1MORE Spearhead VRX Gaming Headset Review 0

1MORE Spearhead VRX Gaming Headset Review

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The Package

The 1MORE Spearhead VRX comes in a fairly large box, especially considering that the headset itself isn't particularly bulky, nor are there a lot of accessories inside. Its front and back depict the headset and go over its key design and technical features.

Staying true to their style, 1MORE includes flaps you can flip open for a bunch of drawings and sketches of the headset on the inner side of these flaps. You won't find any industry secrets here, but it's still a nice detail and something you'll have fun exploring for a while.

Inside the box, you'll find the headset, a soft carrying pouch, two cables (USB and 3.5-mm audio), a user manual, promotional pamphlet, and sticker.
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