EVGA DG-Black forest

May 15th 2020
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Key Features:
Intel CPU NVIDIA Graphics Water-cooled
System Specs:
  • Intel I9-10900X
  • Evga x299 Micro ATX
  • Evga RTX 2070 Ultra XC
  • Evga Supernova 1000G+
  • Crucial Ballistix Tactical Tracer 64GB - DDR4 3000
  • Samsung 970 EVO Plus
  • Coolermaster Mirage ML240
  • Evga DG-77
Performed Mods:
Replacement of all tempered glass panels with white acrylic/epoxy selfmade ones. Custom sleeves and cable routing.
Special Tools Used:
  • 3d printer
  • silicone mold
Time Spent:
Few months
  • EVGA (gear up program)
  • Coolermaster
Inspired by my daily view. I wanted to create a landscape lookalike mod with the usage of molds and epoxy. Part of EVGA's gear up program.
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1 Comment on EVGA DG-Black forest

really nice, i like how you manager your cables and sure case mode, would give you 10 if not that black cables mess at top right corner ;) or zip them or make some cover to hide :) :)

great setup over all !
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