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Unreal Tournament 3 With Steamworks

In preparation for the massive update coming for Unreal Tournament 3, those who own a retail copy may now register it with Steam, free of charge.
The latest installment in the legendary online action series from Epic will be updated automatically via Steam and introduce support for Steamworks Achievements (with over 50 Achievements), plus a host of new features and enhancements in AI, Server Browsing, Demo Recording, Mod Support, and more.
For more information or to register your copy of UT3 with Steam, please visit steamgames.comSource: Steam

Crysis and Unreal Tournament 3 Sales 'Tank'

Some of the most anticipated titles of the year, Unreal Tournament 3 and Crysis, have failed to sell very well. In contrast to the overly hyped Halo 3, which boosted actual Xbox 360 sales, Crysis and Unreal Tournament 3 sales were, in short, abysmal. Since last month, neither game has managed to sell even 100,000 units. To be precise, EA sold 86,633 copies of Crysis, and Epic Games sold 33,995 copies of UT3. The Inquirer claims that Crysis, despite having a beautiful graphics engine that will have benchmarkers twiddling their thumbs for years, failed to impress anyone without a very expensive gaming machine. And Unreal Tournament, despite being absolutely breathtaking, had gameplay that was uncannily similar to the previous two versions of Unreal Tournament. Hopefully, as systems get better and gamers get more money to spend on games, these sales figures will increase.Source: The Inquirer

Unreal Tournament 3 release date

According to IGN a release date for September 3rd 2007 has been set, 22 days prior to the Halo 3.

Unreal Tournament 3, previously called Unreal Tournament 2007, is actually the fourth game in the franchise but 2003/2004 is considered by developer Epic as one game due to them being near identical.

Epic, who also made the Xbox 360 title "Gears of War" is also releasing the game on both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 in addition to the traditional PC version.Source: IGN

Unreal Tournament 3 Screenshot emerged

New information regarding the formerly named Unreal Tournament 2007 multiplayer game are next to inexistent these days. Midway, the publisher of UT 3 which ought to come this year to PCs and consoles, revealed a single 'screenshot' this week. Rumor has it the pictures are rendered and not actual in-game shots so keep that in mind when judging on the very detailed characters and surroundings.

Source: and Official Website

UT3 to support keyboard and mouse

The PS3 version of uber frag-fest Unreal Tournament 3 will let you headshot your opponents using a keyboard and mouse.

Epic’s dominating video game series will offer support for both the Sixaxis and a USB keyboard and mouse combination. The Sixaxis controls will work in the time-honoured GoldenEye 007 way, but with an optional twist. The motions sensor in the joypad can be used to look around rather then the right thumbstick. According to a Sony rep "it is actually very accurate once you get the hang of it".

Whether you feel like using motion sensing in such a way is "wicked sick", or if you feel "Godlike" using tried-and-tested PC controls, your needs will be catered for.

UT3 is currently slated for a late 2007 release.Source: PSU

Activision Licenses Epic Games' Unreal Engine 3

Activision, Inc. announced today that it has entered into an agreement to license the Unreal Engine 3 from Epic Games, Inc., for an upcoming as-yet-unannounced action game.
"The Unreal Engine is one of the most technically advanced engines on the market and is a perfect fit for our upcoming action game," said Laird Malamed, head of production for Activision. "The engine's robust suite of programming tools will enable our development team to deliver what is sure to be an amazing game experience."

Unreal Tournament 2007 renamed Unreal Tournament 3, will be available for Xbox360

The Unreal 3 engine by Epic has been getting a ton of good press, seeing as it has been included in very successful games such as Gears of War. Epic Games has confirmed two things about it's own use of Unreal 3. The first is that Unreal Tournament 2007 will be renamed Unreal Tournament 3. It is unclear as to why, considering that Unreal Tournament 2004 was technically the fourth release in the Unreal Tournament series. The second thing that Epic confirmed was that Xbox360 will also see a version of Unreal Tournament 2007.Source: 1Up
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