August 8th 2020
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Key Features:
AMD CPU NVIDIA Graphics Scratch Build Water-cooled
System Specs:
  • Gigabyte 990FX UD3
  • 16GB Corsair Memory
  • Gigabyte GTX 1060
  • WD 250GB SSD
  • 1TB WD HDD
  • 650 Watt PSU
Performed Mods:
Motherboard armor RGB backplate, RGB SSD cover Reservoir Cables RGB IO cover Fan Grills
Special Tools Used:
  • Laser
Time Spent:
40 Hours
I wanted to re-purpose an older pc for Coreldraw work and took my older FX machine and modded it wuth the Razer theme. The motherboard is the GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD3 AM3+ and has the FX 8350 CPU, 16GB memory, 250GB ssd, 1TB HDD, Gigabyte 1060 GPU, 650 watt EVGA PSU. I wanted add a shroud for the motherboard so I laser cut a cover for it and added a South Bridge fan to keep that area cool along with the RGB SSD cover, GPU Backplate, RGB IO shield, Custom Razer green cables and fan grill all with the same theme in mind. The largest mod for this build was the Reservoir for the coolant. Not having a CNC I made the reservoir by cutting 1/4" and 1/8" acrylic, pre drilled and threaded the top cover and added an oring for sealing. The case is the NZXT S340 and I took the Cable shield off so I could fit the REs in that spot and minimize the rigid tubing to just 3 runs. The machine keeps on giving and now with a new lease on life as a work pc.
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