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ID-COOLING Announces IS-47S 47 mm Low Profile CPU Air Cooler

ID-COOLING today announced IS-47S 47 mm height low profile CPU air cooler. At a total height including the fan of 47 mm, this cooler would be a good choice for your A4 cases. Designed with an overall dimension of 100x93x47mm, it has no conflict of the RAM or PCI-E slots. The heatsink is solid built with a pure copper base and 4 heatpipes and massive aluminium fins. The heatsink itself is measured at 35 mm height. Adding a powerful 12 mm PWM fan, this cooler is capable of handling processors with a maximum TDP of 95 W. In terms of mounting kit, two separate backplates are provided in the box for Intel and AMD respectively. The sockets list includes Intel LGA1700/1200/1151/1150/1155/1156 and AMD AM4.

The bundled thermal grease is named FROST X25, which has a thermal conductivity of 10.5 W/m-K.

Sharkoon Announces SilentStorm 120 PWM and SilentStorm 140 PWM Case Fans

Sharkoon Technologies is an international supplier of high-quality, high-performance PC components and peripherals. With the SilentStorm 120 PWM and the SilentStorm 140 PWM, Sharkoon is now launching two fans which each have PWM control. Available as 120-milimeter and 140-milimeter RGB LED fans, and at a maximum speed of 1,400 revolutions per minute, they should always achieve the best possible cooling for the PC case thanks to control from the mainboard. Both models also have nine addressable LEDs and replaceable vibration dampers in two different colors.

Thanks to PWM control, the speed of the SilentStorm PWM fans is controlled exactly as required by the mainboard, up to a maximum speed of 1,400 revolutions per minute. The SilentStorm 140 PWM thus generates an airflow volume of up to 121.9 cubic meters per hour, while the SilentStorm 120 PWM has an airflow volume of up to 93.6 cubic meters per hour.

SilverStone Intros Shark Force 160 ARGB Fan

SilverStone today introduced the Shark Force 160 ARGB case fan. As its name suggests, this is a 160 mm diameter fan, but it also offers a maximum air-flow of 160 CFM. The fan is designed such that the impeller's diameter is 160 mm, but the frame itself can be mounted in 140 mm vents, provided there's enough clearance around them for a larger frame than what 140 mm fans typically come with.

The Shark Force 160 ARGB features a fluid-dynamic bearing, and turns at speeds of up to 1,600 RPM, pushing up to 160 CFM of airflow, at up to 2.21 mm H₂O static-pressure, and up to 38.1 dBA noise output. It takes in a 4-pin PWM connector for its main function, and 3-pin ARGB for its lighting, which consists of ARGB LEDs studded in the hub. The fan measures 160 mm x 160 mm x 25 mm, weighing 220 g. The company didn't reveal pricing.

Phanteks Launches Eclipse P600s and Evolv X Matte White Edition Cases, Along with Gen4 PCIe Riser Cables

Phanteks announced the launch of the new Eclipse P600s and Evolv X Matte White Edition along with the Gen4 PCI-e Riser Cables. Its stunning all-new matte white look makes the Evolv X and Eclipse P600s a perfect combination for color-themed builds while maintaining a wide range of flexibility and premium materials.

Evolv X & Eclipse P600S Matte White Edition
The Evolv X and Eclipse P600s are mid-tower cases that offer dual system capabilities, massive storage, and extensive water-cooling support. The Evolv X features a 3 mm aluminium exterior with hinged clear tempered glass, improved airflow, smart spacing, and additional mesh elements. The P600s, a hybrid forged between silent and high-performance chassis. Designed with an effective soundproofing panel and Phanteks' new high-airflow fabric, the Eclipse P600s offers the full potential of two opposites, minimum noise, and maximum airflow. Whether it's a high-end water-cooling build, professional data storage system, or even a dual-system PC, both cases can accommodate your desired configuration thanks to the effective interior design that utilizes the space efficiently.

