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Sharkoon Announces SKILLER SGS40 Gaming Chair

Sharkoon Technologies is an international supplier of high-performance quality PC components and peripherals. With the SKILLER SGS40, Sharkoon now presents a spacious gaming chair, which promises maximum comfort due to the generous dimensions provided by a large seat base and a high backrest. Available in four versions, the SKILLER SGS40 also offers a variety of features and is suitable for both gaming and working.

The SKILLER SGS40 is available in four versions. The versions which are furnished with a synthetic leather cover are presented with a high-quality and modern look, which lends the chair a sporty touch. The fabric covered versions, on the other hand, are equipped with a supple, breathable fabric cover, contributing to the overall comfort of the chair.

Razer Announces Expansion to Many More Gaming Peripheral Segments at RazerCon 2020

Razer, the leading global lifestyle brand for gamers, made October 10, 2020 a day to remember for the global gaming community. Fans across the world tuned in to the inaugural RazerCon to watch Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan's live mixed-reality keynote - a one-of-a-kind interactive session hosted against the iconic Singapore skyline. This was followed by Razer panels on new and unannounced products, and exclusive content showcases and giveaways from game studios such as Romero Games, Perfect World Entertainment, Paradox Interactive and technology partners such as Intel, NVIDIA and Western Digital.

The event was a huge hit with the fans, peaking at over 1 million concurrent viewers with a total of more than 250,000 hours viewed and 175 million impressions across Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. In a true celebration of all things gaming, highly decorated veterans of the industry, including Brenda and John Romero, and Haz Dullul, presented their newest projects, whilst leading gaming celebrities CloakZy, CourageJD, PaladinAmber and many others engaged with the community during their sessions.

Noblechairs Announces DOOM Edition Gaming Chair Availability

Today, noblechairs are excited to launch the official noblechairs HERO Gaming Chair - DOOM Edition! The "DOOM Edition" will be available to purchase through many retailers worldwide. noblechairs recently announced their partnership with games publisher, Bethesda Softworks, and have already released an officially licensed Fallout Edition gaming chair.

The DOOM Edition by noblechairs has been designed to take distinctive elements from the game - making it a must have for enthusiasts and fans of the DOOM franchise. The chair comes with an all black base, blood-red accents and an exceptional design throughout. It features multiple rune markings, including the iconic glyph on the front of the chair, the mark of the DOOM Slayer.

Herman Miller And Logitech G Enhance The Embody Chair To Meet Needs Of Pro Gamers And Streamers

Logitech G, a brand of Logitech, and Herman Miller took a first step into the world of seating ergonomics for gamers, streamers, and esports athletes today when they unveiled a series of high performance gaming furniture and accessories, including the Embody Gaming Chair, the industry's first truly ergonomic chair.

Together, the two companies spent nearly two years studying esport pros and players around the globe to understand their needs. "Prior to the in-depth research we did, we knew many gamers loved our current offering as we are constantly rated highly in almost every gamer product review," said Tim Straker, Chief Marketing Officer for Herman Miller. "The main feedback we received was they wanted more variety."

noblechairs Fallout Vault-Tec Edition Now Available to Purchase

The Fallout Vault-Tec Edition gaming chair by noblechairs is now available to purchase! Last month, noblechairs announced their partnership with the games development studio, Bethesda Softworks, and an official Fallout Edition gaming chair was teased. Today, noblechairs are excited to launch the official noblechairs HERO Gaming Chair - Fallout Vault-Tec Edition to market. It will be available to purchase across many retailers worldwide.

The Vault-Tec Edition by noblechairs takes inspiration from the Fallout series and features Vault Boy and the Vault-Tec Corporation logos on the front and the rear of the chair, along with the famous blue and yellow colour scheme. It also includes "Prepare for the Future'' - a staple phrase within the Fallout franchise.

Noblechairs Working on Bethesda-licensed Gaming Chairs

Noblechairs, the well-known manufacturer of PC accessories and better known for the quality of their gaming chairs, has announced that they are working in partnership with Bethesda to adapt that publisher's franchises to branded products. The agreement will see Noblechairs designing products around the Fallout and Doom franchises for release in 2020.

