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Elecom Intros M-NV1BRBK Wireless Bluetooth Mouse

Elecom introduced the M-NV1BRBK, an iF Product Design Award-winning wireless mouse that can store the Bluetooth pairing information of 9 host devices simultaneously, letting you switch between them seamlessly, and on-the-fly. The mouse features a 2,000 dpi infrared sensor, which should be sufficient for most users who don't game, at least not seriously. The mouse is right-oriented, even though it looks ambidextrous. It features five buttons, and a 4-way tilt scrollwheel. Measuring 62.7 x 100.7 x 39.1 mm (WxDxH), it weighs about 78 g (dry-weight), and needs two AAA-size batteries, that can power it for up to 625 days with typical usage.

Source: Hermitage Akihabara

Elecom Intros MR3-C002, MR3-C003, and MR3-C004 Multi-Format Card Readers

Elecom Japan announced three new portable multi-format memory card readers that take advantage of the USB 3.0 SuperSpeed interface, the MR3-C002, MR3-C003, and MR3-C004 (pictured below in that order). Built in a cabled form-factor, the MR3-C002 supports as many as 54 kinds of media across the CF, SD, mini-SD, micro-SD, MS, M2, and MS Pro Duo form-factors. The MR3-C003 is built in a capped form-factor, resembling USB flash drives, it supports 49 kinds of media in the SD, mini-SD, micro-SD, MS, MS Pro Duo, M2 form-factors. The MR3-C004 is the cheapest of the lot, also built in the capped form-factor, supporting 32 kinds of media in the SD, mini-SD, and micro-SD form-factors.

The three are available in black, graphite, red, and silver color options. The MR3-C002 measures 69 x 43.5 x 15 mm (WxDxH), weighing 42 g; the MR3-C003 82 x 21.5 x 14 mm, weighing 24 g; and MR3-C004 67.5 x 21.5 x 14 mm, weighing 18 g. The MR3-C002, MR3-C003, and MR3-C004 are priced at 4,095¥ ($51), 3,675¥ ($46.5), and 2,900¥ ($36.5), respectively. They are slated for November 2.

Source: Hermitage Akihabara

Elecom Announces a Pair of New Gaming Headsets

Elecom Japan announced two new lines of foldable gaming headsets, the 3.5 mm plug-compatible HS-HP20 series, and USB-compatible HS-HP20U series. The two are available in four color options, including black (HS-HP20xBK), blue (HS-HP20xBU), red (HS-HP20xRD), white (HS-HP20xWH). The basic design is common between both models, featuring 40 mm stereo headphone drivers, 32-ohm impedance, 100 mW maximum input, and 20 to 20,000 Hz frequency response; and a microphone that's suspended on a hinged flexible arm, with poly-directional pickup, 2.2-ohm impedance, 100 to 10,000 Hz frequency response, and -46 ± 3 db SNR. The headset can be folded along three joints. Slated for mid-November, the HS-HP20 is expected to be priced at 2,940 JPY (US $37.3), while the HS-HP20U is expected to go for 3,360 JPY (US $42.6).

Source: Hermitage Akihabara

Elecom Intros Windows 8-optimized Mice

Elecom Japan announced four new lines (a total of 18 models) of mice optimized for Windows 8. The optimization is a special button, which in combination with movement and other buttons, lets you emulate multi-touch gestures (such as pinching), making it ideal for Windows 8 tablets that convert to desktops with a simple docking/stand. Among the four lines are the M-BL18UB series, the M-BL19DB series, the M-TG08UL series, and the M-TG09DL series (pictured in that order below). The four feature 1600 DPI blue LED sensors, 6 buttons, 2-way scroll-wheels, and ergonomic right-oriented designs. The M-BL18UB and M-TG08UL are wired, while the M-BL19DB and M-TG09DL talk to the host over 2.4 GHz wireless band. The mice are available in red, blue, pink, black, or white variants. They are slated for mid-October.

Source: Hermitage Akihabara

Elecom Intros MF-LSU3 Series Sliding USB 3.0 Flash Drives

Japanese company Elecom unveiled the MF-LSU3 line of USB 3.0 cap-less flash drives, featuring a retractable USB connector. Available in black, white, pink, and blue color options, the MF-LSU3 packs a formidable data-protection feature-set consisting of 256-bit AES encryption and PASS (password-authenticated security system). The drives are available in capacities of 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, and 32 GB, and are capable of transfer rates as high as 60 MB/s. Measuring 64 x 20 x 10 mm (WxDxH), the drives weigh around 10 g. The company did not finalize pricing.

