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ADATA S511 120 GB Review

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A-DATA, most well known for their world-class DRAM memory has ventured into solid state storage a few years ago. Their enthusiasts products are centered around Sandforce's flash controller offerings. The new A-DATA S511 SSD uses Sandforce's new SF-2281 controller chip, which is the fastest the company offers. A major improvement of the ADATA S511 SSD is support for the SATA 6 Gbps interface which promises significantly improved transfer rates compared to the SATA-II interface. A-DATA's S511 is available in capacities of 60 / 120 / 240 and 480 GB. We tested the 120 GB model of the ADATA S511.

Specifications: A-DATA S511
Model:S511 120 GB
Controller:Sandforce SF-2281
Flash Type:Intel MLC, 25 nm
Form Factor2.5"
Capacity120 GB (111.79 GB usable)
8 GB overprovisioning
Interface:SATA 6 Gbps
TRIM supported:Yes
NCQ supported:Yes
Warranty:3 Years
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