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Antec Debuts New Line of Accessories for Mobile Devices

Antec, Inc., the global leader in high-performance computer components and accessories for the gaming, PC upgrade and Do-It-Yourself markets, today debuted their new complete line of mobile accessory products while at the same time announcing the foundation of Antec Mobile Products (a.m.p) – a wholly-owned subsidiary created to manage this new product line.

a.m.p represents an entirely innovative approach to technology. Colloquially referred to as "Fashion Technology", Antec is seeking to reach out the younger iGeneration by providing attractive products that complete their mobile lifestyles. Yet, by placing an emphasis on mobility, sharing and freedom, Antec seeks to engage a wider audience that includes travelers, business commuters and casual users. The a.m.p product line includes two families: a range of mobile audio devices and a series of portable power banks and battery chargers.

European Commission Plans Criminal Case Against Microsoft

According to a report, European Commission is planning to level a criminal case against Microsoft for failing to meet the conditions laid down by the judgement of a 2009 case that forced Microsoft to strip its Internet Explorer browser from Windows operating system copies sold in the EU, and presenting new installations of the OS with a browser selection menu. With the advent of Windows 7 SP1, the browser selection menu was not implemented for tens of millions of PCs (out of an error, Microsoft argues). The new case could lead to penalties in billions of Euros for Microsoft.


Sony Announces New VAIO-Z Series, Ultimate Performance and Design

Weighing little over a kilogram, the new VAIO Z Series notebook PC from Sony is created for mobile professionals who demand absolute performance and portability. VAIO Z blends ultra-desirable styling and premium carbon fibre with no-compromise specifications and innovative productivity features. In the office or on the road, this class-leading business notebook helps demanding users work more efficiently with the ultimate in on-the-move computing power.

All-new VAIO Z takes cutting-edge styling by Sony to new extremes, with a 'full flat' body and display lid that are crafted in tough, ultra-light carbon fibre. At just below 1.2kg and 16.65mm slim, the new VAIO Z is the perfect partner for business travellers who demand ultimate power with less to carry.

Real Reason Vista SP1 Delayed: Very Little Compatibility With Third-Party Apps

It turns out that stability isn't the only problem Vista SP1 has with the world. There are plenty of products that simply won't work with Service Pack 1. Now wait a minute, you might ask. This has been going on since every operating system update from the beginning of computers, what makes this one so special? When the products are from big shots like Trend Micro, Zonelabs, BitDefender, and Novell, Microsoft is more than willing to consider delaying Vista SP1 to make sure that everything will work properly. While some products are fortunate, and merely have a couple glitches, the majority of the programs listed on Microsoft's great list of incompatibility won't even start properly. The main cause of this could be anything from coding differences in the kernel to being flat out blocked. Hopefully, Microsoft will fix this by the time SP1 is released.Source: Channel Web

Vista SP1 Update Kills Computers, Microsoft Responds

Vista SP1 was recently handed out to some select testers, with mixed results. However, things took a turn for the worse when Microsoft tried to release one of the first updates to SP1. Update KB937287 will effectively freeze most computers caught trying to put it onboard. Most users who will get a problem don't see the issue until it is too late. There is a general consensus that users will see a certain "Configuring updates: stage 3 of 3 - 0% complete" error, and then get stuck in a reboot cycle. When Microsoft caught wind of this, they began an investigation. The report will determine how widespread the problem is, how to fix KB937287 and if this error can somehow be fixed. Until then, Microsoft has pulled the update before it can brick more computers. At this point, the best way to fix this is to stick in your Windows Vista install CD, and run System Restore from the CD. If you somehow manage to fix your PC, Microsoft urges that you turn off Windows Update until they sort out this whole mess.Source: DailyTech

Vista Registry Hack Forces Auto-Download of SP1

For any of you hoping to get Windows Vista SP1 RTM code before it's officially ready, I suggest you head over to the source link for a detailed registry hack. Basically, this hack is a clever use of Microsoft's own code. At the run of a CMD file that was present in the latest beta version of Vista SP1, any version of Windows Vista will phone home and download whatever SP1 files it can find. Luckily for the adventurous, Microsoft will not be trying to shoot this hack down. In fact, they're happy that this time around, the hacking is completely legal, and safe. Safe, that is, until the upgrade is complete, after which you still are dealing with unfinished code.

If you understand the risks and want to play around, please follow the source link to download the appropriate files.Source:

Microsoft Will Not Release Vista SP1 Until March

While Microsoft was getting very excited at the prospect of having a product ready to deliver, some people from QA had other thoughts. Apparently, Vista SP1 is not ready for prime time, and Microsoft does not think it will be ready until roughly March. Ironically, the thing that made QA think twice about unleashing Vista SP1 was a report declaring that Vista might have quite a few driver incompatibilities with current machines. And so, instead of finding themselves in the contempt of hundreds of thousands of gamers, hardware enthusiasts, and system integrators everywhere, Microsoft is working hard to make Vista SP1 a very competent product.Source:

Microsoft Releases List of Most Notable Changes in Windows Vista SP1

The 21 page document can be found in both XLS and PDF format.

Both can be downloaded from Microsoft.

In case you don't feel like sifting through 21 pages of Microsoft's PR team at their finest, I took the liberty of summing up the summary. Basically, Microsoft took in a lot of user feedback, and mushed it into Vista Service Pack 1. Service Pack 1 addresses a ton of specific reliability and performance issues. Microsoft even went so far as to re-do the Vista kernel.Source:

Windows Vista SP1 Main Release on Track for This Week

After hosting several public and private betas of Windows Vista SP1, it would seem as though the final code is finally ready. In fact, the code has supposedly been leaked and put on various torrents. When questioned as to whether or not the leaked code is final, Microsoft people didn't really have much to say. Regardless of whether or not pirates got a hold of SP1, Microsoft declared they made an RTM code earlier today. It is unclear whether or not they will release it today, but sources agree that a launch is imminent.Source:
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