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SilentiumPC Announces Fluctus 120 PWM ARGB Fan

SilentiumPC, the European manufacturer of CPU coolers, Power Supply Units and PC cases, presents the newest addition to its fan portfolio by introducing the Fluctus 120 PWM ARGB fan. The new axial fan was co-developed with Synergy Cooling and is able to deliver high static pressure, first-class on-application airflow, and excellent acoustics. In addition to that, it provides outstanding performance on dense water cooling radiators and in PC cases equipped with dust filters. Thanks to the revamped durable fluid dynamic bearing (FDB), with a lengthy lifespan of 100.000 h MTBF, the fan is backed by a 6-year manufacturer's warranty.

The SilentiumPC Fluctus 120 PWM ARGB can be connected to a single ARGB connector, and is also able to be synchronized with many other SilentiumPC products: e.g. Aurora Stripes ARGB LED strips, ARGB fans (e.g. Stella HP or Corona HP ARGB), as well as Astrum, Armis, Regnum, Signum, and Ventum cases (with ARGB compatibility). The backlight system can also be synchronized with compatible motherboards equipped with a 3-pin ARGB connector.

SPC Gear Introduces VIRO Infra Gaming Headset

SPC Gear, the gaming label of the European manufacturer SilentiumPC, announces the new VIRO Infra over-ear headphones, which not only offer high-quality sound, but are also incredibly comfortable and highly durable. These new headphones are characterized by their warm and deep soundstage, along with the ability to provide precise positioning of sounds in space. The durable construction and frame can withstand countless nights waging war (or peace) in games. They also come with an accurate and efficient detachable microphone. The in-line remote allows for quick adjustment of volume levels, as well as the ability to mute the microphone. The specially designed perforated earpad material increases thermal comfort of the ears, along with the soft leather upholstery on the headband.

The metal headband is flexible and can easily adapt to the user's head, while managing to maintain its high strength and durability. The housing is composed of a damage-resistant plastic, which has been additionally reinforced with metal panels. These features combine to make the VIRO Infra headphones incredibly resistant to damage. Despite their heavy-duty construction, the headphones weigh only 256 grams.

SilentiumPC Cooling System Compatibility with The LGA1700 platform

SilentiumPC, the European manufacturer of CPU coolers, Power Supply Units and PC cases, is proud to announce that its latest SilentiumPC cooling system, the Fera 5, is fully compatible with the new Intel platform and already includes an LGA1700 mounting system. Mounting systems enabling the use of legacy SilentiumPC coolers with the LGA1700 socket will be available in the near future.

LGA1700 is a new processor socket designed for 12th generation Intel Core systems. Compared to previous generations, as in the LGA115x and LGA1200, the new processors and socket are larger. Due to this, the spacing of the mounting holes has increased. The latest SilentiumPC cooling systems - the Fera 5, Fera 5 Dual and Fera 5 ARGB - are equipped with the appropriate mounting systems, so all current and future owners of the Fera 5 can conveniently mount their CPU cooler onto the vast majority of LGA1700 equipped motherboards - without the need for any additional parts. A similar set will also be included with all upcoming coolers.

SilentiumPC Gear GK650K Omnis Onyx White Pudding Edition Keyboard

SilentiumPC Gear, the gaming label of the European manufacturer SilentiumPC, presents its new visually striking, full-size mechanical keyboard that meets the requirements of not only gamers and students or those who often work at their computer. The new addition features a bright design which was inspired by the extremely rare white variety of onyx. Just like the valuable mineral, the new keyboards are characterized by their high durability and extraordinary appearance. SilentiumPC Gear offers the GK650K Omnis Onyx White Pudding Edition with three different switches to choose from: Kailh Red (linear), Kailh Brown (tactile), Kailh Blue ("clicky").

