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DC-ATX Direct Plug from HDPlex Lets You Use External Power-bricks to Power ITX Motheroards Without 2-pin DC-in

The DC-ATX Direct Plug from HDPlex is an interesting new accessory that lets you power mini-ITX motherboards with conventional ATX/EPS inputs inside SFF cases that come with 2-pin external power bricks. The accessory plugs directly into the 24-pin ATX input of your motherboard, and takes input from a 2-pin DC. It also puts out 8-pin EPS for the CPU (over a 4-pin connector), one 6+2 pin PCIe power connector, and two SATA power connectors.

The accessory uses DC-to-DC switching to convert 12V to the various other voltage domains, such as +5V, 3.3V, and 5vsb. The accessory supports a power output only up to 200 Watts, which is still impressive for something its size. Available now, the DC-ATX Direct Plug from HDPlex is priced at USD $62.50. You can also buy a bundle that includes a 200-Watt power brick that's nano-ATX capable.

HDPLEX Unveils the 800-Watt DC-ATX Power Brick: Convert Idle PCIe Connectors to Power a Second PC

HTPC case maker HDPLEX unveiled the DC-ATX 800W, a nano-ATX form-factor power-converter. This accessory, roughly as big as a power brick, takes in 6-pin PCIe, 8-pin PCIe, and 8-pin EPS connectors from your main rig, and depending on how many connectors you plug-in, puts out up to 800 Watts of power through a 24-pin ATX, and three downstream PCIe/EPS connectors, with the unit itself handing DC-to-DC switching of 12V to 5V and 3.3V voltage domains. This accessory is ideal if you have a high-Wattage power supply with multiple vacant EPS and PCIe connectors, and want to power a second mini-ITX machine, while saving a lot of space on the side. It uses some pretty high-grade components to ensure 24x7 operation, including Sanyo Japan-made solid-state capacitors, Infineon-made MOSFETs, Würth Elektronik inductors, and controller chips supplied by National Semiconductor and MPS. Available in the coming weeks, the DC-ATX 800W is priced at $190.

HDPlex H3 V2 Fanless Chassis Pictured

Here are some of the first pictures of HDPlex H3 V2 fan-less HTPC chassis. The H3 sits between the tiny H1 and deck-sized H5. It has the height of the H5 and the width of the H1. The case measures 270 mm x 264 mm x 93 mm (WxDxH), weighing in at 5.5 kg. Its main chamber can house mini-ITX motherboards, and a half-height add-on card that's no more than 1-slot thick. As with most fan-less cases, the chunky, ridged aluminium body of the H3 V2 doubles up as heatsink for the CPU/SoC, and can handle thermal loads of up to 80W. The CPU block uses eight 6 mm-thick copper heat pipes to transport heat to the body. The case also has room for up to four 7 mm-thick 2.5-inch drives. Available now, it is priced at USD $240.

HDPLEX 2nd Generation H5 Case Starts Selling

HDPLEX, the manufacturer of premium fanless aluminum HTPC case for the DIY market, is pleased to announce their second generation H5 fanless HTPC case designed to fit seamlessly into your A/V rack. Availability is scheduled for Oct 2015, with MSRP at $288 USD.

"I set out to create a truly flagship product that looks good when combined with high-end A/V equipment, and is silent and affordable," said Larry Liu, CEO of HDPLEX. "I accomplished my goals after two years, during which time the design has been sent back to the drawing board countless times. The 2nd Gen H5 fanless HTPC case combines skillful engineering with an eye for design, eight-heatpipe copper based cooling system for silent operation, and a price point competitive with the current market."

HDPlex H5 Smiles for the Camera

HDPlex is ready with its top-of-the-line ATX chassis for completely fan-less builds, the HDPlex H5. Its pictures reveal a gargantuan aluminium body that doubles up as a heatsink, to which heat from the CPU and a GPU is conveyed by no less than 16 copper heat pipes. Designed primarily as a pedestal case for your living room, the H5 features a unique front-oriented drive-cage, with room for full-sized 5.25-inch optical drives, 3.5-inch hotswap drives, and up to four 2.5-inch drives. The H5 supports a single dual-slot video card with PCIe riser, and ATX/SFX power supplies. The main cooling solution features blocks for CPUs (up to 95W TDP CPUs can be passively cooled), and most mid-range GPUs. Each of the blocks features eight heat pipes, which make their way to the chunky aluminium body panels. Expect a sub-$300 price tag.
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