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Dell Reimagines the All-in-One Computer for Consumers

Dell is reimagining the all-in-one computer with a new portfolio of solutions for consumers who desire beautifully designed systems for multimedia creation and entertainment. The new computers include the XPS One 27, Dell’s largest ever all-in-one and part of the premium XPS performance family, and the Inspiron One 23 and Inspiron One 20 all-in-one computers for families. The three desktop computers are slim and stylish and reflect Dell’s design aesthetic that places a premium on unique materials, form factors and experiences.

The XPS One 27 delivers a big-screen experience – from the diagonal to the resolution – with one of the most vibrant displays Dell has offered. The XPS One 27 is 27-inches of stunning 2560x1440 Full Quad HD clarity and color. The wide format 16:9 WLED display makes digital work, movies, games and photos appear crisp, colors vivid. It delivers optional high-performance graphics from NVIDIA and entertainment features such as Waves MaxxAudio 4 and Infinity-branded speakers, an optional slot load Blu-ray disc drive, and optional internal TV tuner, making it an entertainment and multimedia powerhouse.

AMD Releases A6-3500 Triple-Core APU

AMD released its first triple-core accelerated processing unit (APU), the A6-3500. Armed with three x86-64 cores, the A6-3500 socket FM1 APU is positioned to offer superior performance and performance per dollar compared to Intel's Sandy Bridge-based Pentium Dual Core processors. The A6-3500 features Radeon HD 6530D graphics, which is DirectX 11 compliant, and makes use of 320 stream processors. The CPU component of the A6-3500 is clocked at 2.10 GHz with 2.40 GHz in TurboCore mode, while the GPU component runs at 443 MHz.

There is 3 MB of L2 cache on the chip (1 MB per core), the dual-channel DDR3 memory controller natively supports DDR3-1866 MHz memory. The TDP of the chip is rated at 65W. AMD's A6-3500 triple-core APU is priced at US $95 in the PIB (processor in box) retail package, which includes the certified heatsink, while in 1000-unit tray quantities, it is priced at $89 a piece.

Intel Cuts Prices of Nine Sandy Bridge Processors This Fall

This fall, Intel plans a series of price-cuts covering its second-generation Core processor family, and Sandy Bridge-based Pentium Dual Core processors. The cuts will see prices lowered by roughly $10 across the board. The cuts cover dual-core Intel Pentium G630 and G850, dual-core Core i3-2120, i7-2390T, and quad-core Core i5-2400S, i5-2405S, i5-2500S, i5-2500T, and i7-2600S. Prime selling enthusiast models such as i5-2500, i5-2500K, i7-2600, i7-2600K don't feature in this list. Most of these cuts will come into effect in September, the price cuts of i3-2120, and the two Pentium Dual Core chips, will come into effect in October.

Source: CPU World

Intel Cuts Prices of Various Desktop Processors

Intel has formalized a wide range of price cuts and changes for processor models from across various segments and platforms. The most noteworthy of these include addition of new SKUs, and repositioning (price-cuts) of certain SKUs. To begin with, Intel formally introduced the Core i7 970 six-core desktop processor. This "non-XE" model comes with a clock speed of 3.20 GHz, and Turbo speeds of 3.43 GHz, and is based on the 32 nm Gulftown die. Earlier expected to be in the $500~$600 range by sections of the press, the SKU is positioned at $885, a mere $115 cheaper than the Core i7 980X Extreme Edition (which is priced at $999).

Most of the action lies in the LGA1156 platform, with the Core i7 870 getting a massive 47.6% price cut, sending its price plummeting down to $294, from $562. This cut may have been influenced by the Core i7 875K, which is a multiplier-unlocked SKU which is priced just a little under $350, with the same clock speeds as the i7 870. Interestingly, no price changes for the i7 860 were noted. An energy-efficient variant of the i7 870, the 870s, was introduced, it is priced at $351.

Intel Announces Three LGA 775 Processors, Cuts Prices of Some Chips

Intel is continuing to keep its lineup of socket LGA 775 processors developing. The company just introduced three new models: Core 2 Quad Q9500, Pentium E6600, and Celeron E3400. The Q9500 quad-core chip runs at 2.83 GHz, with an FSB speed of 1333 MHz much like the Q9550, except that it has 6 MB of total L2 cache instead of 12 MB on the Q9550. It is priced at US $183. Next, the Pentium E6600 dual-core chip runs at 3.06 GHz with an FSB speed of 1066 MHz. It is based on the 45 nm Wolfdale-2M core, and has 2 MB of L2 cache. This chip is priced at $84. Lastly, there's the Celeron E3400, with an operating frequency of 2.60 GHz, FSB speed of 800 MHz, and L2 cache size of 1 MB. This one goes for $53.

