AMD A8-3850 Fusion GPU Performance Analysis Review 105

AMD A8-3850 Fusion GPU Performance Analysis Review

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A short time ago AMD released their A-Series of processors which are based on the new socket FM1. The new "Llano" core of the AMD A6 and A8 processors uses AMD's Fusion Architecture which means that in addition to traditional CPU cores, the Llano processors also feature an integrated graphics core on-die. Since AMD has long experience in discrete graphics they "transplanted" the architecture of the Redwood graphics processor into their A-Series processors which promises excellent media playback performance and decent gaming potential.

AMD's A-Series Fusion processor lineup at this time is segregated into two categories, one being high-end maximum clocks and the other being lower power consumption with lower clocks overall, but including AMD's TurboCore feature which dynamically adjusts processor clock speeds beyond specification when not all Llano cores are used or power consumption of the A-Series processor is low.

Unfortunately at this time, only the A8-3850 and A6-3650 are available on the market - the A-Series Turbo Core models are still nowhere to be seen.

AMD also introduces a new feature with their A-Series platform called "Dual Graphics". This is basically AMD's CrossFire in disguise. It combines the processing power of the CPU integrated Radeon graphics with an additional discrete graphics card. For optimum results, AMD recommends a low-end Radeon card like HD 6450, 6570 or 6670.
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