Arctic Introduces P14 RGB & P14 A-RGB Fans

ARCTIC, one of the leading manufacturers of low-noise PC coolers and components, expands the RGB fan portfolio with 140 mm variants of the P-series with PWM PST. The P14 PWM PST A-RGB 0dB and P14 PWM PST RGB 0dB are available starting now as single fans as well as in a three-fan bundle. The PWM fan control enables dynamic speed adjustment. At low load, the case fans automatically switch to silent passive mode.

With 12 RGB-LEDs and the ARCTIC P14 fans, the case will glow in the color of your choice; in the A-RGB version, there are virtually no limits to the lighting effects. The P14 PWM PST A-RGB and RGB fans have tested compatibility with the (A-)RGB standards of leading motherboard manufacturers and are therefore interoperable with their connectors and software. This makes installation and configuration especially easy. The P14 PWM PST RGB 0 dB is available in the Value Pack with the software-controlled ARCTIC lighting controller, which allows freely configurable LED modes in addition to numerous presets.

Phanteks Previews Robotic-Looking Evolv Shift XT Case, Compact PSUs, and White Edition Products

Phanteks debuts a host of new products for the upcoming year at CES 2022 - The brand new Evolv Shift XT Mini-ITX Chassis and Revolt SFX Power Supplies, Matte White Editions for the Evolv X & Eclipse P600S Chassis, white SK PWM D-RGB Fans, white AMP Power Supply and a complete range of Gen4 PCIe Riser Cables and Gen4 Vertical GPU Bracket.

Brand new and unique Evolv Shift XT Mini-ITX Chassis and super compact Revolt SFX Power Supplies
Evolv Shift XT - Compact, Powerful, Futureproof
The Evolv Shift XT brings a unique small form factor that can extend in size to tailor to your cooling performance needs. The Evolv Shift XT has no compromise on performance with support for powerful hardware, whether in Compact, Aircooled, or Liquid Cooled Mode.

EK Upgrades all Product Lines with New D5 & DDC Pumps

EK, is happy to announce that all stand-alone pumps, pump-reservoir combo units, and distribution plates now come with the newest and latest genuine Xylem D5 and DDC pumps. The transition started months ago, but now, all of the EK stock has been fully converted to products using these new pumps. The D5 variants have been upgraded from G2 to G3, which signifies their generation, and the DDC pumps now come in 4.2 variants upgraded from the 3.2 version. All EK products that are now using the latest version of a D5 or DDC pump did not undergo any price changes as a result of these upgrades.

The G3 motor is a successor to the world-renowned Xylem D5 PWM pump. It features an improved PWM control driver. The cables come all black now for a reduction in visible cable clutter. To top it off, the connector is now changed to a SATA power plug, which is much easier for users to connect but also has a smaller footprint, and further reduces the need for MOLEX 4-pin cables on your modular power supply. All this leads to a cleaner build with fewer and less visible cables.

be quiet! Announces Light Wings ARGB Fans

be quiet!, the German manufacturer for premium PC components, launches its new Light Wings series: be quiet!'s first fans with ARGB illumination. Besides its characteristic lighting properties, development focused on performance, low-noise operation as well as the manufacturer's typical high-quality standards. Light Wings fans are equipped with a PWM connector and have one LED ring at the fan's inlet and another narrow LED ring at the outlet. They are available in 120 mm and 140 mm sizes.

Light Wing's light rings are equipped with up to 20 individually addressable LEDs with a diffuser to spread the light in both directions. This results in a remarkably uniform illumination and impressive lighting effects. Light Wing triple packs additionally contain an ARGB hub to enable the synchronization of up to six ARGB components in total. The fans can also be connected to motherboards with 5 V ARGB-headers and controlled by motherboard software. Light Wings fans allow daisy-chaining of its signal cables for a cleaner case interior.

Extreme CPU Cooling with Your Own Digital Dashboard - CORSAIR Launches ELITE LCD CPU Coolers

CORSAIR, a world leader in enthusiast components for gamers, creators, and PC builders, today announced new, highly customizable additions to its ELITE line of all-in-one CPU coolers: iCUE ELITE LCD Display Liquid CPU Coolers. With a vivid 2.1" LCD screen on the pump head to display anything from system vitals to animated GIFs, ELITE LCD coolers offer a unique window into both your PC's performance and your own style and personality. The ultra-bright LCD screen is also available as an upgrade kit for CORSAIR iCUE ELITE CAPELLIX coolers, letting you add a digital dashboard to your existing cooler.