In addition to releasing these chips, Intel reduced prices of some existing ones. The Pentium E6500 is now priced at $74, down from $84, Pentium E5400 at $64, down from $74, and Celeron E3300 to $43 from $53. All prices mentioned are for 1000-unit tray quantities per piece. The new processors are intended to keep the upgrade path within a price-range alive, and to help clear inventories of socket LGA 775 motherboards.Source: TechConnect Magazine

Acer Unveils Aspire Z5610 All-in-One PC

Acer, the third largest vendor in the worldwide PC market, today announced the Acer Aspire Z5610-U9072, a truly elegant, no-compromise all-in-one desktop PC featuring intuitive multi-touch technology and Windows 7 Home Premium. A powerful entertainment hub for the home, the Z5610 packs first-class performance and feature-rich functionality in a striking design. It will be available this holiday season at online retailers for an attractive price of $899.99.

Engineered to eliminate clutter and maximize workspace, this practical all-in-one streamlines the home or office with a flash of style and offers a unique blend of features and architecture. Boasting a stunning 23-inch HD display, ATI Mobility Radeon graphics and Intel Pentium Dual Core processing, the Aspire Z5610 offers world-class digital prowess.

Intel Pentium E6700 Clocked at 3.43 GHz Surfaces

Intel has yet another high-value dual-core processor in the making, this one probably specific to the Chinese market again (following Pentium E6500K). While the new Pentium Dual Core E6700 does not come with an unlocked bus multiplier, it does come with its bus multiplier two notches higher, at 13.0x. With its bus speed of 266 MHz, it manages a stock clock speed of 3.46 GHz. Based on the 45 nm Wolfdale-2M core, the chip has an L2 cache of 2 MB and FSB of 1066 MHz. Coolaler used an engineering sample achieve an overclocking feat of 5.93 GHz (456.4 MHz x 13 @ 2.016 V) on a fairly mainstream Gigabyte GA-EP45 UD3L motherboard with 4.00 GB DDR2 memory (validation here). There is no information on its availability or pricing. Details on the various tests performed on the chip can be viewed at the Coolaler thread linked below.

Sources: INPAI, Coolaler

Intel Responds to Phenom II X2 BE with Pentium E6500K

With the 45 nm Phenom II AM3 architecture, AMD is able to offer two highly competitive mainstream dual-core processors: the Phenom II X2 (Callisto), and Athlon II X2 (Regor). The Phenom II X2 550 Black Edition chips not only serves as a notable sub-$100 choice for mainstream consumers, but also offers good value to overclockers with an unlocked bus multiplier, and with the right tools, the potential to unlock disabled physical cores. With its prime competitor from the blue camp being Pentium Dual-Core E5000 and E6000 series, Intel decided to up the stakes with a low-cost overclocker-friendly dual-core processor labeled Pentium Dual-Core E6500K, the company's first FSB multiplier-unlocked 45 nm dual-core chip.

Based on the 45 nm Wolfdale-2M core, the E6500K boasts of a default clock speed of 2.93 GHz (11.0 x 266 MHz). The bus multiplier is unlocked, leaving room to play with it. Placed in the Pentium E6000 series, the chip has a FSB frequency of 1066 MHz, compared to its E5000 cousins that sport 800 MHz FSB. Aided with a 2 MB L2 cache, the E6500K is expected to go head-on against competing AMD chips. Currently available in China for RMB 1299 (converts to $190) as part of bundle with Biostar T-Series TP45E motherboard, the E6500K is expected to retail soon for US $89. Incidentally, the "K" in E6500K refers to "black" in digital imaging jargon.

Source: Expreview

Pentium Dual Core E6300 Spotted

Intel continues to use the Pentium brand name for its series of downscaled Core 2 series processors between the Core 2 Duo and Celeron lines. Japanese website spotted a new model under the series, the E6300, originally slated for end of May. A retail box was spotted at a ground store. The most peculiar part of the name is its model number "E6300", which that has been used by one of the earliest Core 2 Duo models. The Pentium E6300 however, is the faster chip. While the Core 2 Duo E6300 is clocked at 1.86 GHz, with 2 MB of L2 cache and 1066 MHz FSB, the Pentium E6300 is clocked at 2.80 GHz with the same FSB speed and L2 cache size.

The Pentium E6300 achieves its 2.80 GHz speed with a bus multiplier of 10.5 (x 266 MHz). It is based on the 45 nm Wolfdale-2M core. The model follows the Pentium E5400 (2.70 GHz, 13.5 x 200 MHz) and falls into the E6000 series for having the 1066 MHz FSB. So in essence, it falls between the E5000 series' use of the Wolfdale-2M core, and the E7000 series' use of the 1066 MHz FSB. notes its price to be at ¥8,880 (around US $90).

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