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Intel Overhauls its Corporate Identity, Registers New Product Logos, "EVO Powered by Core" Surfaces

EVO is likely to become a prominent client-segment processor brand by Intel as it wades into the post-Core product generation. Intel just registered a large tranche of trademarks and logos with the USPTO. It begins with a re-design of Intel's corporate identity from the ground-up, including the company's main logo. A clean new typeface replaces the one Intel has been using since the original Core i7 from a decade ago. The brands are placed with simple geometric backgrounds with fewer color gradients. The brand extension (i3/i5/i7/i9) is located at the bottom-right corner.

The distinction between two logos, "EVO Powered by Core" and just Core i3, caught our eye. We speculate that EVO could refer to a new category of Hybrid processors (chips with more than one kind of CPU core), and could debut with "Alder Lake." The non-EVO chips could have only one kind of CPU core, and given the timing of this trademark application (July 2020), we expect it to debut only with the processor that succeeds "Tiger Lake," as notebooks based on the new chips may already be under mass-production. In any case, it's only a matter of the notebook ODM (eg: Quanta, Compal, Foxconn, etc.,) placing a sticker on the product or its packaging. It's also interesting to note the "powered by Core" subtext in the EVO branding. Intel could be using this to transition between the two brands.
Intel New Logo Evo Powered By Core Intel Inside New Logo
Update 20:02 UTC: Added registration data from US Patent Office:

AMD to Update its Radeon Logo Yet Again, Possibly Debut with Big Navi

AMD is updating the Radeon logo yet again, as spotted by Casmoden on Twitter. The new logo was tucked away in the main branding screen of a "Godfall" trailer that revealed the game's Holiday 2020 release date. Tucked away besides developer- and console platform logos is the new AMD Radeon logo, indicating optimization for AMD GPUs. The new logo features a Ryzen logo typeset (resembling the ESPN logo, with floating tops of the letters E, R, and D). In a March 2020 tweet, AMD Radeon RX group head Scott Herkelman mentioned that the lack of logo alignment between Ryzen, EPYC, and Radeon had been "bugging them." For reference, there's the current AMD Radeon logo in a company slide. AMD could likely debut the new Radeon logo with its upcoming RDNA2-based "Big Navi" graphics card that is expected to be announced in September.

AMD Trademarks Updated Radeon Vega Logos - Now With More 3D for Radeon Pro WX 9100

AMD has filed a trademark for an updated design on their Vega logo. The original Vega logo was made out of two full triangles, arranged in such a way as to form the letter "V". The updated trademark has since made an appearance on AMD's professional line of graphics cards, in the form of packaging for the Radeon Pro WX 9100 - likely an effort from AMD to further separate its professional and consumer graphics.

The new logo is the old being revisited, with the same prismatic arrangement, but with added detailing for a 3D effect, which makes sense in the 3D rendering world that AMD's professional graphics cards are used in. Perhaps this AMD investment in updating the branding means a refresh could be coming for its professional graphics card market that still uses the Vega architecture, though this is mere speculation at this point.

Antec Launches the P6: Micro-ATX Chassis Featuring Glass Panel, Logo Projector

Antec Inc., a leading provider of high-performance computer components and accessories for the gaming, PC upgrade and Do-It-Yourself market, presents the latest mid tower of their award-winning Antec Performance Series: the Antec P6. The case is now commercially available from 59€ (suggested retail price including VAT).

Light It Up
The latest addition to Antec's renowned Performance Series offers a smooth and streamlined appearance - ideal for a versatile micro-ATX build that fits every environment. The compact powerhouse measures 470mm x 200mm x 405mm (DxWxH) and is compatible with micro-ATX and ITX motherboards. The P6 supports VGA cards with a length of up to 390 mm and features a built-in LED logo projector to highlight the desktop set-up. The 4 mm tempered glass side panel makes it easy to show off the build.

INNO3D Presents Its New Outlined Logo and Slogan

INNO3D, a leading manufacturer of high-end hardware components and computer utilities, presents its new outlined logo and slogan. The logo has been updated with a few changes that bring it right into today's modern gaming world and trends. Its new slogan adds strong positioning and attitude to its brand identity.

The new logo INNO3D has been designed in all capitals, creating a strong and unified look & feel that represents a tightly integrated and strong organization. The new design brings a much stronger impact and has a fresh look taking its own place in a modern and highly competitive world. INNO3D's global team is highly committed to bring the greatest computer hardware products to customers and with a 'lean & mean' attitude the company will continue to bring them to market at a very competitive and fair price.
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