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Raijintek Intros MYA RBW CPU Cooler

Raijintek today introduced the MYA RBW, a large aluminium fin tower-type CPU cooler with addressable RGB embellishments. The cooler was first shown off at Computex 2018. Its design involves a heavy aluminium fin-stack with ridged fins that have increased surface area over flat fins, capped off by a composite top, with a silicone RGB LED diffuser, and a brushed metal top-plate. Heat drawn by six 6 mm-thick nickel-plated copper heat pipes pass through the fin-stack.

At the base, these heat pipes make direct contact with the CPU. A 13 mm-thick slimline hydraulic bearing 120 mm fan compensates for the fin-stack's thickness, as does the vertical offset in the fin-stack itself, freeing up room near your motherboard's memory slot area. The fan spins between 200 to 1,400 RPM, pushing up to 41.71 CFM of air and a 28.43 dBA minimum noise level. Measuring 130 mm x 86 mm x 163 mm (WxDxH), the cooler weighs about 925 g, including the fan. Among the CPU sockets supported are Intel LGA2066, LGA115x, and AM4. The company didn't reveal pricing.

Raijintek's Air Cooling Solutions at Computex 2018

Raijintek at Computex 2018 showcased two true tower coolers and a low profile solution that stood smaller besides them. The MYA RBW and the Delos RBW stood tall in their RGB tower greatness, while the Pallas Micro stood true to its name, showcasing compact cooling performance in tight quarters.

The MYA RBW is Raijintek's coup-de-grace in the tower cooler camp, and features a 6x 6 mm heatpipe design with the usual radiator fin design, which feature specially-designed grooves to virtually increase turbulence and heat dissipation area. Raijintek say the MYA RBW can handle up to 250 W TDPs with its dual-fan-supporting design, and should be compatible with all AMD and Intel systems.
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