An Ode to Delicious Mesh

July 13th 2021
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Key Features:
Intel CPU NVIDIA Graphics Small Form Factor Water-cooled
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System Specs:
  • Intel i5-10600K
  • MSI Z490I Unity
  • MSI GeForce RTX 3070 Ti Suprim X
  • 2x 8 GB Kingston HyperX 3200 DDR4 CL16
  • NZXT Kraken Z53
  • 2x Noctua Redux 120 mm 1300 RPM fans
  • Fractal Design ION 750W PSU
  • ssupd Meshlicious with all mesh panels
  • Noctua NH-2 Thermalpaste
  • Windows 11 Beta
Performed Mods:
None! Just as stock as possible with as clean cable management as possible!
  • ssupd
  • NZXT
  • MSI
  • Noctua
  • Fractal Design
  • Teamgroup
  • Intel
  • Kingston
Based on the ssupd Meshlicious, with mesh on both sides, the build utilizes an ATX PSU (unlike essentially all other Meshlicious build out there that take the easier route of SFX). On top of that, there is no custom sleeving, no shorter wires or aftermarket mods done. The aim was to use off-the-shelf parts and make it as clean as possible. It is set to run inaudible and even during gaming sessions runs super quiet.
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4 Comments on An Ode to Delicious Mesh

Hello, from this side it looks good. Could you upload more photos? Thanks for showing the case.
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Senior Editor & Case Reviewer
pcminiraceHello, from this side it looks good. Could you upload more photos? Thanks for showing the case.
@pcminirace done!
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Darksaber@pcminirace done!
I know this is a site for mod cases, but here is my 8. You have been really cool, thanks for the extra photos.
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I voted 10/10 because:

Very nice
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