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A-DATA S805 Flash Drive Review

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I was a bit worried about the materials used to construct the S805. It is intended for use on a keychain for example, so it needs to withstand the sharp edges of your keys or other objects in your pocket. I am happy to report, that A-Data has used a metal frame and solid plastic body, so the device is more than capable to handle these hazards. The front simply holds the company logo and the model name, while the rear is clean and without any printings on it. The metal clip is spring loaded and does feel quite solid. It should hold well, no matter where you clip it on.

To open the stick, simply swivel the USB plug out of the device. The entire 16 GB have been placed in this piece, which also acts as the USB 2.0 plug. Since this part is also made of metal, your flash memory is also well protected.

To give you an idea about size, I have placed the S805 next to several generations of USB flash drives. The largest is a 32 MB drive - one of the first commercially available devices - while the other ones serve different purposes. As you can see, the S805 is actually quite compact and does really go well on a key chain.
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