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Turtle Beach, ROCCAT, and Neat Deliver High-quality, Award-winning Gaming Accessories and Microphones

Leading gaming accessory maker Turtle Beach Corporation, today announced its best-selling and award-winning brands - Turtle Beach, ROCCAT, and Neat Microphones - have delivered a stellar lineup of gear perfect for gamers, creators, and artists this holiday season. "Our 2021 portfolio is undoubtedly the richest and most diverse in our history, and we're thrilled to deliver such a great assortment of groundbreaking accessories for the holidays," said Juergen Stark, Chairman and CEO, Turtle Beach Corporation. "Our best-selling Turtle Beach console headsets continue to outperform the competition, while our ROCCAT PC peripherals rack up more high praise and grow share globally."

Stark continued, "Beyond our best-selling and multi-award-winning gaming headsets and PC accessories we've now also launched the Recon Controller as well as the highly sought-after VelocityOne Flight simulation control system. Both products in these new categories have seen strong reviews and editorial accolades since launching. In fact, the Recon Controller was named a Best Xbox Controller by IGN, and VelocityOne Flight received a fantastic 9/10 review in the upcoming issue of PC Pilot Magazine, a highly respected publication among flight sim enthusiasts."

Microsoft Announces Flight Simulator Game of the Year Update

We are excited to announce that the Microsoft Flight Simulator: Game of the Year Edition (GOTY) is available today! This new edition celebrates all the positive feedback, reviews and awards garnered, and is also a "Thank You" to our fans - new and old - that have made Microsoft Flight Simulator such a phenomenon. The Microsoft Flight Simulator: Game of the Year Edition features five new handcrafted aircraft, eight new airports, six new Discovery Flights and updated weather systems and incorporates all six World Updates.

AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin 21.11.3 Released

AMD today released the latest version of Radeon Software. Version 21.11.3 beta comes with optimization for Microsoft Flight Simulator: GOTY Edition, and Farming Simulator 22. Additional extensions of the Vulkan API are added. The drivers also fix driver-timeouts or game crashes noticed with "Battlefield 2042" on graphics cards such as the RX 6900 XT. Stuttering or poor performance with "DayZ" on RX 5700 XT was fixed. Also fixed is elevated disk usage by the Multimedia Athena dumps folder. Grab the driver from the link below.

DOWNLOAD: AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin 21.11.3

Turtle Beach Announces Pre-order Availability for the Best-selling Gaming Accessory Brand's Eagerly Anticipated Velocityone Flight Controller for Xbox

-Leading gaming accessory maker Turtle Beach Corporation (Nasdaq: HEAR) today announced its groundbreaking, Designed for Xbox VelocityOne Flight simulation control system is now available for pre-order. Announced during E3 2021, VelocityOne Flight garnered a "Best of Show" from Android Authority and boldly marks Turtle Beach's foray into the gaming simulation hardware market. VelocityOne Flight is the complete flight control system, developed in collaboration with aeronautical engineers and pilots, and by a dedicated Turtle Beach team with over two decades of experience creating many premier flight and racing simulation controllers. VelocityOne Flight delivers the most immersive, authentic, and modern Xbox and PC flying experience on the market and is the perfect all-in-one flight controller system for experiencing Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 on Xbox Series X|S. Pilots and flight sim enthusiasts can pre-order VelocityOne Flight from Turtle Beach and participating retailers worldwide. Initial quantities are limited, so reserve your VelocityOne Flight today!

"We had over 21k fans sign-up to be notified when pre-orders were available so if you've been considering upgrading your current PC flight sim hardware or you're interested in playing Flight Sim 2020 on Xbox Series X|S, reserve your VelocityOne Flight now because interest is very high," said Juergen Stark, Chairman and CEO, Turtle Beach Corporation. "As a pilot and hardcore flight simmer myself, my experience with VelocityOne Flight has been nothing short of fantastic. We've seen similar interest and anticipation from the flight sim community as well as from gamers looking forward to experiencing the thrill of flight for the first time on Xbox. VelocityOne Flight will deliver the most realistic simulation experience on Xbox and PC, and pre-ordering now will be the best way to ensure you get one first. For the great price of $379.95, there's nothing else like it."

