Alphacool Eiszyklon Aurora RGB LT Fan Review 7

Alphacool Eiszyklon Aurora RGB LT Fan Review

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Alphacool has taken the revamp of their entire product portfolio over the past two years very seriously, with water blocks, radiators, fittings, pumps, and reservoirs all getting the treatment. Product names now begin with "Eis" (Ice, if you will), which allows for a unified look across the range, but can be confusing to many not familiar with the German language. It is all the harder for the company to come up with new names for upcoming products as well, but I will be the first to admit they have done a better job of it than I originally thought. We have already taken a closer look at some of their new products in the past and will be doing so again in a series to help cover more of their products in detail. Today happens to be the turn of the Alphacool Eiszyklon Aurora RGB LT fan, and thanks again to them for sending review samples to TechPowerUp.

One thing that helped with the naming transition is that many German words have a similar base in English. Eiszyklon can be loosely thought of as an ice cyclone, which is a clever word for a fan that has to fit in the constrictive naming scheme Alphacool finds itself in. The rest of the product name is self explanatory in that this is an RGB fan, which no doubt is a response to market demands in 2019, and has to cater to function as well as form. All RGB fan reviews to date have shown that the inclusion of RGB lighting can have a detrimental effect on performance relative to an identical fan without LED lighting, although the extent of this effect depends on how well the fan is designed with lighting in mind. I am as curious as you are, no doubt, to see how Alphacool handled this, and we begin the review with a look at the specifications below.


Alphacool Eiszyklon Aurora RGB LT Fan
Dimensions:120 x 120 x 25 mm
Rated speed:1300 (1000-1450 range) RPM
Max airflow:58 CFM (98.5 m³/h)
Max static pressure:1.73 mm H2O
Noise:29.9 dBA
Fan control:3-pin/voltage control
Current draw:0.22 A peak
Warranty:Two years
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