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Sony's Upcoming WH-1000XM5 Headphones Leak Alongside LinkBuds S

When it comes to Bluetooth headphones with ANC, Sony is one of the best in the business and the company appears to be preparing to launch a couple of new products, if the most recent leaks are anything to go by. First up is the WH-1000XM5, which is an entirely revamped product and doesn't resemble its predecessors in the WH-1000XM series. The LinkBuds S on the other hand is something of a budget version of the WF-1000XM4s, rather than another peculiar design like the LinkBuds.

The WH-1000XM5 aren't as big of a move in a different design direction as Bose's 700-series was compared to the QuietComfort, but they're still different enough to make it obvious that we're looking at a new generation of product here. Sony has slimmed down the headband, but at the same time increased the area of the headband that's covered by soft materials, even though it might not actually touch your head. The earcups have a new design, but it looks like the touch control remains, since the only physical controls that are noticeable in the pictures consist of a power/Bluetooth slider and an NC/AMB button for switching between noise cancelling and ambient mode, as well as presumably turning off noise cancelling.

Sennheiser introduces the SPORT True Wireless - fit for any challenge

The new Sennheiser SPORT True Wireless brings superior audio performance for fitness enthusiasts and athletes no matter how intense the workout. Its unique Adaptable Acoustic feature also offers a choice of open and closed ear adapters, allowing athletes to tailor their listening experience to their sport. Thanks to its secure, customizable fit, the SPORT True Wireless is ready for even the most active challenges - all with the unique Sennheiser sound.

SPORT True Wireless delivers an exceptional sound experience thanks to Sennheiser's TrueResponse transducer. Designed and engineered in Germany, the acoustic system is powered by a unique 7 mm dynamic driver that delivers full bass and superior clarity without distortion - even at high volume. The SPORT True Wireless also puts athletes in control of how they experience sound and perceive their surroundings. The unique Adaptable Acoustic feature allows athletes to choose either open or closed ear adapters and adjust EQ settings for the perfect custom training sound.

Yamaha Launches TW-E5B TWS Earbuds With 8.5 Hours of Battery Life

One of the big downsides of the now commonplace TWS Bluetooth earbuds in the market is battery life and Yamaha's latest addition, the TW-E5B are set to improve things. The new earbuds claim to offer up to 8.5 hours of listening time, with a further 2.5 charges, or 21.5 hours of battery life provided by the charging case. However, unlike many competing products, Yamaha doesn't support ANC, so if you're looking for a noise cancelling pair of earbuds, these aren't for you.

On the other hand, Yamaha has developed some features of its own, such as Yamaha True Sound that's said to deliver more realism, detail and clarity to the audio played. There's also a feature that Yamaha calls Listening Care that claims to reduce the risk of hearing loss by lowering the volume of certain frequencies that can cause hearing damage. Other features include support for Qualcomm's cVc (Clear Voice Capture) technology, as well as aptX Adaptive. There's also a specific gaming mode and support for Siri or Google Assistant. The speakers are a fairly typical set of 7 mm dynamic drivers that are housed in an IPX5 certified water and sweat resistant housing. Rather unusually, Yamaha has gone for tactile push buttons for controls, one on the left earbud for playback control and answering calls and two on the right earbud for volume control and track skipping. Yamaha provides four sets of ear pieces and a USB-C charging cable with the TW-E5B, as well as a dedicated app. So far only UK pricing appears to have been revealed, which is £129.99 or roughly US$170 when they arrive in retail at some point in April.

Sony Introduces LinkBuds, a New Frontier for Headphones

Sony introduces a new way to enjoy your favourite music and the important moments in life, all at once, with the brand-new truly wireless LinkBuds. You can stay connected and aware at all times, with the help of an open ring design with audio transparency, ultra-small super fit and crystal-clear sound and call quality. By leveraging LinkBuds' unique design and its sensor and spatial sound technologies, Sony is creating new sound experiences together with their partners, such as AR gaming, new work from home experiences, sound AR navigation, and quick access to music.

LinkBuds have been created with a unique open ring design and allow you to tune into the outside world whenever you want, without compromising your listening experience. The newly-developed ring driver unit, has the centre of the diaphragm open for audio transparency, allowing you to clearly hear the sounds around, so you'll always know when someone calls your name whilst on a call, or easily chat with friends while listening to your favourite songs. Their new design makes LinkBuds the perfect companion for a range of uses, including working from home, gaming, listening to music, and more.

Peculiar Sony LinkBuds Leak, Appears to be Open Back

When it comes to headphones, Sony is not a company to shy away from trying new things and the leaked LinkBuds are unlike anything else currently in the market. What we're looking at seems to be a set of open back in-ear TWS earbuds, although it's highly unlikely that we'll see any form of noise cancelling support here. Sony did make something similar under its Xperia brand some years ago, although the Xperia Ear Duo XEA20 as they were called, weren't nearly as compact, but it's the only other open back in-ear type headphones we're aware of.