Source: Hermitage Akihabara

Elecom Intros M-BL Series Mice

Elecom Japan launched two new lines of colorful mice, the M-BL6DB wireless and M-BL12UB wired. Both lines feature glossy color options, which for the M-BL6DB include black (M-BL6DBBK), azure blue (M-BL6DBBU), olive green (M-BL6DBGN), orange (M-BL6DBR), pink (M-BL6DBPN), and white (M-BL6DBWH); and for the M-BL12UB include silver (M-BL12UBSV), black (M-BL12UBBK), azure blue (M-BL12UBBU), green (M-BL12UBGN), red (M-BL12UBRD), and pink (M-BL12UBPN).

Measuring 62.3 x 115 x 36.3 mm (WxDxH), and weighing 100 g, the M-BL12UB is an ambidextrous 3-button scroll mouse with wired USB connection and 1000 dpi resolution. At 77 x 125 x 43 mm, weighing 60 g (without battery), the M-BL6DB is right-oriented wireless mouse with 5-buttons, with the same 1000 dpi sensor as its wired cousin. It talks to the host over 2.4 GHz radio band, using a USB micro-receiver. Slated for early-June, the M-BL12UB is priced at 1,470 JPY (US $18.5), while the M-BL6DB goes for 2,940 JPY (US $37).

Source: Hermitage Akihabara

Elecom Unveils M-BL5DB Blue LED Wireless Optical Mouse

Elecom unveiled the M-BL5DB series wireless optical mouse with blue LED optical sensor. Not that the color blue lends anything extraordinary to its tracking resolution, which is around 1000 DPI (mainstream), but some could find the soft blue light tolerable compared to red. The M-BL5DB is available in six color options to the frame around the egg-shaped main body and scroll-wheel: white, gray, blue, green, yellow, and pink. The mouse needs just one AA-size battery to work, its battery compartment doubles up as a place to store its easily misplaceable USB micro-receiver, with which it talks to the host over 2.4 GHz radio band. Measuring 56 x 90 x 32 mm (WxDxH), it weighs about 50 g (without battery). It is priced at 2,205 JPY (US $27).

Source: Hermitage Akihabara

Elecom Intros MF-MSU3 USB 3.0 Flash Drives

Japanese company Elecom launched the MF-MSU3 line of stylish USB 3.0 flash drives. Available in four color options: black (MF-MSU30xGBK), white (MF-MSU30xGWH), pink (MF-MSU30xGPN), and blue (MF-MSU30xGBU), where "x" is capacity in GB; the drives are available in four capacity options: 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, and 32 GB. The drives offer transfer rates of 60 MB/s (read/write), and feature Elecom PASS (Password Authenticated Security System), an AES-based data encryption software. Measuring 59.0 x 17.5 x 7.8 (WxDxH), these drives weigh about 9 g. The feature the conventional capped form-factor. Elecom did not give out pricing information, but they will be released to market in October.

Source: Hermitage Akihabara

Elecom Unveils New Projection Keyboard

Yesteryears' tradeshow queen, projection keyboards are seeping into the markets. Elecom is one of those propagating it. The Japanese company unveiled TK-PBL042BK, a wireless projection keyboard. All it requires is a flat surface (such as a desk top), and for the host to support Bluetooth or USB interfaces. The keyboard follows a host interface model that's natively supported by iOS and Android.

With PCs, it works over common Bluetooth HID driver model. Apart from Bluetooth, the device can also connect to a host over USB, and work as a USB HID keyboard, while charging its battery. The device projects a keyboard onto a flat surface, and tracks your fingers pressing against the projected buttons. Measuring 38.0 x 29.0 x 75.0 mm, it weighs 77 g without battery. The rechargeable battery supports up to two hours of continuous use. Slated for early-April, the TK-PBL042BK from Elecom is priced at 28,875 JPY (US $352).