This new addition to the series is distinguished by its unique white-and-silver colour scheme, durable PBT "Pudding" keycaps, configurable RGB backlight and side-strips, solid and compact design, aluminium-reinforced top, a magnetic wrist rest, a comfortable sound wheel for volume level adjustment, as well as advanced software and macro support. All of this makes the GK650K Omnis Onyx White Pudding Edition suitable for work or school and also for evenings and nights spent waging intense battles in video games with friends. There are three types of switches to choose from, depending on the user's preferences: Kailh Red switches have ultra-fast response times and linear, quiet operation. Kailh Brown switches are characterized by their balanced and universal character. Lastly, the Kailh Blue switches offer high levels of feedback during typing, and are a great choice for people who write a lot.

SPC Gear Delivers the Ultimate Pudding Keycaps Upgrade Kit for Mechanical Keyboard Users

SilentiumPC Gear, the gaming label of the European manufacturer SilentiumPC, presents its new aftermarket upgrade kit with pudding double shot PBT keycaps for mechanical keyboards. The new KC104 kit features a two-colour design, consisting of a white top and a translucent, milky bottom segment, allowing users to experience the full effect of their keyboard's RGB lighting. Thanks to the PBT material and double injection technology, the keycaps are characterized by ultra-high abrasion resistance, and retain their aesthetic appearance and texture even after extensive and intensive use. The set consists of 104 keycaps in the U.S. layout and is not only compatible with tenkeyless keyboards, but full-size keyboards as well.

The new KC104 Pudding Onyx White DBL Shot PBT keycaps are made of a two-colour material, consisting of a white top and a translucent milky bottom. The inspiration for the colour-match is inspired by the rare white variety of onyx, a valuable mineral known for its high durability and unique appearance. The pudding-like pattern gives the keycaps an amazing look, especially when combined with keyboard backlighting during the evening or in a darker room.

SilentiumPC Announces Fera 5 ARGB Cooler and Fluctus 120 PWM ARGB Fan

SilentiumPC, the European manufacturer of CPU coolers, Power Supply Units and PC cases, announces a new version of the popular Fera 5 CPU Cooler, which is valued for its outstanding price to performance ratio and is set to match today's high levels of PC-lighting demands. The new Fera 5 ARGB version combines the high-performance, efficiency, and sublime acoustic-properties of the original Fera 5 CPU Cooler with an addressable RGB shroud, along with the all-new Fluctus 120 PWM addressable RGB fan. The basis of the cooling system is composed of an optimized aluminium base with four heatpipes attached to an asymmetrical heatsink covered in densely packed fins. Another distinguishing element is the powerful and virtually silent Fluctus 120 PWM ARGB fan with its characteristic serrated-edge blades. These provide the high levels of static pressure necessary to ensure proper airflow through the Fera 5 heatsink. With its addressable illumination system, the Fera 5 ARGB represents a new generation of SilentiumPC CPU Cooling innovations.

SilentiumPC Gear Announces GEM Plus Ultra-Light Gaming Mouse

SilentiumPC Gear, presents the new GEM Plus as an addition to its gaming mouse portfolio. One of the major advantages of the GEM Plus mouse is its ultra-light weight of only 67 grams. Paired with the cutting-edge PixArt PMW3370 sensor, it is capable of reaching DPI levels of up to 19 000. This allows it to track mousepad movement at astonishing speeds of 10,16 m/s. These specifications combined with the ability to adjust the Lift-Off Distance (LOD) within a range of 1 to 2 mm, make it very attractive for professional Esports players. Other distinctive features include the highly durable Kailh GM 8.0 microswitches with an estimated lifespan of 80 million clicks, along with the soft and flexible paracord-like braided cable, which is near-imperceptible during intense gameplay sessions. Just as with all their other products, SilentiumPC Gear have uniquely tailored the mouse to the exact requirements of even the most demanding gamers.

In order to top the leaderboards in online matches or pass that near-impossible level on Ultra-Nightmare difficulty, precision and short reaction times are absolutely crucial. This is why the GEM Plus mouse is equipped with the high-precision PixArt PMW3370 sensor, which makes all the difference. As the player becomes more experienced, the speed at which they are able to move the mouse increases. During the finals of a Counter Strike: Global Offensive competition, record-breaking mouse speeds of over 6 m/s were documented. This is why the PixArt PMW3370 sensor was selected, which is able to record the movement of the GEM Plus even at speeds of up to 10.16 m/s! What this translates to is extremely accurate movement readings, even during the most intense gaming sessions.