Other game franchises will follow in this adaptation (wondering what they'll be doing with the steampunk design of Dishonored). It's currently unknown what special features (if any) these chairs will include, or if it's simply a matter of aesthetics. Pricing hasn't yet been shared, but since these will likely be designed around Noblechairs' existing products, you should take a look at that pricing and then add some leeway for licensing costs.

AKRacing at CES 2020: California Gaming Chair, Sierra Gaming Desk Showcased

AKRacing at CES 2020 showcased some of their impending products. In particular, the California Gaming Chair, which should hit the market by Q2 2020 at the latest, and will be available in three versions: Laguna (white), Tahoe (Blue) and Napa (purple). The should be going for $379 when they finally hit retail, and feature a design that AKRacing says is especially appropriate for "slim/petite body types). For anyone feeling more adventurous in their choice of gaming chair, the Pro Deluxe ups the material quality to Brazilian leather (with perforated inserts for extra comfort and air circulation) for that "executive look".

The Sierra Gaming Desk is a white, Zed-designed desk with some racing stripes added to its sides for added bling effect. It features a wide, 47" wide powder-coated surface, and includes a cable management system and the back of the desk, with a bonus of a headset holder in the front.

CORSAIR Launches T3 RUSH Gaming Chair

CORSAIR, a world leader in PC gaming peripherals and enthusiast components, today announced the newest addition to its lineup of premium gaming chairs: the T3 RUSH. Offering contoured comfort with a breathable soft fabric exterior, highly adjustable 4D armrests and seat back, and an immensely durable solid steel frame, the T3 RUSH puts you in the driver's seat of your desktop gaming setup with three colors from which to choose.

The T3 RUSH, like the T1 RACE and T2 ROAD WARRIOR before it, features a striking design inspired by professional motorsports. The T3 RUSH is the first gaming chair from CORSAIR to feature a soft fabric exterior, which retains minimal heat for cool and comfortable gaming all day and night. An adjustable padded neck cushion and memory foam lumbar pillow support the neck and back, both wrapped in plush microfiber.

Sharkoon ELBRUS 1 & ELBRUS 2 Gaming Chairs Released

Sharkoon Technologies is an international supplier of PC components and peripherals, offering performance at a reasonable price. Sharkoon now presents the ELBRUS 1 and the ELBRUS 2: two models of comfortable and ergonomic gaming chairs. Each model uses different materials has a different design. For maximum durability, the gaming chairs are made with an integrated steel frame and have a sturdy five-star base.

ELBRUS 1: Tilt Mechanism for More Comfort.
To relieve the back and for more comfort, the ELBRUS 1 is equipped with a tilt mechanism. The pleasant rocking motion provided by this mechanism helps the user to relax during long gaming sessions. The handle for locking and unlocking the tilt mechanism is within easy reach on the underside of the chair.

ELBRUS 2: Adjustable for Personal Needs.
As with the ELBRUS 1, the ELBRUS 2 is also equipped with a tilt mechanism. Moreover, the ELBRUS 2 can be even further adjusted to the requirements of the user. Not only the seat height but also the horizontal angle of the arm rests and the angle of the backrest can be modified. The backrest can be steplessly reclined and locked at an angle between 90° and 160°, offering a comfortable sitting position for any kind of situation.

AutoFull Shield AF063BPU Gaming Chair Provides Control and Comfort for Extended Sessions

AutoFull is the best-selling and highest cost-performance gaming chair brand in China. It's also an official League of Legends licensee and official gaming chair brand for the International Gaming Pro League. The company is now going international with sales opening up to customers worldwide, with their flagship product, the Shield Series AF063BPU, priced at USD $220, but with an exclusive discount for TechPowerUp readers.

