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Intel Drops the Centrino Atom Brand-name

Five months into using 'Centrino Atom' to name its ULPC platform, Intel decided to drop the name. The first release of Centrino Atom codenamed Menlow consisted of the Intel Atom processor, a single-package core-logic (chipset), and was meant to serve as a unified branding much like the rest of the Centrino brand.

A company spokesperson for the company, Nick Jacobs has been quoted saying "Basically, we are simplifying and coalescing our efforts around 'Atom' as the single brand for Internet devices,".

It was believed that use of 'Centrino' was confusing and in a way even diluted the brand since Centrino Atom served into UMPC / ULPC netbooks. Part of the reason also was that netbooks that made it to the marked brandished Centrino Atom while using a chipset outside its specifications, in many cases a two-chip i945 + ICH7.Source: PC World

Fujitsu U2010 Atom-based UMPC Announced

Fujitsu has announced an Intel Atom-based UMPC (Ultra-Mobile PC), not to be confused with ULPC. This ultra-portable will focus on the high-end market with a US $1000 to $1200 price tag. It has a 5.6-inch LCD screen, 3.5G data connectivity and GPS and tips the scales at 610g. Specifications can be summarized as:
  • Intel Centrino Atom Z530
  • SCH US15W (Poulsbo) Chipset
  • Touch Screen, 5.6 inches diagonally, 1280 x 800 pixels (WXGA)
  • 1 GB DDR2 533 MHz memory
  • 60 GB conventional HDD
  • Wireless interfaces - Wi-Fi 8021.11n and Bluetooth
  • Other - fingerprinting sensor, web-camera, kartovod SD format and CF
  • 20wh 2-cell battery
This notebook will be available in three colour models: U2010BU (Ocean Black), U2010GU (Pink Gold), U2010RU (Fuchsia Red).

Sources: UMPC Portal, iXBT, DigiTimes

Intel Silverthorne and Diamondville Become Atom and Centrino Atom

The Intel Atom processor will be the name for a new family of low-power processors designed specifically for mobile Internet devices (MIDs) and a new class of simple and affordable Internet-centric computers arriving later this year. Together, these new market segments represent a significant new opportunity to grow the overall market for Intel silicon, using the Intel Atom processor as the foundation. The company also announced the Intel Centrino Atom processor technology brand for MID platforms, consisting of multiple chips that enable the best Internet experience in a pocketable device.

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