7Hz Timeless In-Ear Monitors Review - All Aboard the Hype Train! 2

7Hz Timeless In-Ear Monitors Review - All Aboard the Hype Train!

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7Hz—no, it is not 7 Hz even if "Seven Hertz" is occasionally used too, but, rather, a relatively unknown brand out of Asia that has put out a few other in-ear monitors (IEMs) in years past. I would not begrudge you for not being aware of, say, the 7Hz i88 or i99 that sound more like an interstate highway in the US than earphones. The brand was putting out a mixture of different single dynamic driver IEMs, as well as a set of earbuds, and was seemingly content riding the mediocrity train until something happened. A new product from 7Hz came out this year and slowly started making its way around through word of mouth, and for once, I happened to be there to see a hype train kick off from day one. This train is the 7Hz Timeless, and thanks to Linsoul for providing TechPowerUp a review sample!

7Hz barely has a first-party e-commerce presence, let alone a website. I even had to make the logo above myself, that's how little we really know about the who, what, and where of the company. But I feel everyone in the consumer HiFi world today has heard of 7Hz by now solely because of the new single planar IEMs that are the Timeless. Word of mouth led to a few reviewers talking about it, but it was not until a certain Crinacle's live impressions video and subsequent review that these went from in stock to a pre-order item; such was the demand for these soon thereafter. Indeed, as I am writing this review, Linsoul is warning customers that it takes 7–15 working days to get the order fulfilled and shipped. What is it about these that is making them so popular, and is it justified? Let's find out more in this review which begins with a look at the product specifications in the table below.


7Hz Timeless In-Ear Monitors
Shell:CNC-machined, aviation-grade aluminium with black hard-oxidation treatment
Cable:Inner core: single crystal copper + silver-plated single crystal copper; outer layer: silver foil
Driver Units:14.2 mm ultra-thin diaphragm planar driver with double-sided array of N52 magnets
Sensitivity:104 dB/mW @1 kHz
Frequency Response:5 Hz–40 kHz
Impedance:14.8 Ω
Cable Connectors:3.5 mm TRS plug to source + two MMCX plugs to IEMs
Cable Length:4 ft/1.2 m
Warranty:One year
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