The AutoFull Shield Series AF063BPU is a full-height, swivel-type gaming chair with lumbar support with a firm cushion, shoulder wings, a headrest, and ventilation behind the neck. Besides height adjustment at the swivel stock, it offers height and angle-adjustable armrests. The main stock features a pure nitrogen-based gas strut, and sturdy nylon feet. Inside, the seat features a sturdy steel reinforcement to prevent it from collapsing (most swivel chairs cheap out with a wood particle-board sheet). The tilt mechanism can handle a recline of up to 150°. The chair can handle weight of up to 150 kg (330 lbs).

Buy AutoFull Shield AF063BPU Gaming Chair

Priced originally at $350, the chair is available at a discount for $220, but TechPowerUp readers can use the coupon AFtech10% shave a further $22 off at check-out.

Noblechairs Introduces Mercedes-AMG Petronas Licensed Gaming Chair

Noblechairs are proud to announce a new licensing partnership and pioneering collaboration with the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Esports Team. Introducing the meticulously crafted and officially licensed noblechairs EPIC Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport Edition - a luxury gaming chair built for Formula 1 enthusiasts.

Utilizing the outstanding manufacturing quality of the award-winning noblechairs EPIC Series as a base, our team of leading technical engineers and designers have incorporated years of innovation, ergonomic design, premium component selection and thoroughbred racing DNA to develop the 'noblechairs EPIC Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport Edition'.

Secretlab Launches 2020 Series Gaming Seats, Includes Game of Thrones Special Editions

For those who came in late, Secretlab is a Singapore-based company that specializes in gaming seats and chairs. Founded in 2014, they were among the very first to establish a foothold in the now-burgeoning gaming chair market, and arguably have led the way from day one. Our own Erasmia was left extremely impressed with their 2018-series Titan chair, to where it was selected among the best of 2017 in the product category as well. We were invited to a sneak peak launch event in New York City earlier this month, where Secretlab shed more light on their 2020 series updates to their popular Omega and Titan lineup.

These updates include over three years of rigorous research and testing, both internal at the company and in collaboration with independent research/testing institutes in Singapore. This level of testing has led to product certifications galore, something virtually unheard of in the gaming chair market. An immediate benefit is an increase in product warranty to 5 years, compared to the industry standard 1-2 years, and this is but one of several updates and improvements we will go over in more detail past the break.

Nitro Concepts Releases the New S300EX PU Leather Gaming Chair

The Nitro Concepts S300EX is a brand new addition to the existing S300 range, sporting new PU leather upholstery and with an updated design to match. It's breathable cold foam construction, alongside ergonomic design, make it perfect for gaming in total comfort.

The S300EX is totally customisable to gamers of every size, with adjustable or fully removable headrest and lumbar support. Armrests are three dimensional; with height, rotation and the ability to slide both back and forwards depending on your seating style. Finally the chair itself is both height and backrest adjustable, with a built in rocking feature for when you're ready to kick back and relax.

Snakebyte Announces the 'Gaming:Seat' Gaming Chair

snakebyte group, leading innovators of consumer electronics hardware, announced today the European shipping of the Gaming:Seat a new luxury gaming chair, designed and tested with professional gamers in mind and delivering optimum comfort and adjustability to help keep gamers a step ahead of the competition. Stylish and sturdy, the Gaming:Seat features high levels of adjustability, ensuring that players of all shapes and sizes can find their ideal seating position, providing support during the most demanding of gaming sessions.

Built to last, the Gaming:Seat features a unique pull-out footrest, allowing gamers to either sit upright or lean back, put their feet up and chill out for casual gaming. Featuring a BIFMA standard base, mechanism and castors, finding a comfortable position for play is truly effortless and with three unique colors, gamers can choose the chair to match their preferred gaming platform, be it blue for PlayStation, green for Xbox or yellow for PC.

Nitro Concepts Releases the S300 Urban Camo Gaming Chair

Nitro Concepts is proud to announce the addition of the S300 Urban Camo to their range equipped with a digital camouflage pattern evoking a full military aesthetic. Inspired by the recently popular range of battleground games, It's perfect for gamers who want that authentic look but with the added comfort of both lumbar support and adjustable headrest.

