The Teak

November 21st 2021
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Superb (7.5)
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Key Features:
High Rated Intel CPU NVIDIA Graphics
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System Specs:
  • intel core i3 6100
  • asrock h110m dvs
  • hyper x fury 8gb 2666
  • corsair vs650
  • gigabyte gtx 1050ti
  • PNY ssd 120 Gb
  • WD blue 1Tb
  • Be quiet pure rock slim
mini itx home theater pc
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1 Comment on The Teak

yeah baby!!

We never get enough of "wood & PC-build reinvented" anymore. I love the combo, moreso when its aesthetically appealing (like yours). That's some fine & dandy craftmanship there!

I've been thinking about picking up the NR200P case and then slapping on some vaneer strips for that wood effect. Might as well have you build me one from scratch (don't scratch it)
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