

Edit: quite funky, but why did you use such a small display? was it just what you had at hand?

Edit Edit: haha, just thought, looks like it shud come with nuclear launch codes :P remote nuke detenator system hehehe
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10.4 inch Touch-screen <<< It is a Touch-Screen remember guys !! :)
Posted on Reply
Small screen size

Thanx for the compliments guys! And as for the small monitor size; as stated by Akirru, it is a touchscreen. It was the biggest I could fit in as I wanted the speakers beside it (And the biggest my wallet could have... ;-) ).

Grtz Thomas
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Jul 6th, 2022 23:45 EDT change timezone

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