Source: Hermitage Akihabara

Elecom Intros New Slider USB 3.0 Flash Drive

Elecom Japan introduced the new MF-BSU304GBK USB 3.0 flash drive, featuring a slide-out retractable USB 3.0 type-A plug. This drive provides 4 GB of storage, read speeds as high as 60 MB/s, and measures 23.5 x 67 x 9 mm (WxDxH), weighing 11 g. It feature PASS (Password-Authentication Security System), with 256-bit AES data encryption. Slated for next week, the MF-BSU304GBK is priced at 1,580 JPY (US $19).

Elecom Announces a New Line of Powered-USB Hubs

Japanese company Elecom unveiled a new line of auxiliary-powered USB hubs that expand USB connectivity on notebooks, and help power USB-charged devices such as smartphones and tablets. The U2H-MB401 is a 3-port USB 2.0 hub, which draws auxiliary DC power to charge connected devices, it is priced at 2,205 JPY. The U2HS-MB01-4B is a 4-port host-powered hub, and the U2HS-MB01-4S is a auxiliary-powered one, they are priced at 1,470 JPY and 2,940 JPY. Then there's the U2H-SMC4BPN, which is host-powered, and features a micro-SDHC card slot. The three hubs are further available in black, white, and pink color options.

Source: Hermitage Akihabara

Elecom "Baby Beans" Notebook Wireless Mice World's Smallest

Awww, just awww. Look at these colorful kidney-bean shaped wireless mice from Elecom. They're sure to go well with equally colorful netbooks such as Aspire One from Acer. The M-BM1DL "Baby Beans" from Elecom measure just 35.5 x 54.0 x 23.0 mm (WxDxH), weighing 20 g, but that doesn't stop them from packing 1,200 DPI laser sensors. Guinness Records certified these as the smallest mice. The USB micro-receiver, which operates in the 2.4 GHz radio band can be slotted into the mouse for carrying it around. The mouse packs a tiny rechargeable battery, that can be charged using a bundled cable. Pricing and availability info is awaited.

Source: Hermitage Akihabara

Elecom Intros MS-P05U Series USB Stereo Speakers

Elecom introduced the MS-P05U series USB stereo speakers for those on the move. Measuring 64 x 78 x 103 mm (WxDxH) each, these speakers rely completely on a single USB connection for power and host connectivity, and pack a USB audio DAC. The speakers deliver 2.1W of power (1.05W each). Their domes are inclined a little upwards, to prevent sound distortion caused as sound bounces off the surface of your desk. The speakers have a frequency response range of 50-18,000 Hz, and 8Ω impedance. The cable extends 1.2 meters. The MS-P05U is available in three color options, black (MS-P05UBK), white (MS-P05UWH), and pink (MS-P05UPN). Slated for mid-March, and backed by a 6 month warranty, the MS-P05U is priced at 3,360 JPY (US $41.7).

Source: Hermitage Akihabara

Elecom Unveils Wireless Mouse With Up To 3.5 Years Battery Life

Japanese company Elecom unveiled the M-IR03DR wireless optical mouse series, that boasts of battery life up to 3.5 years with typical usage (office). The mouse makes use of low-power electronics to achieve that. The mouse uses an infrared optical sensor for tracking, with resolution settings of 1,600 and 800 dpi. Oriented for right-handed users, the mouse has five buttons, with the two buttons on the side working as back and forward buttons in web-browsers.

The mouse communicates to the host over 2.4 GHz radio band, and is compliant with VCCI CLASS B regulations to provide less interference to other devices operating in this band. Measuring 15 x 18 x 5.0 mm, the mouse weighs 82 g without batteries. It requires two AA-size batteries. It is available in three color options: black (M-IR03DRBK), silver (M-IR03DRSV0), and white (M-IR03DRRD). It is priced at 5,145 JPY (US $64.5).

Source: Hermitage Akihabara

Elecom Unveils Foldable Silicone Bluetooth Keyboards

Japanese company Elecom unveiled a bunch of new foldable silicone wireless keyboards, under the TK-FBS035E series. Available in black+gray (BK), purple+green (PU), red+black (RD), and white+gray (WH) variants, the operational part of these keyboards are made of silicone, with cellophane common-membrane printed circuit sheet, which allows it to be folded around a small rectangular box that holds the keyboard's logic, the battery compartment, and a Bluetooth transmitter that lets you use the keyboard with Bluetooth-equipped PCs and notebooks, tablets, and smartphones.