The LinkBuds, also known as the WF-L900 appear to be sitting entirely inside your ears and according to the leaked information, they lack any kind of physical buttons. This might not be a huge issue, as the LinkBuds are said to feature automatic volume control, based on the listening environment. They're supposedly built around Sony's V1 processor and are said to feature support for Sony's DSEE (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine). Although noise cancelling for the listener might be missing, AI noise suppression for voice is apparently present and is meant to be activated by touching the ear, rather than the earbuds. Other features should include support for voice assistants, Google Fast Pair and multi-pairing.

Lypertek Launches New Hybrid ANC PurePlay Z5 TWS Earphones

[Editor's note: Our review of theLypertek PurePlay Z5 can be found here.]

KS Distribution is very proud to announce the new Lypertek PurePlay Z5 true wireless earphones with Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling technology and newly developed PureControl ANC app. Lypertek believe that innovation is key when designing a new true wireless earphone, where sound quality meets functionality - seamlessly connected to create a truly enjoyable and engaging listening experience. With a history of releasing award-winning true wireless products, Lypertek has applied their vast experience and desire to create into designing the PurePlay Z5 - their first ever ANC true wireless earphone. To push the boundaries of what is possible in wireless audio, Lypertek has also developed their brand new PureControl ANC app: Specifically designed for the PurePlay Z5, unleashing its full potential.

Powerful 10 mm dynamic drivers deliver sound like never before, setting a new standard in what can be achieved in the world of affordable true wireless audio: Deep bass that goes low with controlled authority. Mids that provide insightfully clear clarity with richness and emotion. Treble that effortlessly extends far, creating space and definition in a way that sounds as natural as real life. PureControl ANC integrates an extra layer to the experience, providing added functionality and a personalised service to help create your own individual setup. Use the setup assistant to easily get you started on using your PurePlay Z5 quickly and without fuss.

final Announces First True Wireless Earphones— final ZE3000

final is an established audio brand that has made its name over the years, with the S'NEXT company it belongs to claiming several engineering designs and patents in addition to a solid reputation in the consumer and professional audio markets as a whole. We took a look last year at what I thought was final's first TWS (True Wireless Stereo) set of IEMs, but apparently that being a collaboration meant it did not count in terms of wholly representing the final brand. As such, final informed us recently that it had indeed been working on its own vision of a first TWS product, which is named the final ZE3000. Sound quality and comfort were prioritized in the design process, and accordingly the use of a single driver was done to avoid phasing issues. The driver itself, a full-range dynamic driver with a new 6 mm adhesive-less injection molded diaphragm, a special silicone surround and a CCAW (copper-clad aluminium wire) voice coil, aims to provide extremely low distortion while at it.

This "f-core for Wireless" driver unit is paired with final's proprietary f-LINK damping system to regulate the air pressure change inside the enclosed housing without introducing a vent. The advantages allowed come in the form of the necessary TWS components not affecting the air pressure regulating system necessary to make the most of the driver, as well as maintaining IPX4 environmental resistance that is crucial for TWS solutions today. This is how final claims the ZE3000 to be able to deliver a non-fatiguing, "relaxing and enjoyable music experience regardless of the music genres". On the technology side, the final ZE3000 is paired with a Qualcomm chipset allowing Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity and aptX Adaptive codec support for music playback up to 24-bit/48 kHz, as well as pre-programmed touch controls. The shells employ a claimed ergonomic design with three points of contact in the ear concha, and being on the smaller side also helps with the physical fit. It uses final's Type-E ear tips, which are excellent in my opinion, and comes in black or white colors with a matching case. The advertised battery life is up to 7 hours per charge, and up to 35 hours with the case. The final ZE3000 is available to buy now for £119/€119/$149 from Hifiheadphones (UK) and Amazon US/Amazon UK.

Infotrend Announces EonStor CS NVMe SSD-based NAS

Infortrend Technology, Inc. (TWSE: 2495), the industry-leading enterprise storage provider, satisfies requirements of high throughput and fast response time for high-performance computing (HPC), media post-production, and medical PACS applications ­— with EonStor CS NVMe SSD storage delivering 13 GB/s throughput in a 3-node cluster, and performance linearly increases in a scale-out mode.

