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VTX3D Announces V-Champ Series Graphics Cards

A renowned brand of graphics card maker - VTX3D, today launches a whole new series, the HD7850/7790 V Champ. The HD7850/7790 V Champ using VTX3D exclusive V Champ cooler, which utilizing the latest Vapor Chamber technology, offering 20% better cooling performance than regular. Both models featuring GCN graphics processing architecture, use PCI Express 3.0 and also with latest Direct DirectX 11.1 support, ensuring unrivaled performance for all gamers.

The HD7850 V Champ runs at factory-overclock of 1000MHz, while HD7790 V Champ has been boosted to 1075MHz, providing gamers an immediate framerate gain. Except for using highly effective V Champ cooler design, both HD7850/7790 packing with dual 8mm fans, can generate double greater airflow single fan, and easily dissipates extra heats. Also, they're built with 2 units U-shape heat pipes with massive heat sink, which efficiently spread the heat from GPU.

AMD Readies Trio of New Radeon HD 7900 Series SKUs

Apart from a few Radeon HD 7970 "X2" dual-GPU graphics cards, and a few non-reference design HD 7970, we didn't hear much about new Radeon SKUs, at Computex. AMD or its partners never even talked about the Radeon HD 7990. It appears now, that the company is working on three new SKUs that will likely replace existing ones, in a bid to replenish the competitiveness of its "Southern Islands" GPU family. The three new SKUs include the Radeon HD 7990, of which we've been hearing for a greater part of this year; the Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition, which we knew was taking shape for some time now; and the new Radeon HD 7930.

Launch of the Radeon HD 7990 has been facing quite a few delays. We can't imagine technical hurdles with regard to board design, but the performance yield, and performance-per-Watt figures the SKU will have to produce, to ever make it to the market. The HD 7990 has the tough task of performing within an acceptable range of the GeForce GTX 690, on both these fronts.
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