Wednesday, August 7th 2013

VTX3D Announces V-Champ Series Graphics Cards

A renowned brand of graphics card maker - VTX3D, today launches a whole new series, the HD7850/7790 V Champ. The HD7850/7790 V Champ using VTX3D exclusive V Champ cooler, which utilizing the latest Vapor Chamber technology, offering 20% better cooling performance than regular. Both models featuring GCN graphics processing architecture, use PCI Express 3.0 and also with latest Direct DirectX 11.1 support, ensuring unrivaled performance for all gamers.

The HD7850 V Champ runs at factory-overclock of 1000MHz, while HD7790 V Champ has been boosted to 1075MHz, providing gamers an immediate framerate gain. Except for using highly effective V Champ cooler design, both HD7850/7790 packing with dual 8mm fans, can generate double greater airflow single fan, and easily dissipates extra heats. Also, they're built with 2 units U-shape heat pipes with massive heat sink, which efficiently spread the heat from GPU.
Two models of V Champ support AMD Eyefinity technology, allowing bigger resolutions and surrounded views for users. Also, using AMD App Acceleration technology can easily unleash the massive parallel processing power of GPU, making quick work of everyday applications. Furthermore, with outstanding performance scaling, a system equipped with AMD CrossFire technology system keeps you flagging while everyone else is reaching for an upgrade.
For more information, visit the product pages of HD 7790 V-Champ and HD 7850 V-Champ.
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5 Comments on VTX3D Announces V-Champ Series Graphics Cards

"A renowned brand of graphics card maker"? Really?
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Jorge said:
"A renowned brand of graphics card maker"? Really?
"Hey, TPU's copy-pasta always works. Lets try world-leading award-winning poon-handling kickassing brand next time, eh? hehe..."
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Not sure the 7790 has much extra to offer but might have some OC potential, although I hope they gave in descent memory chips as that seem to really what Bonaire needs to get some decent gains.

The 7850 at 1Ghz and slight memory bump sounds good, until they said the Champ cooler design just has 2 units U-shape heat pipes… that seems a little of a yawner. I mean a MSI Power Edition has 3 H-P's, or a PowerColor HD 7850 PCS+ which has 2 H-P's are in an "S" configuration which is more like 4 H-P's. 2 U-shaped heat pipes are fairly mundane being used on most all 7850, although most just employ a single fan even then they can get the job done. Had they said they were "Big", like say 6mm that might be something. All this at this point feels a little late in the games.
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Jorge said:
"A renowned brand of graphics card maker"? Really?
they are a subdivision of powercolour i believe and have bean around a few years, i cant vouch for all they do but the 5870 i bought on day 1 has done a ghz since day 1 and still works fine.
i dont think i would bother with these though as an amd new gpu release feelings in the air(7990 price drop plus other news)
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so, with the new great cooler, will it beat oced titan? it has to, its a new cooler after all!
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