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ASUS Launches World's First Modularized Graphics Card - Splendid MA3850M 512MB GDDR3

Not long ago ASUS demonstrated a concept card called Trinity which had three RV670 GPUS mounted through two daughter boards. Today ASUS is taking this concept a step further with the introduction of the ASUS Splendid MA3850M modulized card that is assumed to be more than a museum piece. The Splendid MA3850M has a modular structure with single ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3850 GPU loaded on a ASUS Splendid HD PCI-Express daughter card that is 27% shorter than an average PCI-E graphics card. Moreover, the card supports ATI's proprietary PowerPlay technology, and ASUSTeK's Splendid HD processor that enhances image and video quality without increasing CPU load. Clocked at 668MHz/1.65GHz core/memory clocks and fueled by 512MB DDR3 and 256-bit memory interface the card will perform on par with other generic HD 3850 video cards. The manufacturer did not announce availability or pricing for this new graphics product, but you can find a little bit more info here.

Source: ASUS

ASUS EAH3850 Trinity Has Three RV670 Chips

Here's what happens when two GPUs aren't enough. The latest ASUS EAH3850 Trinity works with three mobile RV670 chips in CrossFireX and is cooled by a combination of aluminum heatsinks, copper heatpipes and an enclosed water cooling system. The three 55nm GPUs all have their dedicated memory and make use of a 256-bit memory interface. Featuring one 8-pin power connector, the Trinity also has four DVI connectors. The card's clocks and actual availability haven't been decided yet.

Source:, Muropaketti, TechConnect Magazine

Sapphire Atomic HD 3870 Reviewed

Although Sapphire's new Atomic HD 3870 series was mentioned only twice on our front page and never announced officially, the guys over at Overclockers Club have already published their full review of the card. The HD 3870 Atomic Edition is an overclocked version of the ATI RV670 chipset, which is the basis of the 3800 series of graphics solutions. The Sapphire HD 3870 Atomic Edition is also remarkable for its single slot cooling solution which utilizes a vapor-x chamber. Those of you who are interested to know more can read the full review here.

Source: Overclockers Club

AMD Unleashes Enthusiast Gaming Performance for the Masses with ATI Radeon HD 3800

AMD today announced the introduction and immediate availability of the ATI Radeon HD 3800 Series of graphics processing units (GPU). As the world’s first series of graphics processors to deliver Microsoft’s DirectX 10.1 support, 55nm process technology and tri and quad multi-GPU support with ATI CrossFireX, the ATI Radeon HD 3800 series ushers in a new era of enthusiast gaming performance at mainstream price points. The ATI Radeon HD 3800 series will be introduced in two variants at launch, from US $179 MSRP, the ATI Radeon HD 3850 with 256MB of GDDR3 memory and from US $219 MSRP, the ATI Radeon HD 3870 with 512MB GDDR4 memory. The launch of the ATI Radeon HD 3800 series redefines the enthusiast segment and puts high performance gaming in reach of more users than ever before. This innovative new series of graphics products also represent the first step in the launch of AMD’s upcoming enthusiast platform codenamed “Spider.”

AMD Confirms RV670 Launch Date: November 19th

As predicted by analysts earlier, AMD will indeed be releasing the RV670 graphics chips on November 19th. However, even now, the market branding of the card remains unknown. While some say it will be the HD 2950 series, others say it will be the HD 3800. Regardless of what it will be called, AMD will be releasing two versions. The first, codenamed "Gladiator" will run at a core clock of 825MHz, and have an undetermined quantity of 2.4GHz GDDR4 memory. "Revival" will run at a core clock of 750MHz, have the same GDDR4 memory, but will be clocked at 1.8GHz.Source:

Leaked AMD Documents Show New DX10.1 Feature; RV670 Superiority

While the NVIDIA 8800GT may be getting a lot of press, AMD refuses to let itself be forgotten about. Leaked documents show that the RV670 (HD 3800 series) will be well worth the wait for it. While people hear that the RV670 will be PCI Express 2 and DX10.1 compatible, have Unified Video Decoder (UVD), and be 55nm, this doesn't really amount to much if people have no idea what the benefits are from any of that. And so, this leaked document shows one of the many goodies waiting for potential RV670 customers, via a "global illumination" demo. The image on the left is rendered with DX10.1, and the one on the right is rendered with DX10.0. Vista SP1 will be built on the DirectX10.1 architecture.

Source: DailyTech

ATI Radeon HD 3800 Series Specs, Photos and Logos

The title says it all. ATI Radeon HD 3870, the one on the second picture will feature 825MHz core and 2400MHz memory clocks, DirectX 10.1 support, and PCI-e 2.0 technology. ATI Radeon HD 2850 on the third picture will be clocked at 700MHz/1800MHz core/memory with DirectX 10.1 support and PCI-e 2.0. Both cards will feature 55nm manufactured graphics processing unit (GPU).

