1MORE Quad Driver In-Ear Headphones Review 2

1MORE Quad Driver In-Ear Headphones Review

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The Package

The box the Quad Driver comes in is absolutely wonderful. Both the quality of the box and the overall unboxing experience are excellent. 1MORE does their best to make you feel like you treated yourself to a best-in-class hi-fi product - and in some ways you have.

On the outside, the box contains a bold, beautiful picture of the Quad Driver and a list of its key specifications and features. Here, you'll find out that each headphone has a grand total of four audio drivers built into it, that the outer casing is made out of anodized aluminum, and that the sound was tuned by a Grammy-winning sound engineer. If you're wondering, the person in question is Luca Bignardi, a musician who nowadays works for 1MORE and decides what their headphones will sound like. There's also the Hi-Res Audio logo given to headphones capable of reproducing frequencies of up to 40 kHz.

Once you remove the outer shell, you'll be greeted by what looks like a book. Only instead of pages upon pages of letters, you'll find your headphones and its various accessories inside.

Here's what you'll see once you open the "book". What a stunning sight, and what a beautiful way to display your product! You'll forget how much you spent in no time - it will seem to have been very much worth it.

On the left side of the "book" are various sketches and textual explanations of the "quad driver" concept. If you look closer, you'll notice that this bit also works as sort of a quick-start manual since some "sketches" go over the functions of the buttons on the in-line remote control, which is pretty much the only thing you could need instructions for.

The right side of the box is filled with the headphones themselves and a vast array of accessories. Everything is beautifully organized and laid out.

First, we have the 3.5-to-6.35-mm adapter, which can be used to connect the 1MORE Quad Driver to amplifiers and DACs that use that connector. Then, there's a high-quality airplane connector, well-known to those who fly frequently and find themselves frustrated by not having an option to connect their personal headphones to the airplane's in-flight entertainment system.

The small metal clip is exactly that - a clip that can be attached to any part of the cable, which makes affixing it to your clothes possible.

Want a carrying pouch? 1MORE has you covered. An excellent, sturdy, beautifully designed pouch is also supplied.

In order to fit ear canals of various sizes properly, you also get a grand total of eight different ear-tip pairs. They're clearly organized by size and material. The top five are made out of silicone and the bottom three are made out of foam, which is preferred by some users.

These are the entire contents of the box. Aside from everything already mentioned, there's also a user guide and promotional pamphlet. With a bundle as rich and luxurious as this, I don't mind a bit of upselling.
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