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Cubitek Intros Mini Cube B004 Case

Cubitek introduced the Mini Cube B004, a mini-ITX case that's a variation of the ICE series. Its cubical design involves turning the stacked drive cage into a tray that's on the other side of the motherboard tray, creating room for graphics cards that are as long as 280 mm, PSUs as long as 150 mm, and CPU coolers that are as tall as 150 mm.

The drive tray packs room for two 3.5-inch, and one 2.5-inch drive. It does away with 5.25-inch. Ventilation includes a bottom 120 mm fan, and a 90 mm rear fan. The case is mostly made of aluminum. It measures 200 x 300 x 320 mm (WxDxH). Pricing and availability details are not out, yet.

Cubitek Announces World's Smallest EATX Motherboard Supporting Case - Magic Cube AIO

Cubitek, a manufacturer of PC chassis, is pleased to announce the world's smallest case supporting an EATX motherboard - Magic Cube AIO. Cubitek's Magic Cube AIO is ideal for gamers wanting the power of an EATX in a size that is easy to carry to LAN parties, as well as users who want to build a high-performance PC but have a limited computing area.

Optimized Hardware Support in a Ultra Compact Size

With the dimensions of 9.61" x 19.36" x 18.78" (W x H x D), the aluminum constructed Magic Cube AIO is designed to make the most out of every available space – allowing users to install the hardware they want in a chassis with a exceptionally small footprint.

Cubitek Announces New Line of Extrusion Aluminum Chassis - ICE Series

Cubitek, a manufacturer of PC chassis, is pleased to announce their new line of chassis - ICE Series. Including 5 new models, these ICE Series chassis using a 2.5 (mm) extrusion aluminum construction are stronger than standard aluminum cases, yet thinner than other extrusion aluminum chassis on the market. This unique build gives ICE Series a strong frame while still keeping a more lightweight design.

Cubitek's M4 and M4 Silencer PC Chassis Now Available

Cubitek Co. Ltd., a Taiwan-based manufacturer of uniquely designed computer cases, today released their new mid-tower M4 and M4 Silencer computer chassis. Designed to look fantastic while silencing PC components, these cases can house the latest in hardware and come at a price-point that gamers, power-users, and enthusiasts can all afford. Both the M4 and M4 Silencer come with innovative features like a CD/DVD storage compartment, on the front-panel, and a Mini USB cable (plus a Micro USB adapter), on the top-panel, to connect devices like mobile phones and cameras for easy uploading, syncing, and internet tethering. The all-black powder-coating finish coupled with the unique front-panel design give Cubitek's M4 and M4 Silencer the look and feel of quality.

Cubitek Launches ''Magic Cube'' Modular Case Series

Cubitek presents another unique case series after the successful launch of the “Tank” Series. The “Magic Cube” enclosures are made of 100% Aluminum and offer a revolutionary, modular design. Two models - the Magic Cube B210 and Magic Cube B211 with freely configurable modules are available immediately.

After the success of the “Tattoo” series and the launch of the highly anticipated, all Aluminum “Tank” family of enclosures, Cubitek presents an absolutely unique new case concept. Also constructed purely of Aluminum, all traditional parts of a normal chassis have been modularized with the Magic Cube cases. These sets consist of three separate enclosures: the main module for the motherboard, CPU and graphic cards, the storage module for 3.5 inch hard drives and the drive module for optical drives and card readers.

Cubitek Announces Tank All-Aluminium Gaming Case Series

Cubitek, the new comer of the year in the case market, is presenting their newest case series after the successful launch of the Tattoo family. This new enclosures, called "Tank" is a new highlight in their product line-up. Three different sizes, which are all constructed of Aluminum, every type of mainboard between ITX and HTPX has been covered, giving the user total choice and control. Even though these cases are constructed of the light and high quality material, the "Tank" series also manages to impress with a competitive price point.

After the successful "Tattoo" series, which manages to impress with a unique, practical feature set and three internal color choices, the "Tank" series is clearly aimed at the enthusiast PC user. The three versions - Mini-, XL- and HTPX-Tank - are constructed using Aluminum exclusively, making them very light but retaining the strength to cope with big and heavy hardware. All "Tank" cases offer modern extras and a long list of excellent features.

Cubitek Unveils XL Tank PC Case

Cubitek unveiled its third PC case for high-end/gaming PCs, the XL Tank. Although "XL" in name, it's an ATX mid-tower measuring 230 (W) x 490 (H) x 525 (D) mm. It makes use of thicker sheets of steel to fabricate the frame, while the panels are made of aluminum. The case features a standard interior with a motherboard tray that has holes at the right spots to manage certain kinds of CPU coolers and cables. An expansion card retention beam ensures long graphics cards don't suffer PCB bending over time. Drive bays include four 5.25", one of which can turn into an exposed 3.5". There are six internal 3.5" bays.

Ventilation is care of a large 230 mm front intake fan, a 140 mm rear exhaust, and provision for two 140 mm fans at the top. The front-panel is positioned on the top, and includes two USB 3.0, apart from eSATA and audio. Two holes at the rear let you pass water cooling tubing through. Cubitek did not give out pricing or availability information.
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