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Ozone Announces the Strike X30 Mechanical Keyboard

The Ozone gaming brand has recently announced a new addition to their mechanical keyboard line, the Strike X30. The brand new Strike X30 is powered with the latest RGB backlit technology which unlocks customizable lighting effects on each key, with 16.8 million colors and variety of lighting effects. For a more advanced configuration Ozone has included ten on the fly customizable color maps, and G-mode function to provide full customization.

"We are very pleased with the release of the Strike X30. We wanted to create a keyboard that includes all the major features required by the current gamers and at the same time make it affordable for everyone to enjoy it" says Rafael Borrego, Ozone's product engineer.

Ozone Announces the Neon M50 Gaming Mouse

The international gaming manufacturer today announced the launch of a new optical pro gaming mouse that combines precision, a high-resolution Pixart sensor, superior control in any crucial moment while in-game and style, as it allows buttons and lighting customization. The latest member to the new generation of Neon series, M50 is crafted to withstand the competitive demands of gamers.

Ozone's expertise in eSports is proved once again providing a pro gaming mouse that meets the high demands of esports athletes and enthusiast gamers today. " We are well known for our continual support to pro gamers and eSport organizations and we are constantly learning from them. We know what they need, and what challenges they hav e to face in every single tournament ", comments Rojo Galvín, Ozone's General Brand Manager.

OZONE Intros RAGE Z50 Series Gaming Headsets

Ozone announces the RAGE Z50 series gaming headsets. The RAGE series have become one of the most popular Headsets of the history of our brand. An aggressive design with a high performance that has reached thousand of players all over the world. As a prime force, Rage needs evolution, adaptation and to take steps forward to fulfill the requirements of a new age. And this is exactly what we have done. Enjoy our unique design with new features, strong and durable materials to give you exactly what you need. A prime force, renewed.

"Rage is part of our image. It's one of the most successful series we have ever created. But we wanted to improve it to fulfill the requirements of the gamer. A higher performance with our acclaimed classic look" says Rojo Galvín , Ozone Gaming Brand Manager. "That's why we have created both series, Classic and Glow , so our fans can choose different colors and designs to suit every style" added Galvín.

OZONE Launches the Raze Z90 5.1-channel Headset

Lately all Headsets in the market offer virtual sound technology. Even though this technology has evolved since its very beginning it will never be able to match with a real 5.1 sound Headset. Most of the time we love to experience Organic and pure sound when we are playing our favorite game. That's why Ozone has decided to get back to the basics and to produce a high-end headset to fulfill all gamer needs, specially pro gamers and advance players and also fans that enjoy having an amazing sound at all times.

"Rage Z90 is created for very demanding gamers; we have put all our knowledge, excitement and passion in the production process in order to make our users experience a higher sound level" says Rojo Galvín, marketing manager. "With Rage Z90 we have reached a very high level of performance, we are really proud of the final product, now we want our fans all over the world to share their feedback with us" added Galvín.

Ozone Unveils Official Origen Gear

Ozone's team and xPeke have been closely working for more than one year to develop these products, bringing fresh concepts regarding ergonomics, comfort and performance. Last year, the international brand of high performance products for gamers released the first Official Origen Mousepad, being warmly received for the gaming community. Today Ozone completes the line with a high end headset and mouse.

"At the Ozone headquarters we feel really proud to work with xPeke, one of the most successful eSport athletes to date, and his team Origen. It is very easy to work with him and developing this product line from the scratch has been an exciting process with amazing results." says Rojo Galvín, Ozone gaming's brand manager.

Ozone Ekho H80 Spectra Gaming Headset Pictured

Ozone introduced a new premium gaming headset this Computex, the Ekho H80 Spectra. Featuring a large around-the-ear design with oval cans (a la Sennheiser G4ME). The stereo headset features a USB DAC with a virtual 7.1 surround DSP, a retractable microphone, and multi-color RGB LED lighting on the cans and the microphone, which is configurable using the included drivers and software for the DSP.

Ozone RAGE Z50, Z50 Glow, and RAGE Z90 Gaming Headsets Pictured

Ozone showed off its three main gaming headset lines, the RAGE Z50, the RAGE Z50 Glow, and the RAGE Z90. Available in black and white color options, the RAGE Z50 offers the most essential features for gaming, including a soundstage that's tuned to make you hear your games better, and a detachable microphone. The RAGE Z50 Glow offers all the features of the Z50, including its design, and tops it up with four additional color options, and possibly LED lighting. Leading the pack is the RAGE Z90. This 5.1-channel headset comes with a volume pod that lets you adjust volume of each individual channel, and comes with its own USB DAC if your gaming notebook lacks 5.1-channel analog output.