The new H100i ELITE LCD, H150i ELITE LCD, and H170i ELITE LCD are also equipped with new ML RGB ELITE Series fans, delivering powerful concentrated airflow with the performance of magnetic levitation bearings and AirGuide technology, illuminated by eight individually addressable RGB LEDs per fan. ML RGB ELITE fans are also available separately in both 120 mm and 140 mm sizes and either black or white frames, so you can take advantage of their high performance to cool your entire system as well.

ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II with RGB Now Also Available in 280 and 420 Models

ARCTIC, one of the leading manufacturers of low-noise PC coolers and components, has added the powerful Liquid Freezer II 280 and Liquid Freezer 420 RGB and A-RGB models to its award-winning AIO range. The multi-compatible water coolers are also equipped for Intel's new Alder Lake CPUs with LGA1700 sockets. With the efficient PWM-controlled pump, featuring a VRM fan for additional cooling in the socket area, as well as the proven 140 mm P-fans, achieving high static pressure with very low noise, the ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II series clearly sets itself apart from other AIOs and offers plenty of overclocking flexibility.

A maintenance-free water circuit and the integrated cable management, which hides the PWM and RGB cables in the hose sleeves, plus a six-year manufacturer's warranty underline the high quality and complete the attractive price-performance ratio of the Liquid Freezer II range. The color-capable, effective LED lighting of the fans makes these high-performance coolers the ideal choice for gaming PCs. Optionally, the Liquid Freezer II 280 RGB and Liquid Freezer 420 RGB are also available in a bundle with Arctic's software-controlled RGB controller.

Akasa Launches Fan Sets with 3-packs

Akasa, a leading provider of active cooling and lighting solutions, has announced the three new fan bundles available for purchase. These fan packs are perfect for all applications, from high performance, low noise PC builds (Viper), a premium aesthetic with bright and vivid aRGB lighting (SOHO), or home theatre PC or compact, small form factor builds (Slim Fan). The Viper Fan also comes in a white colourway, which pairs seamlessly with all-white and pastel builds.

The SOHO AR has dazzling and exciting aRGB lights, which surround the rim of the fan. The stylish RGB boasts over 16 million lighting combinations, and contrasts with the sleek fan blades and premium Akasa logo to create a classy, yet bold look to the fan. The sleek fan blade's unique shape and design provides a vastly improved aerodynamic efficiency and optimises the airflow (52.91 CFM) and air pressure (1.75 mm H²O) for the fan.

Raijintek Intros RJK 5V DRGB-PWM Hub

Raijintek today introduced the RJK 5V DRGB-PWM Hub, a device that lets you control both the lighting and ventilation of your PC. You get an impressive eight 4-pin PWM fan headers, and eight 3-pin addressable-RGB (5 V) headers downstream. On the upstream, it takes in a PWM signal for the fans, and a single 3-pin ARGB input from your motherboard. Powering it, along with all the fans and lighting attached to it; is a single SATA power connector. The hub has two buttons, one that syncs the lighting to the upstream source; and the other that lets you cycle between a few in-built lighting presets. The base of the hub is magnetic, letting you attach it to the sheet-metal of your case. The hub measures 133.5 mm x 57.5 mm x 13.5 mm (WxDxH). The company didn't mention pricing.

ID-COOLING Announces SE-226-XT CPU Air Coolers

ID-COOLING today announced SE-226-XT ARGB and SE-226-XT BLACK CPU air coolers. Both coolers include the same black heatsink with 6 heatpipes and copper base. 120 mm ARGB fan and Black fan are used on ARGB / BLACK version respectively. SE-226-XT Series is designed to cool those processors with a TDP up to 250 W. Both models are built with a solid heatsink which is specially design with 100% RAM compatibility. Black coating is applied for a stealthy looking.

