Tuesday, February 28th 2012

Elecom Intros MS-P05U Series USB Stereo Speakers

Elecom introduced the MS-P05U series USB stereo speakers for those on the move. Measuring 64 x 78 x 103 mm (WxDxH) each, these speakers rely completely on a single USB connection for power and host connectivity, and pack a USB audio DAC. The speakers deliver 2.1W of power (1.05W each). Their domes are inclined a little upwards, to prevent sound distortion caused as sound bounces off the surface of your desk. The speakers have a frequency response range of 50-18,000 Hz, and 8Ω impedance. The cable extends 1.2 meters. The MS-P05U is available in three color options, black (MS-P05UBK), white (MS-P05UWH), and pink (MS-P05UPN). Slated for mid-March, and backed by a 6 month warranty, the MS-P05U is priced at 3,360 JPY (US $41.7).

Source: Hermitage Akihabara
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2 Comments on Elecom Intros MS-P05U Series USB Stereo Speakers

~Technological Technocrat~
I saw something in hong kong that looked just like this that i almost bought about 4years ago or longer - nothing new
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whoever is making the actual speakers is making a killing on profit... those things are everywhere... everything from "music bullet"s to those portable radios you can win at Dave and Busters.

at least it seems they all have the same speakers.
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