SilentiumPC Presents the Innovative Fluctus 120 PWM Fan with Psychoacoustic Optimization

SilentiumPC, the European manufacturer of CPU coolers, Power Supply Units and PC cases, introduces the new Fluctus 120 PWM axial fan as a stand-alone product for the DIY market. The Fluctus 120 PWM fan is co-developed with Synergy Cooling and features high static pressure, very good airflow and excellent acoustics. It provides outstanding performance on dense water cooling radiators and in cases that are equipped with dust filters. A revamped, durable fluid dynamic bearing (FDB) with 100.000-hour MTBF ensures high longevity, underlined by the 6-year manufacturer's warranty.

SilentiumPC Fluctus 120 PWM is equipped with a unique 9-bladed rotor with serrated leading edges. It provides high static pressure, which is required for creating good airflow through dense radiators of all-in-one water coolers. Users can expect a 1 to 3 °C reduction in temperatures compared to other fans commonly paired with AIO liquid coolers. In addition to that, the overall noise levels are decreased. Thanks to the wide speed regulation range from 300 (±100) to 1.800 (±10%) rpm makes Fluctus 120 PWM a perfect match for both bigger (360 mm) and smaller (240 mm, 120 mm) radiators, which usually requires higher fan speeds.

SPC Gear Presents SR400 Series of Gaming Chairs

SPC Gear, the gaming label of the European manufacturer SilentiumPC, presents a new line of gaming chairs, focusing on high durability, eye-catching appearance and comfortable bucket chair design. The new SR400 series consists of three models using high-quality ecological PU leather and two models utilizing the breathable fabric. The different color schemes and material choices appeal to most gamers on the one hand, while the metal-reinforced frame combined with a backrest and seat made of molded foam ensures high comfort on the other hand. A variety of adjustment options, including the height of the 3D armrests to inclination of the backrest, further improve comfort and sitting posture. Thanks to their attractive design, the SR400 and SR400F both suit gamer's workstation and more toned-down office environments.

SPC Gear Announces Streaming Microphone SM950 ONYX White

SPC Gear, the gaming label of the European manufacturer SilentiumPC, announces a fresh, bright colour variant of the popular SM950 streaming microphone kit. The new edition is inspired by the rare mineral white onyx, known for its exceptional durability and unique appearance. SPC Gear designed the Onyx White variants with this qualities in mind while offering directional (cardioid) characteristics, ensuring good dampening of unwanted ambient noise. High-quality components on the other hand, allow for a warm, radio-like sound. Being a Plug&Play microphone, the SM950 does not require installing any additional software and is ready to be used straight out of the box. The physical mute button is conveniently located on top of the microphone and provides visual cues when mutes. With the SM950 series, SPC Gear offers a prefect kit for every streamer, YouTuber and musician, seeking an affordable full-fledged recording setup for streaming of games on Twitch or YouTube or recording of podcasts and voiceovers.

SilentiumPC Announces Nano-Reset Remote ARGB Controller

SilentiumPC, the European manufacturer of CPU coolers, Power Supply Units and PC cases, extends its PC accessory lineup by introducing the Nano-Reset Remote ARGB KIT. This complete kit is perfectly equipped to control devices with addressable ARGB backlighting using a remote control. The Nano-Reset Remote ARGB KIT can be easily applied to the fan backlight, or ARGB LED strips even without having a motherboard with ARGB support. The included splitter can simultaneously control the lighting of four different devices, connected by the standard 3-pin ARGB connectors in 2+1 pin with a 5 V design.

The setup is simple and requires the user to merely connecting the Nano-Reset Remote ARGB controller to a SATA power connector of the power supply and then plugging in the designated ARGB devices to the 2+1 pin connector. The remote control communicates using radio technology, and unlike the infrared versions, it does not require visibility of the remote control with the receiver. In addition to that, it is also possible to control the ARGB illumination by pressing the RESET button of the PC case after connecting the RESET 2-pin cable to the Nano-Reset Remote ARGB controller. The system remembers the last chosen lighting mode setting even after the PC was shut down.

