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RX 5950 XT, RX 5950, and RX 5800 XT: New AMD Radeon SKUs Reach Regulators

Confirmation of four new Radeon RX 5000-series SKUs came to light as AIB partner AFOX pushed them to regulators at the Eurasian Economic Commission. EEC filings have been a reliable early-sign of upcoming PC hardware. All thee new SKUs are positioned above the Radeon RX 5700 XT launched last year. These include the Radeon RX 5800 XT, the RX 5900 XT, the RX 5950, and the RX 5950 XT. Going by AMD's convention of two SKUs per resolution serving up to differentiated experiences, the RX 5800 XT could be a step up from the RX 5700 XT in offering 1440p high frame-rate AAA performance. This could possibly put it in direct competition with the GeForce RTX 2070 Super. AMD took a similar 2-pronged approach to 1080p, with the RX 5500 XT serving up 1080p at up to 60 fps, while the RX 5600 XT topping it up with a 40-50 percent performance uplift.

The Radeon RX 5950-series is completely new. This could very well be a new large "Navi" silicon, since dual-GPU is dead. Just as AMD carved out the RX 5700 XT, the RX 5700, and the RX 5600 XT, it could carve out the three new SKUs from this silicon. AMD CEO Dr Lisa Su already confirmed that her company is working to upscale the RX 5000-series "Navi" family. The RX 5900-series could be competition for the likes of the RTX 2080 or even RTX 2080 Super. The RX 5950-series could target premium 4K gaming (RTX 2080 Ti). It remains to be seen if the three new SKUs are based on the existing RDNA architecture or the new RDNA2 architecture designed for 7 nm EUV, featuring variable-rate shading.

Triplex Shows Off Slot-powered Radeon HD 7850

Graphics card maker Triplex, which is more prevalent in the Greater China region, unveiled a new single-slot Radeon HD 7850 2GB graphics card that relies on the PCI-Express slot entirely, for power. It lacks any kind of power input. The card is based on an alternate (more expensive to implement) reference design by AMD, which has been sporadically implemented by other AMD partners. An example is this card by AFOX. Unlike AFOX' card, Triplex' lacks power connectors. The card comes with reference clock speeds of 860 MHz core, and 4.80 GHz memory. It packs 1024 stream processors, 64 TMUs, 32 ROPs, and a 256-bit wide GDDR5 memory interface, holding 2 GB of memory. Sadly, even for buyers in this part of the world, Triplex' card will be sold only in the OEM channel.

AFOX Launches its GeForce GTX 640 Graphics Card

AFOX Corporation, a professional and leading manufacturer of Graphics Cards, today announced to release the latest AFOX Geforce GT 640 Graphics Card AF640-2048D3L1 - the newest model designed for mainstream users with excellent 3D display and gaming performance, perfect low profile size to all PC types, full PCI Express 3.0 and DirectX11 support.

Compared to the previous generation, the new AFOX AF640-2048D3L1 based on latest NVIDIA's 28nm Kepler GK107 GPU, has up to 25% better performance than the old GTS 450. The AFOX GT 640 Graphics Card has 384 Cuda Cores, an impressive 900MHz core speed, 2048MB of DDR3 memory running at 1782MHz and 128-bit memory interface. It supports NVIDIA CUDA, PhysX and Blu-Ray 3D technology, which are designed for both high quality gaming and great home theater solutions. Without any additional power requirement, the testing result shows that the new AFOX GT 640 Graphics Card has an unbeatable performance/Watt ratio compared with previous generation products.

Production Radeon HD 7850 Packs 768 Stream Processors

Tom's Hardware Germany found it difficult to explain lower than normal performance of an AFOX-branded Radeon HD 7850 graphics card. Upon looking at its stream processor count in GPU-Z, it was amazed to notice a value of 768, 25% lower than HD 7850 normal count of 1024. Attempts to replace its BIOS did not change the stream processor count, leading them to believe the stream processors were physically disabled. AMD was of little help, and they were redirected to talk to AFOX, which told them that since March, AMD has been shipping Pitcairn chips with 768 stream processor configuration to some OEMs. Could this be a new SKU under works? HD 7790? HD 7830?

AFOX Readies Single-Slot Radeon HD 7850

At CeBIT, AFOX showed off the industry's first single-slot, air-cooled graphics card based on the Radeon HD 7850 GPU. Carrying the model number AF7850-1024D5S1, AFOX' creation sports a similar cooling assembly as the one on the AF6850-1024D5S1, an HD 6850-based graphics card. The cooler uses a big lateral-flow blower that directs air through a dense aluminum fin-channel array, where heat gets dissipated onto it. Heat is drawn from key components such as the GPU, memory, and VRM, using a vapor-chamber plate.

There's a small catch with AFOX' design, though. The memory amount is halved to 1 GB, although it still sits across a 256-bit wide memory interface. We don't expect a significant performance penalty for that. Further, the memory clock speed is reduced from the reference speed of 1200 MHz to 1125 MHz (4.80 GHz eff. to 4.50 GHz eff.), although the core speed stays the same, at 860 MHz. The display IO is an interesting mix of one dual-link DVI, one full-size HDMI, one mini-DisplayPort, and one full-size DisplayPort.

AFOX Unveils its GeForce GT 530 Graphics Card

Hong Kong-based NVIDIA AIC partner AFOX is ready with a graphics card based on GeForce GT 530, a GPU unheard of, till now. Some specifications were also leaked out. The GeForce GT 530 from AFOX has core clocked at 750 MHz, GDDR3 memory clocked at 1333 MHz (2.66 GHz DDR) and memory amounts of 1 GB and 2 GB. Its CUDA core count is unknown, but we don't expect it to be higher than 96 (GF108 CUDA core count). The card relies entirely on the PCI-Express bus for power, it lacks SLI support, and display outputs include one each of D-Sub, HDMI, and DVI. It is expected to be priced around US $100.

Single-Slot, Slot-Powered Radeon HD 6850 Surfaces in Asia

Unknown to the west, Hong Kong-based graphics card manufacturer, AFOX, that caters to Far-East markets such as Japan, unveiled a new AMD Radeon HD 6850 1 GB graphics card that sports a single-slot design, and completely relies on the PCI Express slot for power. Most, if not all, Radeon HD 6850 graphics cards feature double-slot coolers, and require a 6-pin PCI-E power input, which is not the case with AFOX' new card.

The AF6850-1024D5S1 from AFOX features a red PCB, a black single slot cooler that covers all of the board's obverse side, and looks to feature a dense heatsink to which air is circulated by a blower. The card uses reference clock speeds of 775 MHz core, 1000 MHz (4.00 GHz GDDR5 effective) memory. The HD 6850 is rated by AMD to have 127W typical max power draw. It would be interesting to see how the card is managing to run the GPU with the slot's 75W. What's more, the card doesn't compromise in the display connectors department, packing one each of DVI, full-size HDMI 1.4a, full-size DisplayPort 1.2, and mini-DisplayPort 1.2. In Japan, the card is priced at 19,780 Yen, which converts to US $245.
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