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Mad Catz at Risk of Being Delisted from the NYSE

Gaming peripherals maker Mad Catz is an NYSE-listed company as Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. (NYSE: MCZ), a status it brandishes in most of its press-releases. All is not well for the company, as it runs the risk of being delisted on account of low selling share price. The stock exchange recently served the company with a notice that unless it improves its share price over the next six months, it faces delisting.

The MCZ stock is currently selling at a little over 0.15 a share. The company has been bleeding money, with underwhelming sales, a $11 million loss on its decision to co-publish "Rock Band 4" with Harmonix, and laying off 37 percent of its workforce. The company also recently sold off its subsidiary Saitek, which specializes with flight and motorsport simulator peripherals, to market leader Logitech. Mad Catz, on its part, is looking to raise stock price by performing a "reverse stock split," in an attempt to consolidate (lower) the number of shares, and raise share price, to stay listed.

Source: Polygon

Logitech Acquires Saitek, to Make a Big VR Move

Peripherals major Logitech announced that it has acquired gaming peripherals maker Saitek from MadCatz. Logitech paid MadCatz USD $13 million in cash for the acquisition. Ujesh Desai, head of Logitech's gaming peripherals brand Logitech G, said that the acquisition should augment the kind of gaming peripherals Saitek specializes in - joysticks for flight-simulators, and customized racing wheels for motorsport sims.

Desai also hinted that Logitech G could make a big move in the VR gaming space, not necessarily with HMDs, but with other related input devices. Over the past few years, Saitek's product line has been increasingly game title-specific, by tapping into specific markets (eg: the Flight Simulator community). Logitech G, on the other hand, makes gaming input devices for the masses. Logitech could tap into Saitek to create input devices for VR games that are highly game-specific.

Mad Catz Announces Saitek X-55 RHINO H.O.T.A.S. System for PC

Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. ("Mad Catz") announced today that the Saitek X-55 RHINO H.O.T.A.S. (Hands On Throttle and Stick), a product designed and developed to give flight simulation enthusiasts the most realistic flight experience at an affordable price, is expected to ship to consumers in early 2014.

The X-55 RHINO is styled after modern fighter jet control systems and was built from the ground up to deliver a multitude of customizable options never before seen in an H.O.T.A.S. system. Whether flying a modern fighter, single- or multi-engine aircraft, or even a retro single-seat plane, the X-55 RHINO supplies all the control surface options required to achieve the exact level of aerial performance aspiring pilots demand. The X-55 RHINO features enhanced 16-bit hall-effect sensors in the axes, four swappable springs for the joystick so you can dial in your preferred stick tension, and twin lockable throttles with a friction adjustment knob that can be set on the fly.

Mad Catz Reports Fiscal 2014 First Quarter Financial Results

Mad Catz Interactive, Inc.(NYSE MKT/TSX: MCZ), today announced financial results for the fiscal 2014 first quarter ended June 30, 2013. Commenting on the results, Darren Richardson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mad Catz, said, "We entered fiscal 2014 with several key objectives, including furthering the transition of our business toward higher-value products, positioning the Company to take full advantage of the shift towards mobile gaming, and strategically leveraging our resources to best benefit from the launch of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gaming consoles during the upcoming holiday season.

"As expected, we saw a decline in our console-related product sales during the first quarter due to the consumer anticipation around the upcoming console transition. However, this decline was partially offset by continuing strong sales growth in our PC and Mac products. We continued to grow our presence and market share across emerging markets, and were especially pleased with the on-going growth in Europe where we grew market share in the face of considerable headwinds."

Mad Catz Announces the Launch of Saitek Combat Pilot

Mad Catz Interactive, Inc., announced today the launch of Saitek Combat Pilot, a unique, flight-based MMO (massively multiplayer online) experience which allows simulation enthusiasts from around the world to gather, interact and fly with each other as they engage in simulated air combat.

Published by Mad Catz and developed by the Company's internal ThunderHawk Studios, Saitek Combat Pilot represents the first truly interactive, multiplayer air combat simulation built around Flight Simulator X from Microsoft (sold separately).