Microsoft Flight Simulator Update 5 Improves Performance Tremendously, Available July 27th

The upcoming Update 5 for the Asobo Studio-developed Microsoft Flight Simulator will be a welcome boon to any and all players of the simulator. The development studio has issued an update via YouTube describing the performance improvements they've seen with their latest work into the game engine, which has integrated DX 12 capability - taking advantage of its "closer to the metal" capabilities so as to improve performance.

The update is dropping on July 27th, the same time that the game will be made available on the Xbox family of consoles. One can easily construe a scenario where Update 5's DX 12 and performance optimizations were made mostly as a way to make the game perform better on Xbox console hardware - the game is absolutely capable of bringing the most powerful graphics cards in the world to their knees at high resolutions and highest quality settings. With the same hardware, quality settings and playable scenario, average performance went from 32-40 FPS before the update up to the 55-60 interval post Update 5 optimizations. The update sees CPU utilization dropping by 25%; memory usage drop by 50%; and GPU utilization climbs from 75% up to 100%. Look for the break for a video showcasing the latest version of Microsoft Flight Simulator - with Update 5 applied.

MonsterLabo Plays Flight Simulator with The Beast, Achieves Fully-Fanless Gaming Experience

MonsterLabo, the maker of fanless PC cases designed for gaming with zero noise, has today tested its upcoming flagship offering in the case lineup. Called The Beast, the case is designed to handle high-end hardware with large TDPs and dissipate all that heat without any moving parts. Using only big heatsinks and heat pipes to transfer the heat to the big heatsink area. In a completely fanless configuration, the case can absorb and dissipate a CPU TDP of 150 Watts and a GPU TPD with 250 Watts. However, when equipped with two 140 mm fans running below 500 RPM, it can accommodate a 250 W CPU, and 320 W GPU. MonsterLabo has tested the fully fanless configuration, which was equipped with AMD Ryzen 7 3800XT processor, paired with NVIDIA's latest GeForce RTX 3080 Ampere graphics card.

There were no fans present in the system to help move the heat away, and the PC was being stress-tested using Microsoft's Flight Simulator. The company has posted a chart of CPU and GPU temperatures over time, where we see that the GPU has managed to hit about 75 degrees Celsius at one point. The CPU has remained a bit cooler, where the CPU package hit just above the 70-degree mark. Overall, the case is more than capable of cooling the hardware it was equipped with. By adding two slow-spinning fans, the temperatures would get even lower, however, that is no longer a fanless system. MonsterLabo's The Beast is expected to get shipped in Q3 of this year when reviewers will get their hands on it and test it for themselves. You can watch the videos in MonsterLabo's blog post here.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Virtual Reality Update Available Now

Microsoft Flight Simulator was built from the ground up to achieve three key goals: realism, accuracy, and authenticity of flight. Today, we're excited to share that Virtual Reality for Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available on your favorite VR headset for PC, offering simmers the deepest and most immersive virtual flight experience in the new simulator to date.

The flight sim community has been a very active and insightful partner in shaping how the team approached VR, and continues to be a critical partner in our continued development as we make further improvements and add new features to the simulation. Adding VR to Microsoft Flight Simulator was a direct result of community feedback, and we look forward to continued involvement in the future of the franchise with us.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Set To Receive Steam VR Support In December

Microsoft Flight Simulator is set to receive VR support later this month after a closed beta took place in October & November. VR Support will be available to all Steam VR compatible headsets, not just the HP Reverb G2 and other Windows Mixed Reality devices as originally stated. Microsoft Flight Simulator is a notoriously hard game to run and the addition of VR will require some fast hardware to run. The closed VR beta featured minimum requirements of an i5-8400/Ryzen 5 1500X, NVIDIA GTX 1080, and 16 GB memory. Microsoft is aware of the high hardware requirements and is working to introduce a series of new performance optimizations for the title.

Microsoft Flight Simulator VR Support Coming in Closed Beta

Microsoft has been working to bring VR support to Flight Simulator in time for the launch of the HP Reverb G2 WMR headset later this year. Microsoft is now ready to test VR support in a limited two-phase closed beta. The first phase will focus on Windows Mixed Reality Devices with the second phase expanding to include additional devices. The minimum specifications for VR support were also revealed by Microsoft to be an Intel i5-8400/Ryzen 5 1500X, NVIDIA GTX 1080, and 16 GB ram.

The Microsoft Flight Simulator team is looking for dedicated Microsoft Flight Simulator community members to help test the upcoming VR builds. Participants will require a copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator, a compatible VR headset, and sign an NDA to join the beta. If you are interested in being part of these tests be sure to review the criteria and then head over to the sign-up page.