SPC Gear Announces GK650K Omnis Full-size Keyboard

SPC Gear, the gaming label of the European manufacturer SilentiumPC, announces the feature-packed GK650K full-size mechanical keyboards. The new series comes in a solid and compact design with an aluminium top cover and a conveniently located volume wheel. The supplied palm rest assures increased comfort, while the customizable RGB backlighting covers the eye-catching illumination with effects. Thanks to the well-balanced feature set, the GK650K is the perfect keyboard for work or study during the daytime and extensive online battles during late hours. To match every gamer's requirement for the ideal click-feedback, GK650K is available with Kailh Blue, Kailh Brown and Kailh Red mechanical switches.

The SPC Gear GK650K Omnis keyboard is a combination of classic style and gaming power. The sharp edges, contoured aluminium top and palm rest look great in all conditions and provides an acclaimed combination for long sessions. The visuals are boosted further thanks to RGB LED strips on the keyboard's sides to illuminate the gaming environment further.

SilentiumPC Announces Fera 5 & Fera 5 Dual Fan CPU Coolers

SilentiumPC, the European manufacturer of CPU coolers, Power Supply Units and PC cases, announces the fifth generation of Fera CPU Cooler series, which has received a complete re-design from ground up. Fera 5 is the first CPU Cooler from the SilentiumPC lineup to receive the Synergy Cooling Technology treatment and a brand-new asymmetric heatsink design. Yet another novelty is the debut of the Fluctus 120 PWM axial fan, which features the revamped bearing, new fan blades and anti-vibration dampers. The Fera 5 is available in standard variant with one Fluctus 120 PWM fan and the high-performance Fera 5 Dual Fan version with two Fluctus 120 PWM in the desired push-pull setup! The R&D team at SilentiumPC was able to significantly improve the performance of the Fera 5 over the last generations, while fine-tuning the fan to match the desired heatsink characteristics and lowering the psychoacoustic noise levels.

Fluctus 120 PWM case fan series debuts as the new companion of Fera 5 CPU Cooler. Users have the choice between the standard Fera 5 model with one Fluctus 120 PWM or the Fera 5 Dual Fan version with two of these stunning fans. The unique fan blades with serrated edges serve both aesthetic and functional purposes, creating high static pressure required for a dense heatsink, high airflow, excellent acoustic performance and psychoacoustic noise reduction. Fluctus 120 PWM is equipped with a modern, long-life FDB bearing (MTBF 100 000 h) and rubber vibration dampeners in all the corners of the fan frame.

SPC Gear Announces VIRO and VIRO Plus ONYX White Gaming Headsets

SPC Gear, the gaming label of the European manufacturer SilentiumPC, presents the new ONYX white edition of its VIRO and VIRO Plus USB 7.1 over-ear wired gaming headsets. Both new models offer a brand new look and an unusual appearance. The VIRO series now includes two additional models with dynamic transducers and a clip-on microphone, which deliver amazing accuracy of sound, comfort and unchallenged recording quality at the price point below 60€! This balance of sound quality and versatility makes the Viro series the perfect companion for any gamer.

Black onyx is known not only for its high durability but also its distinctive appearance. The light version, on the other hand, is very rarely seen in nature. The VIRO Onyx White headset has been designed based on this unique mineral. In addition to the white colour, the headset also features grey and silver accents with metal inserts. SPC Gear VIRO Onyx White and VIRO Plus Onyx White headsets are a unique addition for demanding players. Thanks to their stylish look, they'll also draw viewers' attention while streaming.

SilentiumPC Announces Ventum VT4 Cases

SilentiumPC, the European manufacturer of CPU coolers, Power Supply Units and PC cases, extends the recently introduced Ventum PC Case series by four new models. The new midi-towers are designed to meet the demands for airflow-oriented systems with the latest high-end components.

