XPG Xenia 15 Gaming Laptop (Intel i7-9750H + GTX 1660 Ti) Review 19

XPG Xenia 15 Gaming Laptop (Intel i7-9750H + GTX 1660 Ti) Review

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A look Inside

Using my trusty iFixit kit, opening the Xenia 15 up was a cakewalk. Simply remove the screws along the bottom, which were thankfully not hidden behind any warranty sticker baloney. Next, gently work the plastic tabs along the edge free, which will have the bottom plate eventually pop right off. Overall, the internal layout is pretty damn good, with users having easy access to various ports and hardware, which is always great to see. The cooler appears to be quite beefy as well, which is good, but we will put that to the test soon.

The laptop features two M.2 slots, which allows for some nice storage options or further upgrades in the future. Granted, the unit comes with a 1 TB NVMe SSD to start with, but having the ability to add another is still a nice touch. Meanwhile, the WiFi adapter is Intel's AX200NGW, which has support for 802.11ax and Bluetooth 5.0.

The XPG Xenia 15 uses 2x 16 GB (32 GB in total) of ADATA 2666 MHz memory with CL 19-19-19 43 timings. Meanwhile, the SSD is XPG's very own SX8200 Pro 1 TB. Finally, the battery is rated at 94 Whr, which should provide plenty of battery life, especially if you tweak the power profiles.
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