For SE-226-XT ARGB, the included 120x120x25mm fan is built with 2Ball bearing and has 8pcs rubber dampeners on all corners of both sides, running at 800 to 2000rpm with PWM support while pushing 56.6CFM air at maximum speed, noise level measured 16.2 to 31.5dB (A). For SE-226-XT BLACK, the included standard 120x120x25mm fan has 8pcs rubber dampeners on all corners of both sides, running at 700 to 1800rpm with PWM support while pushing 76.16CFM air at maximum speed, noise level measured 15.2 to 35.2dB (A).

SilentiumPC Announces Fera 5 ARGB Cooler and Fluctus 120 PWM ARGB Fan

SilentiumPC, the European manufacturer of CPU coolers, Power Supply Units and PC cases, announces a new version of the popular Fera 5 CPU Cooler, which is valued for its outstanding price to performance ratio and is set to match today's high levels of PC-lighting demands. The new Fera 5 ARGB version combines the high-performance, efficiency, and sublime acoustic-properties of the original Fera 5 CPU Cooler with an addressable RGB shroud, along with the all-new Fluctus 120 PWM addressable RGB fan. The basis of the cooling system is composed of an optimized aluminium base with four heatpipes attached to an asymmetrical heatsink covered in densely packed fins. Another distinguishing element is the powerful and virtually silent Fluctus 120 PWM ARGB fan with its characteristic serrated-edge blades. These provide the high levels of static pressure necessary to ensure proper airflow through the Fera 5 heatsink. With its addressable illumination system, the Fera 5 ARGB represents a new generation of SilentiumPC CPU Cooling innovations.

TechN Announces a DDC Pump Housing

TechN adds a pump housing to the portfolio of high-quality water-cooling components. The Laing DDC pumps receive a premium anodized housing. It gives an often-neglected part of the cooling loop the shine it deserves.

Compact form factor, performance and uncompromising design
The TechN DDC pump housing expands the proven design and craftsmanship of the TechN product family to the next component. Top and bottom are machined from solid aluminium. The fins of the heatsink provide maximum cooling for your pump. The acrylic top is optimized for optimal flow. The housing comes with integrated vibration dampers and a 360° RGB illumination to keep your pump quiet and present it in the right light.

The TechN DDC housing is available in black or silver for a price of 89,90 Euros. The TechN DDC pump housing is available with preassembled DDC 3.2 (18 W + PWM) for 139,90 Euros. The top part of the TechN DDC housing can also be bought separately for 49,90 Euros. All TechN products are available at and selected partners.

EK Announces Small Form Factor Quantum Pump-Reservoir Combo Units

EK, the premium liquid cooling gear manufacturer, is releasing a new Quantum line of small form factor pump-reservoir combo units. They come in well-known FLT form that makes them even easier to fit in tight spaces. The pump-reservoir combos come in both genuine D5 and DDC variants, as well as a body variant if you intend to use a DDC or D5 pump that you already own. EK-Quantum products come with sophisticated 5 V D-RGB addressable LEDs, which can be controlled through your motherboard RGB control software.

These pump-res combos are very similar to the EK-Quantum Kinetic 120 units but come in an even smaller form - 80 mm. This makes them extremely convenient for small form factor builds and wherever space is an issue. The unit features standard 120 mm and 80 mm fan mounting holes for maximum flexibility during the installation. The side of the unit has two more M4 threaded screw holes, 65 mm apart, that are also present on the EK-Loop Uni Pump Reservoir Brackets, which are sold separately.

ARCTIC Announces Liquid Freezer II 360 RGB/A-RGB Coolers

ARCTIC, one of the leading manufacturers of low-noise PC coolers and components, recently added lighting options to its popular water cooling series with the Liquid Freezer II 240 RGB & A-RGB. Now, the A-/RGB portfolio continues to grow with the Liquid Freezer II 360 also becoming available in two LED variants. The three fans of the powerful 360 variant are each equipped with twelve RGB LEDs. While the Liquid Freezer II 360 RGB provides systems with a rich, even glow, the Liquid Freezer II 360 A-RGB gives users even more comprehensive lighting options. Autonomously controllable RGB LEDs allow for a bespoke color experience with an almost infinitely customizable variety of effects.

