" Shadow Black " a Fractal Vector RS Custom Build

February 23rd 2020
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Key Features:
Intel CPU AMD Graphics Exotic-cooled
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System Specs:
  • CPU I9 9980XE at 5GHz allcore
  • Mainboard ASRock X299 Taichi CLX
  • PSU Fractal ION+ 860P
  • CASE Fractal Design Vector RS
  • Watercooling EK Waterblocks
Performed Mods:
Foil wrapped Custom Watercooled
Special Tools Used:
  • my Hands
  • Fractal Design
  • Teamgroup
  • ASRock
  • EK Waterblocks
  • Cablemod
Intel I9 9980 Extreme @5GHz allcore direct DIE cooled ASROCK X299 TAICHI CLX Mainboard 32GB Teamgroup T-Force Xcalibur 3600MHz Quadchannel XFX THICC III 5700XT Fractal Design Vector RS Blackout Fractal Design ION+ 850 W PSU Cablemod full sleeved PSU set Cablemod PCIE riser (which is awesome !) EK WB sTR4 Velocity (yes its a TR4 cooler ^^) converted to a X299 Intel cooler with custom brackets and a bit editing to the bottomplate. You can switch it back to a TR4 ones without any trouble! Cooling performance is perfect! EK WB FLT 240 Reservoir pump combo mounted to the front radiator 2x360 EK WB Coolstream 360 Radiators EK WB Torque Fittings 16mm EK WB Vardar EVO A-RGB Fans 16mm Acryl Hardtubes all is controlled by a EK WB Connect Watercoolingcontroller which works great with the early EK Software ! The Name Shadow Black is the same like the foil from 3M [IMG];) You can exchange the GPU without draining the loop ! That makes this system super flexible ! All parts are wrapped with the 3M foil !
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3 Comments on " Shadow Black " a Fractal Vector RS Custom Build

Beautiful, harmonious, sober, efficient, great job. Tolle Arbeit 8 /10

in your opinion, is it good to put fans that blow directly on the tank and block the air flow from going to the bottom of the box ?

My case mod 2019
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