May 11th 2007
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Key Features:
High Rated Intel CPU NVIDIA Graphics Water-cooled
System Specs:
  • Motherboard Abit IN9 32X-Max
  • CPU E6600 (week 28 : retail)
  • Memory Corsair Value Select 2gb of ddr2667
  • Hard Drives 2x Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 (320gb 16mb cache)
  • Graphics Nvidia pcie 7900gs (512mb)
  • Sound Creative Labs soundblaster audigy 2
  • Speakers Creative labs GigaWorks S750
  • PSU Enermax Galaxy 850
  • Case Mountain Mods U2-UFO Horizonon
  • Monitor Viewsonic VA2012w
  • Cooling Alphacool Laing DDC ULTRA Pump & Plexitop
  • Swiftech Apogee GTX Extreme
  • ThermoChill PA120.3
  • Swiftech MCRES-Micro
  • 6x Sharkoon Silent Eagle 2000
  • 1/2 tubing and barbs
  • Misc Sunbeam Rheobus Black : Matrix orbital MX432
  • Abit Guru clock 2
  • 4x akassa 12 inch UV cathodes
Performed Mods:
Lighting Under case, uv lighting, with front and rear switches,fitting of res, custom watercooled, al quality parts,not much else
I have always wanted one of these cases, so when funds were rite i got one, it is most prob not to everyones tastes, but it is the ubber watercooling case, hope you guys enjoy coments welcome
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14 Comments on High-Voltage

Omfg Lol Wow!
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Bird of Prey
Nice case. Ive seen the reviews of those and they are sweet. I gave you a 10/10 just because that case is kick ass and the components are top notch. My only ding, the cable management (Im horrible at it I know so no room to talk but I digress) but its not bad enough to warrant taking away from perfection.
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Nice lot's of room looked at that case myself went with the antec 900 my mistake so great choice thumbs up 9/10 out of envy
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Nice one bro.... I must say I don't like the white bladed fans but hey, that is the only thing I can find wrong with it.

Just make sure you don't do up those pipe clamps to tight on that hose either, you can pinch the hole and end up with a leak, they only need to be firm (that is why people use the plastic clip on ones)..

9/10 :D
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Very nice case. I have a similar one that i build my self.
I like it very much. 9
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i dont even like cube cases but you did an awesome job..10/10 from me
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you have to add a goldfish tank somehow.... like they do with the headlights on them "cool" street racer imports.... and a kitchen sink
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10/10 thats amazing, top job :)
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I voted 5/10 because:

outside is fantastic... inside is a mess
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