Tailor your seating style, with the fully adjustable S300
The S300 has a open design and broad contact area as well as the array of options for adjusting and customizing the chair help to fit every style of gamer. This customisability is not limited to the height of the chair, it also encompasses the angle of the backrest as well as the position of the armrests giving users three dimensions to tailor their seating style. The S300 even features a rocking mechanism with the adjustments for height and recline easily accessible from the right hand levers. The extensive array of customisation options make for an ergonomic seating experience that drastically reduces discomfort over the course of extended gaming sessions.

X2 Officially Releases Its High Performance Gaming Chairs

X2 is proud to introduce new gaming chairs as part of our products line up. The X2 gaming chairs are all about luxury and comfort. Built with the highest quality materials and care for detail. The gaming chairs are available in 6 different models and color schemes, all built to the highest standard and only with quality materials. The upholstery shaped with cold foam finished with PU leather and/or fabric with detailed accents. The back rest lumbar and seat supports are shaped with diamond pattern vesture (Lux Pro), which is sturdy and just looks awesome. The backrest is extra-long which offers for more pine support.

Uphold through the steel frame with butterfly mechanism allowing you to not only tilt the back but also synchronous tilt of seat and back. Including two 3D adjustable armrests which offer more ergonomic support for correct posture behind the desk. Height adjustment is simple and safe by the class 4 gas lift that can hold up to 200 Kgs. The 360-degree swivel chair sits on a matte-black nylon base fitted with 5 casters coated in polyurethane allowing them to roll effortless on hard and soft surfaces.

AKRacing Shows Off Gaming Chairs at CES 2018

AkRacing likely isn't as well-known as some other high-profile gaming chair makers, but it's a company that certainly has a lot of confidence in their ability to design a superior quality products. The company showcased its gaming chair lineup at CES 2018, which includes offerings in various colors, such as red and blue, catering to most gamers' favorite color choices (apparently, companies just can't go wrong with any manner of black + another color combo, really). The company's offerings are spread out throughout three different products categories: the Core Series, which is the more basic configuration; Office Series, which aims to bring maximum comfort to what should be essentially work environments; and Master Series, the company's product pinnacle, which are also, appropriately, the most expensive and more complete options.

However, one of the things that attracts most attention with AKRacing's gaming chairs is the warranty: the company offers a five year warranty on the chair itself (cushion materials, and so on), while offering an overwhelmingly good 10-year warranty on the chair's frame. This particular advantage of AKRacing's over other gaming chair-producing companies could be the hedge the company needs for increased relevance in this market.

Vertagear Unveils the World's First Wireless LED/RGB Gaming Chair

We're announcing the world's first wireless LED gaming chair, the Vertagear PL4500, at this year's Consumer Electronic Show (CES). We're breaking new ground and giving gamers what they've been asking for, further merging the world of technology and gaming chairs. The PL4500 LED lights include wireless control; audio syncing; full spectrum RGB lighting; individual channel control; and phone and PC applications for customization.

Newegg Black Friday Deals 2017

Black Friday is indisputably the best time of the year for any computer enthusiasts because we can get new toys for cheaper prices. Whether it be computer hardware or consumer electronics, Newegg has become the preferred place for many enthusiasts. We here at TechPowerUp have put together a list of the amazing deals currently available at the online retailer. The promotions are grouped into different categories for your viewing convenience. If you've been eyeing a particular piece of hardware or gadget, come take a look at our list. Who knows? Maybe you can save yourself a few hard-earned dollars. Don't forget to come back periodically to check for new deals!

Thermaltake Reveals Two New Gaming Chairs Made from Real Leather

Thermaltake Gaming Tt eSPORTS, the energetic and powerful challenger is delighted to announce the launch of the X FIT & X COMFORT Real Leather Edition Professional Gaming Chair. The X FIT & X COMFORT Real Leather gaming chair comes in a stunning all-black genuine leather covering found in top-level sport vehicles, coupled with elegant upholstery, the latest in ergonomic design, and use of top-notch materials for maximum durability, optimal form-fit and ultimate comfort. Make the X FIT & X COMFORT Real Leather gaming chair the best seat in your house with premium craftsmanship and luxury.