Source: Tom's Hardware,VR-forums

ATI RV670 is Radeon HD 3800 Series

According to VR-Zone, the official name for AMD/ATI's RV670 will be Radeon HD 3000 series. Previously codenamed Radeon HD 2950 series, today one of the AIB partners - GeCube has even listed out Radeon HD 3800 on their website. AMD has also decided to drop PRO, XT, GT, XTX from their future HD 3000 series graphics cards. The last 2 digits of the model name will determine the performance of the card. For example RV670PRO will be known as Radeon HD 3850 while RV670XT will be known as Radeon HD 3870 when they are launched on November 15th.Source: VR-Zone

Preliminary Benchmarks Show RV670 Superiority Over G92

According to some "highly ranked sources", the RV670 is beating NVIDIA's G92 in preliminary benchmarks. When the two reference boards are pitted against each other in an epic battle of 3Dmark06, the RV670 earns 11,400 3DMarks, and the G92 earns 10,800 3DMarks. If these benchmarks are even remotely accurate, this would prove that the new mid-range parts from both companies will be worthy competitors to the high-end parts. As comparison, the current 8800Ultra, which retails for about $600USD now, gets 12,500 in 3DMark06. Hopefully, with driver optimizations and finalized retail board designs, we will see a feisty fight for the 3DMark06 crown, and marked performance increases.Source: The Inquirer

Working AMD RV670, Phenom System Pictured

Sapphire has not only showcased its Radeon HD 2600 X2 DUAL at this year's World Cyber Games (WCG) Grand Final in Seattle but it has also shown off some soon to be released products including a AMD Phenom X4 Engineering Sample CPU, Sapphire RD790 (790 FX) motherboard and Crossfire setup consisting of two RV670 cards. AMD is calling its CPU+GPU+Chipset package "Spider".

Source: theINQ

AMD to Show RV670 this Weekend

It looks like AMD is planning to unveil its new RV670 chip to the public this weekend at the World Cyber Games. The Radeon HD2950PRO (which uses the RV670 graphics processor) is set to be officially released on November 19th, with the specs suggesting that it will support DirectX 10.1, Shader Model 4.0, PCI Express 2.0, UVD and CrossFire. The card comes in two varieties, the higher performing Gladiator model which will have GPU and memory clocks of 825MHz and 2.4GHz respectively, with its little brother Revival having clocks of 750MHz and 1.8GHz respectively - presumably AMD will be showing the faster card this weekend if it wants to impress gamers. Hopefully this should mean that some reliable benchmarks could be available soon, which would allow for a comparison between the RV670 and the power-hungry R600.Source: TeamATi

AMD to Launch RV670 on November 19th

AMD is preparing to launch its new Radeon HD 2950PRO (RV670) chip on November 19, 2007. The company recently notified graphics card makers that design verification test (DVT) samples will be sent out at the beginning of this month and AMD will start producing a batch of 1.5 million chips in the first week of November. The Radeon HD 2950PRO will continue to adopt the R600 chip structure. It will support DirectX 10.1, Shader Model 4.0, PCI Express 2.0, UVD and CrossFire technology. The chip also features built-in HDMI, HDCP and 320 stream processors per GPU. The Radeon HD 2950PRO will come in two versions, Gladiator and Revival, with Gladiator adopting 512MB GDDR4 graphics memory, a GPU frequency of 825MHz and a memory frequency of 2.4GHz. Revival will adopt 256/512MB GDDR3 graphics memory, a GPU frequency of 750MHz and a memory frequency of 1.8GHz.Source: DigiTimes

RV670XT Uses 132W, RV670Pro Uses 104W

When gamers heard that the original R600 had a TDP of over 200W, gamers who wanted to play at respectable resolutions and settings went out and bought new power supplies capable of handling such a load, and dealt with the noise that comes with dissipating such a high TDP. Fortunately, these problems are not going to be associated with the RV670, AMD's next high-end graphics card. The RV670XT has a TDP of 132W, and the RV670Pro boasts a modest 104W TDP. Hopefully, these lower heat yields will allow for a quieter cooling solution for these cards. AMD attributes these lower TDPs to a 55nm manufacturing process.Source: Nordic Hardware

AMD/ATI RV670 Ships Next Month, Comes in Two Versions

AMD's new RV670 will have two versions; RV670 XT and RV670 PRO, named "Gladiator" and "Revival". Both new GPUs will power Radeon HD 2950 XT and Radeon HD 2950 PRO video cards when released. Gladiator will feature 512MB of GDDR4 memory clocked at 1.2GHz, and 825MHz clocked core. Revival will come in 256MB or 512MB GDDR3 flavors, with 750MHz core clock and 900MHz memory clock speeds. Both GPUs will be made using 55nm technology, with support for DirectX 10.1, Shader Model 4.1, PCI-E 2.0, UVD and next generation CrossFire technology. In addition, RV670 XT will be manufactured by AMD while the RV670 PRO will be produced by other manufacturers (not specified). The new GPUs will be released by the end of 2007, or in the beginning of the next year. The information HARDSPELL is reporting is not confirmed by any official source close to AMD or ATI, keep it in mind while reading.Source: HARDSPELL

ATI HD 2950Pro (RV670) Cards - Specs Revealed

The good people over at VR-Zone have learned some valuable information about AMD/ATI's new mainstream video cards. According to them, the upcoming RV670 GPU is projected to run as fast as the current R600, but with lower GPU temps and TDP. AMD calls RV670 a Gaming Applications Processor which bridges 3D HD gap. RV670 is 55nm based, has 320 stream processors and a 256-bit memory interface. There will be 2 versions of RV670: Gladiator and Revival. Gladiator is clocked at 825MHz core and 1.2GHz memory while Revival is clocked at 750MHz core and 900MHz memory. Gladiator has 512MB of GDDR4 memory and Revival comes with either 256MB or 512MB of GDDR3 memory. These cards will be single slot and fully DX10.1/SM4.1 compliant. Both video cards will support PCI Express 2.0, UVD as well as the next generation Crossfire technology. RV670 is scheduled for sampling in September, with expected mass production in December 2007 or early 2008. RV670 will be officially known as Radeon HD 2950 Pro when launch and will probably priced between $199 to $249. ATI Radeon HD 2950 Pro will officially replace the Radeon X1950 Pro when released.Source: VR-Zone
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