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A-DATA 32 GB 633x Compact Flash Review

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I would like to thank A-DATA for supplying the review sample.

A-DATA is mostly known for its high end DDR memory aimed at the enthusiast market, which is a shame because they manufacture some other memory products that are really good and sell for a decent price. The company also offers flash based media, SSDs, external hard drives as well as power supplies.

Today we will be taking a look at the A-DATA 633x 32 GB Compact Flash card. This is currently their fastest Compact Flash card and should be perfect for any use, no matter if you are using it to store images of your DSLR or as a hard drive replacement inside a small form factor computer.

Features from the product website:
  • Capacity: 16GB/32GB
  • 633X Turbo speed performance with read speed at 93MB/sec, write speed at 92MB/sec.
  • Quad-channel support (Ultra DMA mode 0~6 , IDE PIO mode 6, MDMA 0~4)
  • Low power consumption and RoHS compliant
  • Weight: 11.4g(0.40oz)
  • Dimension: 42.8x36.4x33.0mm(1.69x1.43x1.3inch)(LxWxD)
  • Operating temperature: -25℃~85℃ (-13° F~185° F)
  • Storage temperature: -40℃~85℃(-40° F~185° F)

Packaging & Contents

The 633x Compact Flash card ships in a white cardboard box, with a clear window through which you can view the entire storage card. Turning the package over, the rear is filled with the features we listed above. A-Data has changed their cooperate logo numerous times in the last few years. This was either done with a different company logo or a new color scheme. I have to admit that the new, a bit more colorful logo along with the white package does look quite good.

You only receive a small pamphlet with some information on the manufacturer's warranty on it. There is nothing else, but that is by no means unusual, as other manufacturers do not include anything with their flash media either.
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