AMD Elite A-Series A10-6800K APU (Socket FM2) Review 91

AMD Elite A-Series A10-6800K APU (Socket FM2) Review

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I would like thank ASRock for supplying the FM2A85X-ITX board used for this review, Kingston for supplying the 2400 MHz memory, and Corsair for the H100. This review would not be possible without their help as AMD only supplied the AMD A10-6800K APU without a cooler.

Enthusiasts have, thanks to rumors and announcements alike, known for some time that AMD was going to launch new APUs in June of 2013, and today is the day I can finally release the information I was privy to as I've had the new AMD A10-6800K in my house for some time now.

AMD obviously planned this launch to coincide with Computex. These AMD Elite A-Series APUs are already available for purchase right at this moment, having gone on sale at most popular online retailers and several brick-and-mortar stores yesterday. What we've got shouldn't come as much of a surprise to anyone since mobile versions of AMD Elite A-Series APUs have already launched some time ago. We have here a higher-clocked version of previously-released parts, but has AMD kept a hidden gem within a secret? I've talked to quite a few people that have been waiting with bated breath to find out about AMD's new A10-6800K...are their expectations set a bit too high?

Here's what AMD has to say about their new APUs:
Since their introduction in 2011, the APU category has quickly become one of AMD’s fastest growing category of processors. APUs are able to combine the potential of x86 and GPU together to enable a new class of experiences and compute performance on today’s PCs. AMD extends its leadership in the APU category with the introduction of its latest 2013 Elite A-Series APUs for Desktops.

We set out to deliver an innovative, leading design, a solution that empowers people to push the boundaries of what is possible. Prepare your test systems, update your test suites, push the boundaries and discover the possibilities empowered by the 2013 AMD A-Series platform.


MODEL:AMD Elite A-Series APU
Tech/Package:32nm, FM2 socket
TDP Configs:CPU Power: 65W and 100W configurations
Processor:“Piledriver” 32nm HKMG process core (up to 4 cores),
up to 128 KB L1 Cache (64 KB Instruction, 64 KB Data)
Up to 4 MB L2, 2 x 128-bit FPUs / compute module
Memory:Up to DDR3 2133 @ 1.5V
Graphics Core:Up to 384 Radeon™ Cores 2.0, DirectX® 11 capable, UVD3, VCE
Displays:3x Digital Display: each supporting Display Port, HDMI or DVI
1x Additional digital display supported using DP 1.2 daisy-chain connection
Power Management:
  • Multiple low-power states
  • 32-nm process for decreased power consumption
  • System Management Mode (SMM)
  • ACPI-compliant, including support for processor performance states (P-states), processor power states (C-states), and sleep states including S0, S3, S4, and S5
  • Per compute module power gating (CC6)
  • PCIe core power gating
  • PCIe speed power policy
  • GPU power gating of Radeon™ Cores and video decode (UVD3)
  • Enhanced AMD Turbo Core technology featuring Temperature Smart Turbo Core


Five new models of AMD Elite A-Series APUs are available immediately:
AMD Elite A-Series ModelA10-6800KA10-6700A8-6600KA8-6500A6-6400K
AMD Radeon BrandHD 8670DHD 8670DHD 8570DHD 8570DHD 8470D
AMD Radeon Cores384384256256192
GPU Clockspeed844 MHz844 MHz844 MHz800 MHz800 MHz
CPU Cores44442
CPU Clock (Turbo/Base) GHz4.4/ 4.14.2/ 3.94.3/ 3.74.1/ 3.54.1/ 3.9
Total Cache4 MB4 MB4 MB4 MB1 MB
Max DDR32133 MHz1866 MHz1866 MHz1866 MHz1866 MHz
AMD Turbo CORE 3.0YesYesYesYesYes
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