Well-known and distinctive series features, such as a premium-class radiator, the PWM-controlled pump, and a 40-millimeter VRM cooling fan ensure the ideal balance of high performance and low noise. Fully encased hoses and a well-thought-out cable management system round out the no-fuss, all-in-one solutions.

​LIAN LI Extends UNI FAN Line Up with the AL120

LIAN LI, announces its latest addition to the UNI FAN family with the AL120. The new interlocking and daisy-chain fans feature a larger fan propeller for improved performance. The AL120 introduces new lighting zones with four strips at the inner frame, each independently configurable and visible from the front and back of the fan, a ring of ARGB LEDs around the fan shaft, and a brushed aluminium medallion on both sides, making the AL120 visually appealing as both an intake or exhaust fan.

With five independent adjustable lighting zones, four located at each corner of the inner fan frame and one at the center of the fan blades, the AL120, paired with the L-Connect 2 software, provides limitless customization. With up to fifty new preset lighting styles, users have the option to control the lighting effects at the fan blades and the edge of the frame individually, or combined.

Fractal Design Launches Aspect Fan Series

Building on the core functionality of market favorites like Dynamic and Prisma, the Aspect series brings an exciting new aesthetic to the Fractal range of fans. Available in regular and RGB versions, notable Aspect features include aerodynamic stator struts for lower turbulence, Trip Wire technology for enhanced blade efficiency, rifle bearings and built-in chaining support to simplify cable management. Additionally, the PWM models offer a wide RPM speed range, making them ideal for radiators. This makes Aspect an excellent fit for anyone looking for discrete or extravagant cooling that balances aesthetics and performance.

Alphacool Announces the Rise Aurora 120mm Fan

Alphacool presents the Rise Aurora 120 mm, a powerful and PWM controllable fan that also features brilliant Digital RGB LED lighting. The Alphacool Rise Aurora fan allows for an impressive airflow of 118.9 m³/h and has high static pressure of 3.17 mm/H₂O. Due to this, the fan is ideally suited for operation on radiators or as a particularly strong case fan. Thanks to the 4-pin PWM connector, the fan can be controlled over the speed range from 0 to 2600 rpm. At 0% PWM control, the fan can be stopped completely. A soft start at start-up increases the life of the fan and reduces the risk of injury. At low speed, the fan is almost silent and provides significant energy savings.

Sharkoon Announces REV300 ATX Case With Seven Pre-Installed PWM Fans

Sharkoon Technologies is an international supplier of high-performance, quality PC components and peripherals. With the REV300, Sharkoon now presents a PC case of a different kind. Besides seven pre-installed PWM RGB fans for optimal cooling, the case also comes with addressable fan LEDs for customized lighting. In addition, since the tempered glass side panel is placed on the right-hand side of the case, the REV300 offers the possibility for a better presentation of the illuminated hardware components.

With seven pre-installed, addressable PWM fans, the REV300 is equipped with maximum cooling capacity as standard: There are three 140-millimeter fans behind the front panel and three 120-millimeter models at the rear of the case, as well as one more with 120 millimeters under the top panel. These RGB fans are supported by the front panel's mesh grille which facilitates the airflow. Water cooling can also be built into the REV300: A radiator of up to 360 millimeters can be installed at the rear, and there is even space for a radiator of up to 420 millimeters at the front, provided that it does not exceed 3.2 centimeters in height. Furthermore, it should not be longer than 46.5 centimeters and no wider than 14.1 centimeters.

Noctua Launches NH-P1 Passive CPU Cooler and LS-PWM Fan for Semi-fanless Systems

Noctua today released its much anticipated NH-P1 CPU cooler as well as the optional NF-A12x25 LS-PWM 120 mm fan. Custom-designed for fanless operation from the ground up, the NH-P1 is capable of cooling modern high-end CPUs with low to moderate heat dissipation completely passively in enclosures with good natural convection. For further enhanced performance or semi-passive setups that only spin up their fans when necessary, the NH-P1 can be outfitted with a low-speed, ultra-quiet 120 mm fan such as the new NF-A12x25 LS-PWM.