The Ventum VT4 line-up offers exceptional air-flow, which has been achieved by incorporating mesh in the front and top of the chassis. In addition to that, even the interior layout has been optimized to further improve the flow of air from the front to the back and the top, depending on the user's preference. While the Ventum VT4 TG base model comes with two pre-installed 120 mm case fans, the Ventum VT4V TG and the Ventum VT4V Evo TG ARGB (Black or White) are equipped with four case fans out of the box.

SPC Gear Announces GD100 Gaming Desk & Atlas 100 Monitor Mount

SPC Gear, the gaming label of the European manufacturer SilentiumPC, extends its portfolio by announcing a brand-new gaming desk and a matching monitor desk mount. The Gaming Desk GD100 is designed for gamers who value comfort and aesthetics. It offers a wide range of practical solutions that make it easy to organize accessory and peripheral cords by implementing a metal shelf underneath the profiled desktop, a rubber grommet and conduits in the legs. The new Atlas 100 universal monitor desk mount supports 13 to 27-inch displays with VESA 75x75mm (3" x 3") and 100x100mm (4" x 4") mounting standards. It allows for better positioning of the monitor, improves the ergonomics and frees up desk space. Thanks to its simple and robust construction, the Atlas 100 offers easy installation and adjustment of height and position of the horizontal and vertical screen position.

SilentiumPC Announces Ventum VT2 Series Cases

SilentiumPC, the European manufacturer of CPU coolers and PC cases, introduces a brand new line of cooling oriented PC cases in four flavors for budget-oriented users. The new Ventum VT2 lineup is exceptionally well equipped and offers an excellent balance for its price point starting 31,90€. One of the key design features is the large front panel with rounded edges, which is almost entirely covered by a mesh, allowing for unrestricted airflow. In addition to that, the majority of the top-panel is covered with a magnetic mesh-sheet, to support the airflow further, providing users with vast options when building their custom-tailored gaming rigs.

The four different versions offer support for large CPU Coolers, large VGA cards and can fit AIO watercoolers with up to 360 mm radiators. While the basic model Ventum VT2 combines all the above features and has its focus primarily on the budget, the higher grade Ventum VT2 models such as the TG ARGB and EVO TG ARGB are boosting the scope of delivery with more ARGB fans as well as a tempered glass side panel.

SPCGear Announces GK630K Tenkeyless Gaming Keyboard

SPC Gear, the gaming label of the European manufacturer SilentiumPC, presents a brand new series of tenkeyless Gaming keyboards with different regional layouts and many must-have features. The new GK630K lineup is based on the newly developed compact mechanical keyboard design without a numeric pad. In order to meet the high demands of ambitious gamers, SPC Gear is offering the GK630K in variants with red, blue and brown Kailh switches. Thanks to these options, users are able to choose between linear or tactile characteristics and between strong or moderate click-feedback. All the SPC Gear GK630K models feature full-fledged RGB illumination with various options using the designated SPC Gear software and offer great quality as well as stability thanks to the slick chassis with aluminium top cover. For the first time in SPC Gear's history, the brand is rolling out models not just with a US keyboard layout, but also models with country-specific layouts, in order to deliver the best possible user experience for gamers from Nordic countries, Germany, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

SPC Gear Announces LIX and LIX Plus Onyx White Gaming Mouse

SPC Gear, the gaming label of the European manufacturer SilentiumPC, presents the new Onyx White version of its ultra-light gaming mice LIX Plus and LIX. The name LIX has its origins in Roman and stands for the number 59, which in turn stands for the total weight of mere 59 grams of the featherlight gaming mice. SPC Gear has developed both the LIX Plus Onyx White and the LIX Onyx White for games that require quick response times, high speeds and precise directional changes. This is realized by utilizing the Pixart PMW3360 on the LIX Plus Onyx White and the Pixart PMW3325 sensor on the LIX Onyx White. Both are also equipped with TPFE mouse skates to enable lightning-fast movements and Omron switches to ensure that players' actions are executed with the appropriate speed. The lightweight is due to the special honeycomb design of the mouse shell, which also cools the hand.