The X FIT & X COMFORT Real Leather Edition gaming chair is fully covered in genuine leather for both the entire seat and contact areas; and is extremely durable, easy to clean, UV, aging, and temperature resistant for maximum longevity and use. The steel frame is surrounded by high-class cold foam that keeps its shape even after prolonged usage and is responsible for the chair's ergonomic upholstery, which ensures an upright and simultaneously comfortable sitting posture that provides the X FIT & X COMFORT real leather gaming chair with the perfect mix of form, function, and durability desired by gamers.

Thermaltake Announces X Comfort Air Gaming Chair With Active Cooling

So yes, Thermaltake is paying attention to consumers from tropical and desert climates all over the world with its latest gaming chair. The X Comfort Air is a new gaming chair that sports active cooling, whether your environment requires it, or you're just going through a really aberrant, hot day. The cooling system leverages four high-pressure fans, embedded in the base of the chair (perforated faux-leather that permits airflow from the three-speed fans.) Thermaltake claimed that the system can cool the seat by between 0.6ºC and 1.5ºC. The noise level of the fans is stated as 32 DB(A), but Thermaltake didn't specify the correlating fan speed for this.

OFM Launches New RESPAWN Line of Gaming Chairs

OFM, a leading workplace furniture company, today announced the launch of a new gaming furniture brand, RESPAWN. With decades of experience in ergonomics, OFM created RESPAWN to deliver quality, accessible gaming furniture without sacrificing comfort or performance. The first RESPAWN products to market are a lineup of eight race car-style PC gaming chairs that are designed to suit a range of gamers' needs, including a range of adjustable seat depth, tilt, and arms, ergonomic comfort, and a variety of personalized colors and materials selection.

"Gamers have specific ergonomic and aesthetic needs that aren't met by standard office chairs, and many of the seating options out there are outrageously priced or offer features that don't provide comfort in a stylish way," said Blake Zalcberg, CEO of OFM, Inc. "We knew that there was a need in the market that we could fulfill based on our 20 years of experience at OFM, and decided to create the RESPAWN brand. RESPAWN delivers an affordable and durable product designed specifically for gamers."

Nitro Concepts Launches Their New S300 Gaming Chair

Every gamer has their own style and with the evolution of RGB this is prominent in almost every gaming system built today, but we know gamers aren't just defined by what they game on but what they game with. Nitro Concepts is ahead at every corner. The S300 release is sleek, it's stylish and with the addition of the new adjustable head rest and lumbar support cushions it's going to keep even the most avid gamers comfortable late up into the night.

At a glance, the S300 is a high-quality fabric covered chair with an intense colour scheme; the breathable cold foam construction providing the kind of comfort you can just fall back into. Whilst talking about comfort, the S300 comes with two adjustable cushion supports for both the neck and the lower back; this added lumbar support relieving the strain on the lower back caused when enthusiastic gamers leaning into the fight.

Secretlab Announces UK Launch for Gaming Chairs

Secretlab, makers of racing-seat inspired chairs with a business and comfort orientated design, is pleased to announce their UK launch. Since the company launched in Singapore in 2015, Secretlab has expanded across the globe moving from Asia into Australia and across the pond to the US in 2017. Each expansion has been based on customer demand and with over 80% of sales coming from overseas Secretlab will now cater for UK gamers. Secretlab currently boasts three product lines which have each been met with critical acclaim due to their combination of high quality, affordable cost and customer care.

The average person spends nine hours a day sitting down and the average gamer spending even more time seated. So, the Secretlab founders, both being former Starcraft II pro players were all too familiar with the rigours and demands of spending long hours in front of their computers and were dissatisfied with the offerings of the gaming chair market- finding it impossible to source a chair made from quality materials at an affordable price. Prices are lowered by only dealing direct, reducing the unnecessary markups caused by middleman costs such as retail and distributor margins.
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