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Scythe Unveils the Kaze Master Flat II Fan Controller

Japanese cooling-expert Scythe is hereby announcing the successor of the Kaze Master Flat. The new version is using the classic design of the predecessor but omits the Protective Display Cover and replaces it with a solid front-panel with decently implemented buttons, offering users a clean appearance and fast access.

The big Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) covers most of the front-panel space and provides great overview of values that matter. Total of four touch-sensitive buttons are located in the corners, giving access to all the main functions of the Kaze Master Flat II fan-controller. The buttons on the right side allow users to adjust the fan speed in the range from 0 to 9.999 RPM, depending on the connected fan. Fan speed is adjusted by changing the input-voltage between 3,7 and 12 volts, as it has been done with other Scythe fan-controllers in the past. Each fan channel supports regular 3-pin and 4-pin PWM fans. Total consumption per channel has been tripled to 3 ampere (36 watts).

Scythe Announces Kaze Master Flat Fan Controller

Japanese cooling expert Scythe expands the product portfolio of fan controllers by a brand new model. Scythe chose a different path when designing the new Kaze Master Flat fan controller. Previously announced fan controller models utilized rotating knobs (potentiometer) as control system. Kaze Master Flat comes with a front panel, which is covering the buttons used for operating the fan controller.

Kaze Master Flat combines both a tidy and clean front panel design with Scythe's usual variety of functions. Hence allows it to match almost every on market PC Chassis. With only one finger tip users are able to open the front panel, which grants access to six buttons used as control system. Four of the buttons are being used to adjust the fan speed of the individual fan channel. The other two located on the both sided of Kaze Master Flat allow shutting down of the alarm signal and activating or deactivating of the built-in VF-Display (Vacuum Fluorescent Display).

Scythe Starts Shipping the Kaze Master II Fan Controller

Japanese cooling expert Scythe announcing the availability of the successor of popular Kaze Master 5,25 fan controller. Over the time collected customer and media feedback was used to develop Kaze Master II. Second version now combines new technology and improvements to provide an even more intelligent fan controller.

Kaze Master II fan controller fits common 5.25 inch PC case bays and allows users to control up to 4 fans individually as well as monitoring of up to 4 temperature sensors. Fan speed is being adjusted using potentiometer knobs in the front panel. It is furthermore possible to slide-in the knobs to hide them after fan speed has been adjusted. Hence allows a very flat front-panel design, making Kaze Master II very suitable for pc chassis with front doors.

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