The Onyx White version of the LIX Plus and LIX gaming mice uses the proven honeycomb design of the series and blends the mouse as well as the sleeved Paracord cables in elegant white color. The fully addressable RGB lighting is implemented in the LIX Onyx White models and offers a vast variety of color choices and effects. Gamers are able to customize the lighting for the scroll wheel, the chassis and the SPC Gear logo inside the structure separated according to their liking. It is also possible to assign separate colors and effects to the individual profiles, allowing the users to immediately see which profile is currently active.

SPC Gear Unveils SM900-series Microphones for Streamers

SPC Gear, the gaming label of the European manufacturer SilentiumPC, announces a trio of new streaming microphone kits in order to satisfy the growing users demand for complete microphones bundles with an outstanding recording quality at a competitive price point. While SM900T is based on the same microphone as the SM900 Kit, it is mounted on a foldable tripod instead of a flexible arm. The new SM950 and SM950T microphone kits are bundled with a new microphone, featuring an easy to access mute button in addition to all the advantages of the successful SM900 bundle. With the updated portfolio, SPC Gear is able to offer a prefect kit for every Gamer, seeking an affordable full-fledged recording setup for streaming of games on Twitch or YouTube or recording of podcasts and voiceover.

SPC Gear has designed the SM950(T) and SM900(T) microphones with the focus on great recording quality and outstanding practicality. All models feature the cardioid collection pattern, which is praised by the majority of users working with their own voice - be it a musician, streamer or vlogger. It allows effective elimination of unwanted background noises, resulting in authentic and crystal clear voice recording. The microphones are able to capture a wide frequency range from 18 to 21.000 Hz while maintaining 135 dB sensitivity and sampling rate of 16-bit at 48 kHz.

SilentiumPC Releases Grandis 3 EVO ARGB Dual Fin-stack CPU Cooler

SilentiumPC today released an update to its Grandis line of dual fin-stack (type-D) CPU coolers, with the new Grandis 3 EVO ARGB. The cooler was last updated in 2016 with the Grandis 2 XE1436. The Grandis 3 sees the fins in both stacks do away with the perforations, increasing surface area, and now feature jagged edges. It also has a revised CPU base design with a slightly thicker mirror-finish nickel-plated copper base. The nickel plating now extends to the six 6 mm copper heat pipes (the Grandis 2 uses exposed copper).

The other, more noticeable design change, is the ventilation. The cooler now includes a pair of Pulsar HP ARGB fans. The "push" fan outside the first fin-stack is 120 mm, while the "pull" fan between the two fin-stacks is 140 mm. Both fans feature hydraulic bearings rated for 50,000 hours. The 120 mm "push" fan spins between 250 to 1,600 RPM, while the 140 mm "pull" fan does 250 to 1,400 RPM. The company didn't put out air-flow or noise output figures. The cooler has a thermal capacity of 250 W TDP, and supports several modern CPU socket types including LGA1151, LGA1200, LGA2066, and AM4. Both fans feature standard 3-pin ARGB connections for the lighting. The fan impellers and frames are made of a translucent white material that acts as diffusers for light from the diodes located in the fan hub. Measuring 159 mm x 140 mm x 131 mm (HxWxD) with its fan installed, the Grandis 3 EVO ARGB weighs 961 g, and is in fact lighter than its predecessor.
SilentiumPC Grandis 3 EVO ARGB
Update 14:14 UTC: SilentiumPC announced pricing for the Grandis 3 EVO ARGB to be 55€ (including VAT). The company also announced the 49€ Grandis 3 with non-illuminated fans, which otherwise has identical specs to the Grandis 3 EVO ARGB.

SilentiumPC Announces Four Spartan 4 Series CPU Coolers

The European manufacturer of CPU coolers, power supplies and PC cases, SilentiumPC, is launching four new models of the Spartan in the fourth version. The Spartan series enjoys great popularity in the entry-level segment, where the price-performance ratio is particularly important. The Spartan 3 has already positioned itself as a cost-effective alternative to the boxed cooler. From now on, the new Spartan 4 and Spartan 4 MAX models will follow in its footsteps, offering great versatility. The compact and lightweight Spartan 4 as well as Spartan 4 EVO ARGB CPU coolers rely on two copper heatpipes, a 100 mm fan and an aluminium heatsink for an optimal price-performance ratio. In contrast, both the Spartan 4 MAX and the Spartan 4 MAX EVO ARGB versions are equipped with three copper heatpipes, a larger aluminium heatsink and a 120 mm axial fan.

