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AMD Centurion is FX-9000, Scrapes 5.00 GHz

Mid-April, we learned that AMD was working on its next "TWKR" chip for overclockers, based on the existing "Vishera" silicon. It turns out it is, and scrapes 5.00 GHz frequency at some unreal TDP levels for a client processor. SweClockers reports that AMD is working on at least two new socket AM3+ FX-series processors to make it competitive against Intel's 4th generation Core series. Among these are the FX-9000, and the FX-8770. The FX-9000 leads the pack with 4.80 GHz out of the box clock speed, and a TurboCore frequency of 5.00 GHz. Clock speeds of the FX-8770, on the other hand, haven't been disclosed. A catch here is the TDP of these chips. Two hundred and twenty Watts! The jump from 3.80 GHz to 4.80 nearly doubled TDP from 125W to 220W. Prices of the two remain under the wraps. AMD plans to unveil the two at E3, sometime between 11th and 13th June.

Source: SweClockers. Many Thanks to Norton for the tip.

AMD Works on Next TWKR Chip Based on Vishera

AMD is apparently working on its second CPU for extreme overclocking, since the nearly four-year old Phenom II Black Edition TWKR 42. Being referred to as "Centurion FX," the chip is said to be based on the eight-core FX "Vishera" silicon, featuring an unlocked multiplier, but born out of some extremely careful chip selection by AMD. How careful you ask? For starters, these chips should be capable of running at 5.00 GHz with just air-cooling, with potential for more, on better cooling.

If the TWKR 42 is anything to go by, Centurion FX should be made specifically for extreme overclockers looking for clock-speed and multi-core performance records, the chip should come with rather low clock speed, and unlocked multiplers, so overclockers could tweak it themselves. The chips should cost four times the average FX-8350, nearing $800, which is "affordable," considering the four-figure prices some of the golden Core i7 K-series Ivy Bridge chips command on online marketplaces.Source:
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