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Volvo Partners with NVIDIA and will Integrate Its Drive AGX Xavier Into Cars In 2020

NVIDIA has long worked in the field of artificial intelligence applied to self-driving, and the fruits of that work are beginning to appear. Volvo has announced an alliance with NVIDIA whereby the carmaker will use NVIDIA'S Drive AGX Xavier computer in its next generation of vehicles. This system allows level 4 autonomy in controlled areas, although initially they will restrict their capacity to "Level 2+" that will more or less bring it up to the level offered by the current Tesla models.

The first Volvo cars to integrate this system will be available in the early 2020s, and will not only monitor the vehicle's surroundings but will also follow the driver's head and eye movements to detect possible events that the car's sensors have failed to capture. Volvo is not the first to reach such an agreement with NVIDIA: the company has already reached an agreement with Volkswagen earlier this year to take advantage of its Drive IX platform, and other customers such as Uber and Daimler have also made use of NVIDIA solutions in this field.

Nissan Develops Car That Dynamically Changes Exterior Paint Color

So Nissan is developing another sports car, the 2009 GT-R. While it offers quite a lot in the line of horsepower and torque, the consumer must ask, what makes this car better than the others? Nissan is proud to say something along the lines of "why, the paramagnetic paint job, of course." For anyone who does not know what a paramagnetic paint job is, it's the best thing since LED rims for anyone who enjoys the exterior look of their car. At the flick of a switch, a driver can choose whether their car is red, blue, pink, black, silver, or any number of colors. There's no word as to how hard it is to make paramagnetic paint, or how much it'll cost.

Halo 3 Themed Race Car Prepares for First Race

September 23rd will be a great day for racing and gaming fans alike. David Stremme's #40 Dodge Avenger recently got a Microsoft sponsored Halo 3 themed paint job. David Stremme can hardly wait for the Nextel Cup on September 23rd, where he gets to race his new car.
I'm honored and excited to be running the Halo 3 car at Dover and can't wait to show off this awesome paint scheme," said Stremme. "It's going to be a special experience when the car rolls off the truck for the first time at Dover -- as a Halo fan, I'm thrilled.
However, Master Chief's Dodge Avenger will be facing some stiff competition: Nintendo sponsored a Ford Fusion, which will also be racing at the Nextel Cup on the 23rd.

Volvo Showcases Rechargeable Hybrid Concept Car

Fortunately for the environment, it seems as though hybrid cars are starting to catch on. In anticipation of the Frankfurt Motor Show next week, Volvo recently posted some information on their new concept car, the ReCharge. Based on the C30 Hatchback, the ReCharge concept boasts a Lithium Polymer battery that can drive the car for 62 miles without help from the motor, and an all-wheel-drive system. A flex-fuel four cylinder engine can drive what the electric system can't. However, Volvo added something that most hybrid owners have been expecting since the first retail models went to market: a charge cord. If the battery is low in the ReCharge, a customer can plug it in, saving the gasoline otherwise required to recharge the battery. As of yet, there is no word on when we can see a non-concept version.

Mercedes Brings Google Maps and Yahoo Maps to Cars

BMW and a few other automakers have already implemented a system where one could search for directions and directly upload them to their car. Mercedes recently decided it was high time to add this feature to it's lineup of vehicles. Anyone buying the '07 S-Class, CL-Class, and '08 C-Class vehicles equipped with the Multimedia Package and Navigation System will be able to use the service for no additional charge. What sets this service apart from the competition, however, is the ability for relatives/friends to upload a map (to their house, for example) while you are on the road. However, for the service to actually work, customers need to buy a subscription to the Mercedes' Tele Aid System, which is free the first year.
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