Akasa Venom Toxic Review 13

Akasa Venom Toxic Review

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Akasa packages the Venom Toxic in a full color cardboard box with the traditional "Akasa corner". The slogan "attitude = winning" is printed in large letters on the package. The rear goes into great detail about the features of the chassis, but overshoots its purpose a bit. It has images of optional fan placements, including the cooling units which actually are not part of the case. Some may think they get more than is actually in the box.

Both sides list the specifications in great detail and multiple languages. Considering the chassis alone weights 13 kg, I would have liked to see carrying holes here to make transportation easier.

The Venom Toxic is held in place by thick Styrofoam spacers. Our sample did not come with a plastic bag, but rest assured that the retail cases will have one to make sure that you get a flawless chassis.


In addition to the case you will receive a big bag with all the required screws and a good number of zip ties. A fairly detailed manual is also part of the extras.
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