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Magic Leap Announces Partnership with AMD to Advance Computer Vision and Perception into the Enterprise Market

As global market changes spur demand for augmented reality (AR) technology, there is an increasing need for innovations that combine the best technologies in CPU, GPU and machine learning into a single SOC (system on chip) to allow for the creation of the most demanding AR experiences while maintaining power efficiency.

Magic Leap today announced it is partnering with AMD on an AR technology solution that includes a semi-custom SOC to enable enterprise users to re-imagine and transform how virtual content and information is visualized and merged with real-world environments.

Magic Leap Announces Layoffs & Abandons Consumer AR in Major Restructuring

Magic Leap the augmented-reality startup has raised over 2 billion dollars from investor such as Alphabet and Alibaba to develop AR products. In a recent blog post by CEO Rony Abovitz titled "Charting a New Course" he announces that the company has come under financial hardship due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and will focus all of its resources on the enterprise market and the launch of Magic Leap 2. This restructuring will involve Magic Leap abandoning its consumer developments in the near-term and significant layoffs, Bloomberg reports layoffs may be 1000 which would result in the companies workforce halving.

Magic Leap Announces the Magic Leap One Creator Edition Headset

Magic Leap, the AR company that has been in and off again in the world's considerations when it comes to bringing digital worlds to our real-world spaces, has just announced what is bound to be the first material demonstration of the in-house developed AR and VR systems. The company, which has been accused of stringing customers and investors along with vaporware demonstrations, seems to be poised to reveal to the world just how serious they really were being when they said - and demoed - world-changing abilities of their AR systems.
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May 27th, 2022 16:06 EDT change timezone

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