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ADATA SU900 512 GB SSD Review

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Today, we are reviewing the ADATA SU900 SSD in its 512 GB variant. ADATA was one of the first players join the SSD business, with an even longer history in general flash memory, like USB storage.

The SU900 uses 3D MLC NAND flash paired with a four-channel SMI 2258 flash controller. It is available in capacities of 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB, 1 TB, and 2 TB, which means the whole range is covered. We are looking at the 512 GB variant in this review as that's the sweet spot for the majority of users today.

Current pricing of the ADATA SU900 512 GB is $215.

Specifications: ADATA SU900 512 GB
Controller:Silicon Motion SM2258
Flash Type:IMFT, 32-layer, 3D MLC
Endurance:400 TB Total Bytes Written
Form FactorSATA 2.5"
Thickness:7 mm (Ultrabook compatible)
Capacity512 GB (476.9 GB usable)
No additional overprovisioning
Interface:SATA 6 Gbps (compatible w/ 1.5 & 3 Gbps)
TRIM supported:Yes
NCQ supported:Yes
Warranty:5 Years
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