Today's HPC applications perform computationally intensive operations with billions of files across multiple resources of different nature at PB scale. Storage for HPC, therefore, must be able to simultaneously support multiple random and sequential IO workloads of different sizes. Otherwise, it can extensively delay the HPC application output and the company's success. EonStor CS NVMe SSD storage, CS 4014U, effectively eliminates these concerns and guarantees fast response time, satisfying various types of IO profiles.\

Philips Reveals New Fidelio TWS and ANC Headphones

There's no shortage of TWS headphones in the market these days, but Philips latest addition, the Fidelio T1's are standing out from the crowd, least not thanks to its claimed 9 hour battery life with ANC on, or 13 hours with it off, which to our knowledge is class leading. Philips also announced a pair of over-ear ANC headphones in the shape of the Fidelio L3 which claims to have a 32 hour battery life with ANC on, which increases slightly to 38 hours with it off.

The T1's come in black or white/silver colour options and feature a 10 mm dynamic driver, as well as a balanced armature, something that is still quite rare in the TWS marketspace. The L3's use typical 40 mm drivers that most headphones in this class seem to use some variant of. Philips has incorporated its Noise Cancelling Pro+ technology, which is said to be a combination of state-of-the-art hardware and advanced audio processing and it's used across both sets of headphones. Both also have no less than four microphones for ANC, with the T1's getting no less than three mics for phone calls, whereas the L3's only gets two, with both supporting echo noise cancellation during calls.

xMEMS Announces Montara Pro, the World's First MEMS Microspeaker with Integrated DynamicVent for Intelligent TWS Earbuds

xMEMS Labs today introduced Montara Pro, the world's first monolithic MEMS µspeaker with integrated DynamicVent enabling smart TWS earbuds and hearing aids that create best-of-both-worlds user experiences combining the benefits of closed-fit (occluded) and open-fit earbuds. xMEMS is providing first demonstrations of Montara Pro this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Montara Pro's patented DynamicVent technology can be intelligently opened or closed by the earbud system DSP based on ambient noise levels detected by microphones or the listener's activity from motion sensors. With the vent closed, Montara Pro creates a listening environment with the best passive isolation for music and media consumption or for improved focus in the presence of background noise. With the vent open, Montara Pro enables improved spatial awareness, increased listening comfort, and reduced occlusion effects, such as the perception of the user's own voice as too loud, "boomy," or "hollow." Equally important, DynamicVent eliminates the need for traditional static vents that create a persistent low frequency roll-off that impacts music and media quality and also impacts consumers with low-frequency hearing loss. The DynamicVent can also eliminate the need for oversized speakers in earbuds that are commonly used to compensate for low frequency loss caused by persistent, static vents.

USound Raises $30M to Ramp Product Manufacturing for Global Brands

USound, a global developer and manufacturer of micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) loudspeakers for personal devices and wearable technology, today announced that it has raised $30 million (€25 million) to move into mass production of its second generation MEMS loudspeakers for several global companies. The investment round was led by Austria's leading venture capital firm, eQventure, with participation from venture capitalists Hermann Hauser (co-founder of ARM) and Longzhong Yang (co-founder of BYD), as well as a strong participation from the European Investment Bank.

USound MEMS loudspeakers take up 50% less space, use 80% less energy, and boast a greater frequency range than rival speaker products used in TWS earphones, headphones, smartphones, VR/AR glasses, wearables, and hearing aids. Due to its reduced size, MEMS speakers impact the size and weight of any wearable, providing more in-ear comfort and style for the consumer. USound's MEMS speakers are dramatically reducing system costs due to its SMT reflow capability, enabling fully automatic assembly of audio products to achieve the highest quality and performance. In comparison to a pure monolithic MEMS solution, USound's MEMS speakers are smaller and offer higher sound pressure levels, better sound quality, and lower manufacturing costs.

Linsoul Introduces the Peacock Flight: Hand-Crafted Professional True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Earphones

Linsoul Audio has been striving to bring the acoustic performance of professional in-ear monitors to the public. After two years of putting passion for perfection to the test and engineering, Linsoul has worked in conjunction with Peacock Audio to introduce the Peacock Flight, which is a superior hand-crafted set of true wireless earphones. Each Peacock Flight unit is handcrafted from start to finish, from the shell molding process to the wiring of the drivers. This is a bespoke design, which makes the earphones be a true one-of-a-kind artwork. The engineering and tuning process is meticulously conducted, and strict testing of each driver component ensures the greatest precision and quality control.

Acoustic performance always comes first on priorities for earphones. Equipped with a Qualcomm aptX HD-compatible chipset, the Peacock Flight supports aptX codecs, which ensures crystal clear sound production with extremely low latency. What's more, the Qualcomm QCC3040 Bluetooth chipset brings a stable connection to achieve the most coherent connection and listening experience. On top of that, the Peacock Flight is also equipped with Qualcomm's latest Clear Voice Capture (CVC) 8.0, which is a noise reduction algorithm that effectively filters out background noise to reduce up to 30 dB of unwanted ambient sound during phone calls. By accurately calculating the position of the caller in relation to environmental sounds, CVC 8.0 allows a pure sound transmission for cleaner and more audible calls.
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