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EVGA Announces Availability of the X299 Micro ATX 2 Motherboard

The X299 MICRO ATX 2 is a reimagined mATX board designed to support the power, performance, and cooling necessary to power Intel's i5/i7/i9 CPU's for the X299 Chipset. With a 14 Phase power design, a thick VRM heatsink/fan, two 8 pin EPS power connectors, an additional 6 pin PCIe power connector, and external BCLK, this motherboard was born for the enthusiast desiring maximum power in a small form factor. The X299 MICRO ATX 2 supports current storage standards, including M.2 NVMe, Intel Optane, Intel VROC and SATA 6Gb/s to give you a blazing fast access to your data, while Intel Dual-Band WIFI/BT and an Intel i219V Gigabit NIC Keeps you connected.

Thermaltake Announces X Comfort Air Gaming Chair With Active Cooling

So yes, Thermaltake is paying attention to consumers from tropical and desert climates all over the world with its latest gaming chair. The X Comfort Air is a new gaming chair that sports active cooling, whether your environment requires it, or you're just going through a really aberrant, hot day. The cooling system leverages four high-pressure fans, embedded in the base of the chair (perforated faux-leather that permits airflow from the three-speed fans.) Thermaltake claimed that the system can cool the seat by between 0.6ºC and 1.5ºC. The noise level of the fans is stated as 32 DB(A), but Thermaltake didn't specify the correlating fan speed for this.
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