This makes the new Spartan 4 models ideal for ambitious PC build projects with a limited budget and as an upgrade for existing PCs with boxed coolers that are to be upgraded with more power at a lower noise level.

SilentiumPC Intros Spartan 4 MAX EVO ARGB CPU Cooler

SilentiumPC today introduced the Spartan 4 MAX EVO ARGB, a generational update of its Spartan 3 CPU cooler. From the looks of it, the aluminium fin-stack, tower-type heatsink is unchanged from the Spartan 3. Its design involves three 6 mm-thick copper heat pipes making direct contact with the CPU at the base, conveying heat to the fin-stack, which is capped off by a top-plate. What's changed is the fan. A larger Pulsar HP 120 mm fan takes the place of its predecessor's Sigma Pro 100 mm spinner.

The Pulsar HP 120 mm fan included with this cooler features translucent white material across both the fan-frame and the impeller, with bright ARGB LEDs in the impeller hub projecting soft-glow light through both. The fan spins between 250 to 1,600 RPM, with a 50,000-hour rated hydraulic bearing. With the fan in place, the Spartan 4 MAX EVO ARGB measures 143 mm x 124 mm x 71 mm (HxWxD), weighing 497 g. Its designers rate its thermal capacity at 125 W. Among the CPU socket types supported are LGA1200, LGA115x, and AM4. The company didn't reveal pricing.

SilentiumPC Vero L3 and M3 Bronze DC-DC Power Supplies Now Available

The European manufacturer of CPU coolers and PC cases, SilentiumPC, presents its updated power supply series Vero L3 and Vero M3, which are now available on the European market. The Vero series impresses with its reliability, high efficiency with bronze certification, long flat cables for easy cable management and the DC-DC design. Thanks to these features and the modern, simple design, the power supplies are the perfect foundation for powerful PC systems. The Vero L3 series is available in variants with 500, 600 and 700 watts and the half-modular Vero M3 in 600 and 700 watts. SilentiumPC grants a three-year manufacturer's warranty for this series.

For the Vero L3 and M3 PC power supplies SilentiumPC relies on proven components such as the TEAPO electrolytic capacitors from Taiwan. The protection circuits include Over Voltage Protection (OVP), Short Circuit Protection (SCP), Over Power Protection (OPP), Surge and Inrush Protection (SIP) as well as Under Voltage Protection (UVP). The series furthermore uses the DC-DC technology.

SilentiumPC Announces the Corona HP Evo ARGB

Notwithstanding social media pictures of unsold Corona beer crates in supermarkets, sales of Dom's catnip are actually up. SilentiumPC made the bold move of launching a new product with exactly that name, the Corona HP EVO ARGB fans. Scientifically, corona is a layer of luminescent plasma surrounding a normal star, giving it an aura and the appearance of being larger than it is. SilentiumPC announced its first Corona-branded accessories back in 2018 as an RGB upgrade kit for its Sigma Pro fans. Corona became a fan brand unto its own in early 2019. With that out of the way, the new Corona HP EVO ARGB is a new family of fans in 120 mm and 140 mm sizes, which will be sold in single-piece and three-piece packs by SilentiumPC.

Design of the Corona HP EVO ARGB is similar to the Corona HP RGB from mid-2019: round frames with ring-shaped silicone LED diffusers, and opaque black fan impellers. What's changed is support for modern 3-pin ARGB. The single-piece SKUs come with just a 3-pin ARGB connector besides 3-pin DC fan connector (no PWM), but the 3-packs include an ARGB controller that puts out three channels. Both the 120 mm and 140 mm variants feature 50,000-hour rated hydraulic bearings. The 140 mm variant spins at 1,200 RPM, pushing 45 CFM of air. The 120 mm variant does 1,500 RPM, pushing 35 CFM. The company didn't reveal pricing.
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