"The NH-P1 is our very first passive cooler, and it should be easy to see that we didn't just take a regular heatsink and omit the fan", says Roland Mossig (Noctua CEO). "A lot of engineering work went into designing this unit for fanless operation from the ground up and we're truly proud of the end result. In our completely fanless demo system, the NH-P1 cools an Intel Core i9-11900K running Prime95 at more than 3.60 GHz - this is a lot of processing power and a whopping 125 W kept in check with zero fan noise!"

GELID Announces Stella Frost RGB 120 Fan

Tech innovator GELID Solutions unveils the latest 120 mm case fan featuring the Icy Frame Assembly and sophisticated Addressable RGB (ARGB) LED lighting. The STELLA FROST is a product of GELID Solutions GAMER product line. The STELLA FROST introduces a perfect mixture of vibrant design and top-notch cooling technologies. It comes with 8 hub-mounted ARGB LEDs and 16 frame-mounted independent ARGB LEDs to illuminate stylish Dual Ring Lighting and create spectacular RGB effects amplified by the highly reflective Icy Assembly and tidy all-white frame.

The fan also boasts Double Ball Bearing which adds to improve mechanics and ensures ultra-durable functioning. The new impeller brings an optimized blade profile to deliver enhanced cooling. And the carefully designed PWM IC, a core part of the STELLA FROST, eliminates any clicking noise. Additionally, the intelligent GELID PWM (Pulse Width Module) drives the fan in the extended speed range from 500 RPM to 1600 RPM, it constantly keeps the fan silent but accelerates speed whenever higher airflow is needed. The STELLA FROST also bears dual ARGB cabling with a male-plug adapter integrated to facilitate connection of multiple fans in your system.

Alphacool Presents Eiswolf 2 GPU-AIO for NVIDIA Ampere and AMD RDNA 2 GPUs

Alphacool today presents the Eiswolf 2 AIO solution (Reference design with backplate) for AMD Radeon RX 6800/6800XT/6900 and NVIDIA RTX 3080/3090 graphics cards. As with all of our AIO models, we only use copper radiators, however, for the first time, the Alphacool 360 mm NexXxoS ST30 all-copper radiator will be used in one of our GPU "all-in-one" solutions. For the fans, we now install the new Alphacool Aurora Rise 120 mm fan. The fan impresses with a max. statistical pressure of 3.17 mm/H2O and offers a max. air flow of 119.8m3/h, at a speed range of 0-2500rpm which can be controlled via PWM.

The decision to use the larger radiator in conjunction with our new fans provides a significant increase in cooling performance. The AIO is completed with the Eisblock Aurora water cooler, which actively cools all relevant components such as graphics memory and voltage converters in addition to the GPU chip. All components used (radiator, fan, cooler, DC-LT 2 pump) including connectors and hoses are part of the Alphacool custom cooling range and are therefore available separately. This means that we're not just offering a simple AIO solution here, but a real custom water cooling system (pre-assembled & pre-filled). Only the pump housing for the DC-LT 2 pump is a custom design and not available separately. Today we present only the Reference designs. In the near future, more solutions for graphics cards in custom design from various manufacturers will be available.
More pictures follow.

Spire Announces Eagleforce 80 Plus Certified Power Supplies

Spire is releasing a new series of powerful and dependable 80 PLUS certified ATX power supplies. The EagleForce ATX power supply series aimed at the pc enthusiast en pc gamer. Equipped with selected all high-quality components, supplying optimal power under the most demanding circumstances. The EagleForce units are compliant to the 2.31 version Intel specification standard with advanced circuit design, including better grade A components supporting the newest Intel & AMD dual core & quad core micro-processors.

Auto-thermal fan control, maximizing the air cooling performance whilst maintaining reduced sound levels. Energy sufficient and compliant with the Active Power Factor Correction (APFC) Energy Star & 80 PLUS certified standards. As well as ErP 2013 Lot6, which guarantees that your PSU will use less than 1 W on system standby and lower than 45% transferring efficiency on 5 V standby. Housed in cool black powdered coated enclosures and backed by 2 years manufacturer warranty.
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