Ozone Strike Battle Spectra Gaming Keyboard Pictured

Ozone unveiled a colorful new variant of its compact Strike Battle mechanical gaming keyboard, the Strike Battle Spectra. The keyboard features multi-color RGB LED key backlit illumination. The keyboard features a compact 80-key layout that does away with the num-pad, and features Cherry MX RGB switches. Also featured are 30 macro keys (using a function key activation), 64 KB of onboard memory to store the lighting and macro profiles, and electronics with anti-ghosting capability.

Ozone Announces the Neon 3K Gaming Mouse

Ozone, the global gaming manufacturer today announced the launch of Neon 3K, its new advanced gaming mouse. Powered with one of the most precise mouse sensor in the market, the Pixart 3320, Ozone's engineer team chose optical technology for this top performance mouse, to provide a more reliable experience for the users, making it perfect for intense gaming sessions.

Optical sensors technology provides a better reliability and preciseness experience for the users to help them give their best in each game. That's why Ozone's lab has designed an optical mouse, to bring back a technology that offers perfect control and speed. Neon 3k optical sensor, Pixart 3320, is capable to track up to true 3500 DPI, providing a next level gaming experience, accurate and fast on each movement. Includes On-The-Fly Sensitivity adjustment that can be easily customized using Ozone's technology drivers.

Ozone Announces the TriFX In-ear Gaming Headset

Ozone's Lab, 19 January 2016, the global leading specialist in gaming products presents TriFX, the new In-Ear pro gaming headsets, multi-purpose audio solution. Ozone Gaming in-ear headsets TriFX are painstakingly engineered with a heavy focus on durability, comfort and uncompromised sound quality for both gaming and music. Designed to combine the highest audio quality and the versatility of an in-ear headsets that allows to focus on the game or listen music with the topmost smooth, rich sound with the detail and clarity of a premium headsets.

Different audio modes for a superior isolation and bass response. TRIFX's contains three interchangeable EQ enhancers; Ultra Bass, a volume booster, Pure Mid, perfect balance for both voice and game audio levels, and High Pitch, enhancer for those moments when all in-game sounds are crucial. The EQ enhancers create different gaming audio modes to make this in-ear headsets even more enjoyable. Maintaining a really high quality sound with clear mids, highs and effective bass.

Ozone Gaming Announces ORIGEN Mousepad

Ozone Gaming, the international brand of high performance products for gamers , in collaboration with Origen Team, today announced launch of the exclusive Origen Mousepad. As part of the collaboration with the team, Ozone will developed the exclusive Origen line. " Be part of it" is a firm statement of intent from Ozone Gaming to intensify its commitment with the gamers involving them to the eSports competition and bringing them closer to the professional team.

"Ozone Gaming is not just a brand of this sector, we are an active entity that aims not only the growth of the company but of the eSports industry in general. Origen brings together all our enthusiasm, desire and effort to achieve that goal. This product line embodies all those feelings," says Adrian Alarcon, marketing director of the brand." Within the game is our slogan of a new era in our company, meaning that we're where the challenges take place, with the growth of the sector and with the competitive show of the century " concluded Alarcon.

Ozone Gaming Announces Strike Battle Compact Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Spanish Ozone Gaming has started this year with Blast series headsets and today they are releasing new simple and ergonomic mechanic compact keyboard, which includes red LED Backlight keys.

Ozone Strike Battle offers the biggest Cherry MX key switches selection for users. Depending on your style you can choose from MX red, MX blue, MX black, MX brown, MX green, MX clear, and MX white. Small and ergonomic compact design ensures to leave more free space on the desk for gaming mouse and mousepad. This will be appreciated by any first person shooters gamers who play and aim at low sensitivity.

Ozone Launches Argon Ocelote World Gaming Mouse

Ozone launches the Argon Ocelote World gaming mouse. The official launch of the new mouse Argon Ozone-OceloteWorld was 8th December in European countries, and it will be available worldwide from 12th January at Ozone's official resellers. The mouse was presented past 7th December at Gamergy Madrid by Ocelote

This product has been designed to bring together the expertise of Ocelote and the advanced technique of Ozone Gaming's engineering team to cover the most demanding needs of the gaming community, with the aim to improve the gaming experience of the user.

OZONE Announces the Onda PRO Gaming Headset

OZONE Gaming Gear has today unveiled the Onda PRO, a headset designed for PC and PS4 gaming. Coming in two color versions - black and white, the Onda PRO features a light and ergonomic design, 40 mm drivers, Ozone Vocal ENC (Environment Noise Cancellation) technology, a detachable mic, inline controls, and X-Surround Sound audio which utilizes 'OZONE DSP technology' to deliver a more immersive 3D sound experience.

The Onda PRO comes bundled with a travel case and is set to ship in February bearing a price tag of 80 Euro.

