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Galaxy Second in League for GPU Keychains

Earlier this week, news on NVIDIA selling keychains with real GPUs in them, made waves. The company has these keychains up in its online store that caters to the North American region, for US $9.99. It looks like the ploy to sell or give away GPU keychains is bigger than we thought it was. Galaxy, one of NVIDIA's largest board partners, has its own GPU keychain up for grabs, which it plans to sell in Mainland China, United States, and Japan. Currently Galaxy isn't selling it, but instead using it as a company souvenir in events held by the company. Perhaps the most interesting part of this keychain is that the GPU in it is not G98. Expreview notes that the GPU has the same area as the G94 GPU on the company's GeForce 9600 GT Low Profile Edition. We'll leave the guesswork to you.

Source: Expreview

NVIDIA offers GPU Keychain

Among all the core products NVIDIA has listed on its website, that include graphics cards, motherboards, software and other computer hardware with NVIDIA branding, the company seems to have come up with a good way of making use of G98 GPUs rejected by its partners: using it in memorabilia.

Geeks wanting a piece of the NVIDIA GPU can buy a clear Lucite keychain with a real G98 GPU in it, complete with all markings, and the company logo. The main body is a 1.5 inch square. The keychain carries the part code GS-NV1544, is priced at US $9.99, and is available at the NVIDIA Online Store here.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

TechPowerUp GPU-Z 0.3.3 Released

TechPowerUp today introduced GPU-Z version 0.3.3, our graphics sub-system diagnostic utility that provides information on the computer's installed graphics hardware, their various specifications, and provides real-time updates on their parameters such as clock-speeds, temperatures, and fan-speeds. GPU-Z is backed by our overclock validation system and an extensive video card BIOS database.

With version 0.3.3, the application expands its support base to some popular upcoming products, namely ATI Radeon HD 4700 desktop series, Radeon HD 4890, and GeForce GTX 275. Some common bugs found with previous versions, notably GT200 process size calculation, and G98 SP counts, have been fixed.

For more information and to download, please visit the download page.

NVIDIA GPU Lineup for 2009 Tabled

The year 2008 has been eventful for the PC graphics industry. This is the year which, for the most of the part, saw some serious competition between NVIDIA and ATI. While pure horsepower and value are what determined product superiority, implementing new technologies is what looks to drive GPU makers in 2009. One of the first of these technologies is the introduction of the 40nm manufacturing process, which facilitates GPU makers to step-up transistor counts or even cut manufacturing costs. VR-Zone, based on a few documents it has access to, compiled a list of GPUs that NVIDIA could pull out of its hat in 2009.

To begin with, NVIDIA is expected to have a full-fledged lineup of GPUs top-to-bottom built on the 40nm fab process within 2009. Before it makes the move to the new fab process, the G200b, built on the 55nm fab process will be given a chance to hold the performance and enthusiast segment offerings by the company, in Q1. Come Q2, and the G200b will be succeeded by GT212. All that while, current G94, G96, G98 will hold the mainstream thru value segments, only to be replaced by GT214, GT216 and GT218 respectively in Q3. NVIDIA's gets a newer IGP too, the iGT209. NVIDIA looks to end the year with a newer high-end GPU, the GT300 to succeed GT212 in Q4.

Source: VR-Zone

EVGA Precision 1.3.3 Released - Adds Fan Control Support for NVIDIA ForceWare 180.xx

EVGA have released a new version of their popular overclocking utility today. The most noticeable improvement is the support for fan control with the latest 180.xx series drivers from NVIDIA, many users were annoyed with the fact that all their fan control programs ceased to work, but EVGA has got their utility updated even before the 180.xx drivers reach WHQL standard. The changes since 1.3.2 are as follows:
  • Added fan control support for NVIDIA Forceware 180.xx drivers family.
  • EVGA On-Screen Display Server has been updated to version 2.8.0. Added new On-Screen Display rendering mode. Optional configurable On-Screen Display background improves On-Screen Display readability in some applications and prevents it from merging with solid color screen.
  • Added G98 graphics processors support.
  • Now Precision displays product version in On-Screen Display.
More information and the latest version for download is available hereSource: EVGA

NVIDIA Prepares Early Launch of G98 in December

NVIDIA will launch its new G98 GPU in early December according to DigiTimes. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC) will both serve as foundries for the new chip. The 65nm-made G98 was set for launch in January 2008, a time-frame that is close to the launch schedule of rival AMD's RV620, but thanks to the buoyant sales of G80 and growing attention for the G92, NVIDIA is preparing to launch the G98 sooner than originally planned. The official name for G98 will be GeForce 8400GS. Concerned over a future ramp of GPUs, including the G92 for the mainstream market, as well as possible capacity shortages at TSMC, NVIDIA will also place G98 foundry orders at TSMC's rival UMC.Source: DigiTimes
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