Microsoft Releases Flight Simulator Patch Improving Performance By 10%

Microsoft have recently released Flight Simulator patch which provides major optimizations, especially in CPU-limited scenarios. The specific improvements include; Optimized cockpit screen display when screens are not displayed on screen, New option available to control cockpit screen update frequency, Tweaked CPU thread priorities to reduce interruption of frame critical threads, Optimized loading system to reduce overall loading times, Optimized heavy airport scenes impact on CPU, Reduced the amount of GPU overdraw to improve GPU performance, Memory optimizations to reduce software memory footprint and improve performance on limited memory computers.

These improvements will provide strong performance benefits to all players especially those who are CPU constrained. Overclock 3D has tested the latest patch and have recorded improvements of 11.4% at 1080p with average framerates increasing from 79.5 FPS to 88.6 FPS on their NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti and an AMD Ryzen 9 3950X test bench. They also noted an improvement in 1st Percentile framerates increasing from 71.3 FPS to 74.6 FPS. These performance improvements will be most notable in "heavy airport scenes" where Microsoft has focused their optimization efforts.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Expected to Stimulate Billions in PC Hardware Sales

In a recent report from Jon Peddie Research (JPR) they estimate that $2.6 billion will be spent on PC gaming hardware in the next three years thanks to the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator. This $2.6 billion will be split across Entry-Level, Mid-Range, and High-End PC gamers with the High-End category contributing the most. JPR estimates that 2.27 million copies of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 will sell over the next three years. JPR predicts that these sales numbers will result in $2.6 billion being spent on hardware with the specific intent of improving the game's experience while much more will be spent over the title's complete life cycle.

This estimation includes new computer builds, processor upgrades, display upgrades, flight sticks and throttles, flight system control units, rudder pedals, simulation pit components such as seats and frames, and VR sales. This will benefit all computer components and accessory manufacturers as hardware upgrades are required across the board in most cases. With the introduction of 8K and VR support the game will continue to drive computer upgrades in the years to come.

Obelisk Bug Found in Microsoft Flight Simulator Due to a Student's Typo

In the list of typos with extreme relevance to the world, this one doesn't register unless it's at the "comical" side of the scale, but it's interesting, nevertheless, to look into. Recent reports on the recently-released Microsoft Flight Simulator mentioned the existence of an eldritch-esque obelisk in the in-game representation of Australia. This obelisk was nothing more than a 212-story building, which became a visual skyscraper, the top of which where particularly gifted flight simulator pilots managed to land on.

While one could think of this as a tribute to Arthur C. Clarke or as a manifest of Robert Silverberg's Tower of Glass, the truth, as always, follows Occam's Razor. Microsoft Simulator makes use of OpenStreetMap data for its Bing Maps service, which runs on Microsoft's Azure servers. The integration of OpenStreetMap featured a bug on that particular building that was introduced, as has been discovered, by Nathan Wright, a university student who, as part of his degree work last year, made an edit to that particular building's specifications. A 2 became 212, and thus the tower was born and manifested in-game. Other bugs have been found in-game, but some of them defy skepticism: turning Buckingham Palace into an office building seems like a particularly snobbish way of criticizing Britain's royalty. As a particular Disney and Pixar character would say, "Coincidence? I Think not!".

Steam Users Want Two Hour Microsoft Flight Simulator Refund Time Extended

Microsoft Flight Simulator has recently launched to mixed initial reactions with many users on Steam frustrated with the current install system. When downloaded through Steam Microsoft Flight Simulator initially installs just a small launcher which then proceeds to download the 150 GB game. The problem is Steam's playtime counter starts when this launcher is opened and with install times taking upwards of 3 hours on a 500 Mbps connection the two hour refund window expires before you can get into the actual game. Players have suggested an extension to the refund time window with many expressing their frustration with negative reviews for the game causing the average to drop to just 6/10.

Microsoft Confirms VR Support Coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator In Future Update

Microsoft has recently confirmed plans to bring VR support to their upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator which is set to launch August 18th. VR support won't be available at launch and will instead be releasing as a free update beginning fall 2020. This update will bring VR support to all Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) headsets and coincides with the launch of the HP Reverb G2. Microsoft plans to support additional platforms/headsets in the future. Microsoft also announced that the popular optical motion tracking TrackIR system will be supported at launch.
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