A-DATA Turbo Series 16GB SDHC Card Review 6

A-DATA Turbo Series 16GB SDHC Card Review

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I would like to thank A-DATA for supplying the review sample

ADATA is mostly known for its high end DDR memory aimed at the enthusiast market, which is a shame because they manufacture some other memory products that are really good and sell for a decent price. The company also offers various SDHC cards, which range from 4 GB to an incredible 16 GB. The Turbo Series of these cards is the fastest, as these are so called Class 6, with a minimum write speed of 6 MB/s

Today we will be taking a look at the A-DATA Turbo Series 16GB SDHC card.

Specifications from ADATA Technology:
  • File System: FAT32
  • Class 6: up to 6MB/s
  • Enhanced DSC function & flawlessly video recording
  • Compatibility: All devices with SD 2.0 or SDHC logo
  • Lifetime Warranty


The card comes packaged in A-DATA's newly designed plastic mold, which can easily be hung up on a shelf. The front holds the card, which is clearly visible and also features a "carbon" look with gold stripes and text. A round bubble on the top right corner lets the potential customer know what size he or she is looking at. The rear just holds the feature set in multiple languages.

The plastic cartridge which holds the Turbo SDHC card is soft but solid. A-DATA has opted for a fairly large cartridge with a lot of unused space. While this is no downside, it serves no purpose. The rear of the card can also be seen, even when it is in the package.
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