Ozone Neutron, Lepton and Boson Mousepads Launched

Ozone brings you the best technology service with the best materials so you can choose the mousepad that best suits your needs as a gamer. Power and Freedom lead to your decisions.The new Ozone mousepad is the result of a perfect combination between a hard mat and a soft one. It creates a new consistent gaming performance. Ozone has developed one of the highest stable mousepads that you can ever experience. It gives you both perfect accuracy and control. Its rubber absorbs noise and ensures a quiet user experience. It's been optimized for both laser and optical mice performance as well.

The hybrid surface gives you an unique smooth feeling and the best performance. No matter you are a hardcore gamer or not, this mousepad will exceed your expectation. Manuel LaMia Mildenberger (Ozone Team Taiwan) says; "Neutron mousepad is perfect for e-sports gaming activities, since it provides a flawless and accurate performance in both quick and slow movements. It also adapts very well to any roughness in the surface thanks to its comfortable layered design. As a pro-gamer I need tools that won't let me down, that's why I choose Neutron."

Ozone Gaming launches Meet The Pro Mousepad Series

Weather you are using optical or laser mice, Meet the Pro Mousepad will work perfectly. Ozone Pro Gaming Teams just love this mousepad thanks to its microfiber texture ensuring precise and steady mouse movements. The Ozone Meet the Pro Mousepad has been designed with a powerful rubber base to fix its position. So forget about correcting and moving the mousepad when you're in action.

Ozone Gaming Launch its New In-ear Pro-gaming Headseat: Oxygen

A new kind of headset, In-ear, have born in Ozone family attending to the request of the customers: The gamers. The European company keeps growing in his range of products, in this case, is a gaming In-ear headset call Oxygen; the firs In-ear headset from Ozone Gaming will be available in stores worldwide from May. Size matters, it's true, but in Ozone Gaming they have managed to pack an incredible amount of sound into this small Oxygen In-ear Progaming Headset. This amazing headset has a genuine ability to fulfil a dual role in your life. Not only created to enjoy hardcore E-Sports game session but also to be used in real sports.

Oxygen In-ear Progaming Headset not just provide the best sound experience but comfort and quality in the inner ridge of your ear. Fit every gamer because is lightweight, fashionable and fresh! Gamers really can forget about sweating ears in long gaming sessions. Perfect fit in any ear. As soon as users wear the new Oxygen Stereo Headset they will forget that they are using In-ear Headset thanks to its clever ergonomics designs. The Oxygen Headset are provided with two pairs of spare ear pads to be sure that It stays in place no matter what you do wearing them.

Ozone Announces Blade Gaming Keyboard

Attending to the motto "It's all about evolution", Ozone Gaming Gear has walked another step in the keyboards world, another evolution compatible with PC Win98SE/Me/2000/XP/VISTA/WIN 7/8. The European brand of gaming peripherals will show the new Blade Keyboard in the upcoming COMPUTEX (Taipei 2013), and will be available in stores worldwide from March 2013.

Blade is the new addition to the Ozone's keyboard family, designed to enhance gaming experience and bring the game to the top. A stylized and aggressive design with back-lighted keys combined with hot gaming features turns Ozone's Blade in a complete gaming weapon sharp as a knife.

Ozone Gaming Announces Rage Headset Series

Ozone Gaming, professional high-end gaming accessories manufacturer releases its new headset RAGE SERIES: Rage 7HX & Rage ST. The product design engineers at Ozone Gaming have worked more than a year to design RAGE SERIES and complete this way the Ozone's headsets family. "We wanted to bring new concepts regarding ergonomics, comfort and audio performance to the Ozone's headsets family, that's why we created RAGE SERIES." Says Rogelio Galvín, Ozone's Marketing manager. RAGE SERIES consist in two headsets with similar design but with different features; Rage 7HX & Rage ST.

OZONE Announces Xenon Gaming Mouse

European company OZONE keeps growing worldwide and promises to launch several products before the end of the year. In this case, is a gaming optical mouse. After the laser series Radon 3k and 5k, and its latest optical design called Radon Opto, this new series features different ergonomics in order to fulfill the needs of different playing styles. Ozone impresses with its new design, setting aside the curves of Radon series, imposing an efficient, functional and aggressive style, as it is ambidextrous mouse. Feature that will make happy a lot of left-handed players.

Ozone Gaming Releases the New Optical Mouse Radon Opto

After the success of Ozone Gaming mouse Radon, in 3k and 5k versions, the gamers peripheral company is back a year later to present Radon Opto. A professional-level gaming mouse, with the same quality of his predecessors, while retaining the advantages in terms of ergonomics and customization, but with the precision that optical technology provides to this kind of devices.

Radon Opto has a powerful Avago 3090 optical sensor with up to 3500 dpi resolution, more than enough to achieve extreme accuracy. These levels of resolution combined with the internal capability of optical technology to recognize the work surface with a high level of detail, offer an excellent response especially in FPS (First Person Shooter).
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