Saitek Reborns the Eclipse Brand, Releases Eclipse III Keyboard

Although it was aquired by Mad Catz, Saitek has managed to reborn an icon among the keyboards and release the Saitek III keyboard. The third Saitek series is a sleek backlit multimedia keyboard with touch-sensitive lighting and volume controls, and adjustable, multi color backlighting shortcut keys. The backlight of the keyboard can vary in colors depending on the user's preferences. Once you made some changes to the keyboard's color or its settings they'll remain unchanged after system reboot. This USB 2.0-connected peripheral also comes with a 2-stage height adjustment and removable wrist rest increase comfort, laser-etched keys, a head phone and microphone audio ports. There is no word on pricing or availability yet.

Source: Saitek

Mad Catz Acquires Saitek for $30 Million

Mad Catz Interactive, a leading third-party interactive entertainment accessory provider, has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire 100 percent of the shares of the private holding company that owns Saitek's worldwide operations. Saitek is a leading worldwide provider of PC games accessories, PC input devices and multimedia audio products. The deal cost Mad Catz $30 million, $15.5 million of which was in cash and borrowings, and the rest in convertible notes at a rate of 7.5 per cent. Commenting on the transaction, Darren Richardson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mad Catz, said, "PC games peripherals is a category closely adjacent to our core console business and we are thrilled to be adding one of the world's leading providers to the Mad Catz family. Saitek significantly enhances Mad Catz' position as one of the world's leading games peripherals companies and provides us an entree into the businesses of PC mice, keyboards and speakers and electronic chess and intelligent games.Source: Saitek

Saitek Updates the Cyborg Line with New Keyboard

Saitek has released two new products that ought to give any first person shooter freak something to smile about. The Cyborg line which was previously limited to a gamepad, a keypad and a new gaming mouse has now been expanded to include a very slick looking keyboard. The new Cyborg Keyboard features multi-color back lighting that allows you to set your own backlighting colors and adjust brightness. You can also light commonly used gaming keys (W, S, A, D) separately. There are twelve macro keys which should be enough for most gamers. USB, audio and microphone ports are also presented in the keyboard and the wrist rest and rake angle are adjustable at both front and back. The Saitek Cyborg keyboard will cost $80 when it is available.

Source: The Uber-Review

Saitek 3,200DPI Cyborg Gaming Mouse

Sitek is readying a SideWinder design competitor mouse, the Cyborg Mouse. This is fully-featured, adjustable, laser gaming mouse with 3200dpi. By adjustable, I mean you can extend or contract the top of the mouse to suit any size of hand or remove weights from the base for quicker movement. The 4-way scroll wheel is also adjustable - you can change the speed and the click strength of the wheel. According to the Saitek Cyborg mouse will be available on January 11th for £40/$83.

Source: Gizmos,Electronista

Saitek Releases New Cyborg Line

Saitek just released its new line of Cyborg products, featuring an Gamepad and an Gaming Headset. The Cyborg Rumble Gamepad was designed with both Xbox and PC gamers in mind. This move by Saitek is possibly connected to the fact that day by day we see more and more console titles beeing transfered to pc, meaning that gamepad sales will increase in time. The Cyborg Rumble Gamepad incorporates a Precision Control mode that allows gamers to select the sticks and buttons on the controller that, when the mode is activated, are desensitized so as to allow for the most precision.

The controller also features the same Cyborg module we first saw in Cyborg Evo flight stick allowing gamers to alternate the positions of the left analog stick and digital d-pad. Saitek also announced the Cyborg Headset a headset following the path of the Speed-Link Medusa and other 5.1 surround sound headsets. No pricing and release dates are yet known.

Source: IGN

SAITEK Releases New Line Of Speakers

"Our experience has enabled us to create a quite exceptional sound stage,” Simon Woollard, Saitek’s Senior Acoustic Engineer.
“We can see the edge it gives gamers to know exactly where each shot comes from, and delivering this performance makes music clearer, richer and vastly more enjoyable as well. The result is ASIS – Saitek’s Advanced Stereo Imaging System, incorporated across this speaker range."
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