The keyboard has a standard QWERTY layout, configured for English US, and has 88 keys. The key pitch is 13 mm, and key travel (stroke) is 2 mm. When rolled out, the keyboard measures 275.5 x 96 x 15.1 mm (WxDxH), and weighs approximately 105 g. It needs two AAA-size batteries. Its Bluetooth transmitter allows a range of up to 10 m. It is priced at 7,350 JPY (US $95), and will be available to Japanese markets in February.

Source: PCWatch

Elecom Intros New Pocket Bluetooth Keyboard for iOS, Mac OS, and Windows Devices

Japanese company Elecom unveiled a nifty new gadget for those on the move, and don't mind long sessions of thumb-typing, the TK-FBP029 Mini Bluetooth Keyboard. Measuring 146 x 78 x 21 mm, and weighing 96 g, the keyboard features a clam-shell form-factor like the electronic pocket organizers of last century. The keyboard works over Bluetooth 3.0, and is compatible with Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad), Apple Mac OS devices (Macbook, Mac, Mac Pro), Windows devices (Windows PC, Windows Phone, Windows Embedded), and even Sony Playstation 3. The hinge of its lid can get locked into an obtuse angle, letting you place a portable device (such as your iPhone) on it. It comes in lid color options of black, white, and hot pink. The company did not give out pricing information.

Source: Akihabara News

Elecom Unveils New Gaming Mice with Cross Axis DPI Settings

Japanese company Elecom unveiled a new line of gaming mice featuring cross-axis sensitivity settings, giving you the ability to tune the sensitivity of the mouse by tuning the X and Y axes independently. The sensitivity setting is then displayed back to the user by LEDs on the mouse, next to button 1. The M-H1ULBK and M-H2DLBK launched today have the same exact design, except that the M-H2DLBK is capable of both wireless and wired opteration. The M-H1ULBK is wired.

The M-H1ULBK features a 5310 dpi optical sensor (can be tuned between 90 dpi and 5310 dpi), with 1000 Hz polling rate. It has a 1.8 m braided USB cable. The M-H2DLBK, on the other hand, packs a 5600 dpi sensor, which can be tuned between 100 and 5600 dpi. It offers a polling rate of 500 Hz when functioning wireless, and 1000 Hz when wired. Both measure W77.6 x D124.5 x H41.8 mm, the M-H1ULBK weighs 155 g (including cable), while the M-H2DLBK weighs 137 g when wireless, and 187 g when wired. Both mice feature 7 buttons, with on the fly dpi settings. Slated for May launch, the M-H2DLBK will be priced at 15,435 JPY (US $200), and the M-H1ULBK at 9,870 JPY ($128).

Source: Hermitage Akihabara

Elecom Unveils New M-TG01DL Series Designer Wireless Mice

Japanese company Elecom unveiled its latest M-TG01DL series designer wireless mice. Available in color options of black, silver, and cherry-red, these right hand-oriented wireless mice use dark-field microscopic optical sensors that let you use it even on transparent glass surfaces with nothing underneath them (such as glass tables). The sensor itself has a resolution of 1200 dpi, which is just fine for most non-gaming tasks.

The mice have five buttons apart from the scroll-wheel. The main unit communicates with a USB micro-receiver over 2.4 GHz radio band, and is powered by a single AAA-size battery which can provide up to 106 days of continuous uptime before needing a replacement. The mouse measures 51.0 x 77.0 x 32 mm (WxDxH), weighing 55 grams (without its battery). The M-TG01DL series will be available in the Japanese market in mid-January, its pricing is not known.

Source: Hermitage Akihabara

Elecom Intros Pair of SSDs

Elecom Japan announced two new solid state storage products, with the minuscule nanoSSD, and a regular 2.5-inch SSD. The more interesting of the two, nanoSSD plugs directly into a SATA port on the motherboard. It measures 25 x 6.5 x 39 mm, and weighs a mere 8 g. At these dimensions, it offers 16 GB of storage with transfer-rates of 75/30 MB/s (read/write). This just about makes it ideal for embedded machines, test systems, and SFF boxes.

The other SSD on offer of the regular 2.5-inch size, and comes in capacities of 64 GB and 128 GB. Elecom did not provide much info about this in its press-release. Nevertheless, the two drives will hit stores in a couple of days.

Source: Akihabara News
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